Will making buses free for young people help the climate?


15th November 2021

ONE announcement that caught our eye last week came from the Scottish Government, which says that all under- 22s in the country will be able to travel for free on all buses from 31 January.

Getting people out of cars and onto bikes or public transport will be a big help for the climate. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it would “improve access to education, leisure, and work, while supporting the adoption of sustainable travel behaviours early in [young people’s] lives” and also help to tackle inequality.

Paul Tuohy, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport, told us: “We welcome this move to put public transport at the heart of Scotland’s economic recovery by making buses cheaper and more accessible. We’d like to see some level of support for young people south of the border now, for those in education and training at the very least, rather than the postcode lottery when it comes to fares we currently have.”

Will making buses free for young people help the climate?


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stingray1 · 2 weeks ago

They need to make the buses electric or hydrogen first.

anonymous8 · 2 weeks ago

I don't think so because young people have more energy, so they can ride a bike or walk to help the environment.

marthajja · 2 weeks ago

No as more buses will be used and buses are one of the big polluters. Though if they used electric buses I would say yes as it would help a lot.

peebi0412 · 2 weeks ago

By definition, the more people get the bus, the less cars there are on the road therefore, reducing carbon emissions.

sailor31 · 2 weeks ago

They definetly need to make the buses eletric first but once they have done that then definetly yes because it will make it easier for children to get to places in a better way beccause they won't have to rely one there parents to drive them in the car which means there will be less air pollution and CO2 going into the atmosphere. The other thing is it will give children from low income families a better chance of doing more activities

[email protected] · 2 weeks ago

If I could I would have voted for both

But are the ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!'!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ojpolls · 2 weeks ago

Buses need to be Electric and if the case is petrol or diesel then it will be stopped at cop26

fluffymole · 2 weeks ago

Yes it will be better but to get net zero they need to make busses powered by renewable electric.

charlieee7 · 2 weeks ago

Potentially but not necessarily. Buses still pollute our planet, so whilst they are better than cars, really there should be greater encouragement for cycling or walking.

ivansp2011 · 1 week ago

I think not as yes, more people will be on the same transport but if you make it free, people will go more and more frequently, meaning that demands for building more C02 unfriendly transport (such as trams ,buses ,etc) .

lolokaro · 1 week ago

I don’t think this is the most improvement step. I know a lot of little differences make a big difference but there are more steps that you could look on first. Besides sometimes it’s not just about the money it’s also why they can’t get by bus.

puzzlepeas · 1 week ago

i don't think it should because that means more people will be riding buses and then it will release more gases

pollardian · 1 week ago

No, that would hit the transport industry pretty hard. They would suffer because most of the people taking the bus are children in school. There are more downsides than up in short.

cr1cket1 · 6 days ago

No because if the buses are free then more people will be encouraged taking them like older people instead of walking to their location. Walking does nothing to the environment but buses do!

weirdcat · 5 days ago

We should use Electric/hybrid buses, but otherwise I think it's a good idea!!

katkid10 · 3 days ago

People will be using less private transport and more public transport that can fit LOADS more people on them - this reduces the amount of carbon and traffic around schools. I do agree that more buses should be electric so that we can limit the pollution.

humbugs · 2 days ago

Young people can make a bus heavy so the bus will take longer get to the destination so then they will have to recharge and if they make rides free then how will the driver pay for the fuel?! It won't work!