Who has been helping most with your home learning?


15th May 2020

WE want to know who is doing the most home schooling in your house.

During the coronavirus lockdown, some children of key workers have been going to school the whole time, but millions more have been learning at home.

Many are having online lessons with teachers, and are being helped by parents, brothers and sisters with their home learning.

Who is helping you with most of your home learning – is it your mum, dad, grandparents or someone else?

Who's been helping the most with your home learning?


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esmemiller · 1 year ago

First to comment

esmemiller · 1 year ago

My mum helps me to do some of my work but to me it relies on the subject. eg. if it's maths then i get my step dad to help me bc he (no offence to my mum) Knows more about maths and can explain things better.

plane · 1 year ago

I do my school work by myself, so what should I say?

netcheer11 · 1 year ago

My mum helps me when she can but sometimes my dad does because my mum has to go to work.

yaboigrish · 1 year ago

I just do the work on my own. I'm not being too cocky, but I have an IQ of 130

mdob · 1 year ago

I think both my parents are being very helpful, but my mum is around more often and available to help

ravioli · 1 year ago

My Gran used to be a maths, religious studies and English teacher so she can help me with lots of my work.

5honypony · 1 year ago

First to comment!

5honypony · 1 year ago

Also, who thinks First News should start sort of an advice column? Thanks!

5honypony · 1 year ago

My dad is helping me and my sister a lot, as he gets less work than my mum, and I don’t see my grandparents properly anymore. I guess teachers also help me!

coolcat65 · 1 year ago

My mum helps me set myself up and then goes of to do her work in her bedroom then in an hour comes down to check on me

mhkmal · 1 year ago

I teach myself as my parents are busy with my younger siblings

fluffycat4 · 1 year ago

My dad still has to go to work so my mum helps me where she can. Though sometimes my older brother helps me too.

waterstone · 1 year ago

i do it by myself sooo but i just put my dad as he sometimes helps in maths but it really annoys me how people get their parents to sit down each day and spend hours doing work with them

fnsnowman · 1 year ago

I let my mum help my younger siblings while I get on by myself.

samcan · 1 year ago

My cacti and carnivorous plants help me do my sciencetific experiments

dyllyu · 1 year ago

My mum helped me design a theme park! She is awesome!

catheaven · 1 year ago

My Mum helps me and my brother. My Dad is working from home full time, and he hasn't got time to help. Mum can help all the time because she doesn't have to work

Jewab99 · 1 year ago

I’m in secondary school, so get on with my own work while my brother and parents do theirs. They are never really particularly helpful!

zebra10 · 1 year ago

My mum helps me most

redtoad · 1 year ago

My mum normally only watches me, but she only helps me when I am struggling or I ask for help.

aok · 1 year ago

My mum is the best

ameliau · 1 year ago

It is my Dad who helps me do my work. I am a independent worker so whenever my dad helps me he just wants to see what I am doing and try and work it out for himself.

v_venkie · 1 year ago

My mum helps me do my maths after I do it.

arya · 1 year ago

I do it online with teachers and friends. It's good because it is actually quite similar to being in class.

lune · 1 year ago

My sister usually helps me the most with my home learning because she is in secondary school and she knows more.

yaz_09 · 1 year ago

My mum and my dad doesn't help because its Ramadan and he needs to sleep and he just relaxes so my mum has got to help me and she is a social worker for children in care

adalard · 1 year ago

You're a Muslim? So am I! Do you fast? I do!

redrocket · 1 year ago

My dad helps me not much because I do not need much help.

charcoal23 · 1 year ago

My mum has been helping me the most because she is a teacher. She knows what she is doing. My dad on the other hand isn't a teacher so he doesn't understand half the things I'm learning about.

codonnell · 1 year ago

My parents do help but most of the time, I do it myself

rainbow8 · 1 year ago

My dad has helped the most. My mum is always working and my brother is younger than me. My grandparents aren't, well, practically with us at the moment so it is hard to work with them.

rainbow8 · 1 year ago

who voted 'someone else'

clarinet1 · 1 year ago

My mum helps me on Monday and Tuesday

oceangirl · 1 year ago

My mum but I haven’t really needed that much help

sloth-love · 1 year ago

For me, both my parents are key workers, however, I am still at home and not going to school. This means that I am having to do all the school work myself ,luckily, we have a special school service which my teacher has been able to help me with it (the work).

cookie2187 · 1 year ago

I really don’t need much help, my Mum helps me a bit but I watch videos of teachers explaining the lessons so i use that to help me understand.

kinza · 1 year ago

Well, I handle the technology. The mathematics (maths) work my dad does it with me because he is an engineer

cupcakesxo · 1 year ago

My dad

backbender · 1 year ago

My mum! ❤️❤️❤️

lindawalla · 1 year ago

290th to vote mum😄.

pigeonfan · 1 year ago

My mum has been helping me most but it’s usually at the start of the lessons then she leaves me to do it on my own.

superpug27 · 1 year ago

My mum works hard at a hospital and can’t help me with my work, my dad works from home and seems to be always on a Zoom call. My brothers lock their bedroom doors and do their work so when I need it they can’t hear me. My grandparents are 2 hours away from my house and there is nobody else. I usually just Google whatever I need and I’m fine. Stay strong everyone! #KeepGoing :)

sarah.m · 1 year ago

to be honest no one has been helping me. i am in year 6 so my mum and dad have forgotten stuff. also we are not from England even though we live in London. then i have my two brothers. one is in year 2 and the other is in year 4. so it is almost like me helping them rather than them helping me.

sarah.m · 1 year ago

this means i cant really vote

aspeni · 1 year ago

someone else

seadra567 · 1 year ago

i said someone else because i have online classes

becca_bc · 1 year ago

I used to do homeschooling all by myself. I would go up into my room and get it all done. I also think it is terrible that mum’s are doing all because it suggests that they are the ones who are doing the most housework and are at home the most

wordworm · 1 year ago

why do mums help the most ?

freya2909 · 1 year ago

My mum makes an excellent teacher but my tutor has been good too

freya2909 · 1 year ago

I do 5honypony 👍😁
It would be cool

meepemeeps · 1 year ago

Both my parents are teachers so I have been in school with my mum teaching me.

dolphin86 · 1 year ago

My Dad’s a trained teacher. How come Dad is so low!?

emilynight · 12 months ago

Myself so none😅

stargrl · 10 months ago

Both my parents help me

sushiroll9 · 9 months ago

My mum is the teacher and my dad made himself the Headteacher (also IT teacher).My sister and I have called our little class ‘Dolphins’.🐬

luigi55 · 8 months ago

my mum does