Who should be the next President of the United States: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?


17th October 2016

The US Election is on November 8th. Who would you vote for?

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Who should be the next President of the United States: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?


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HBaggins · 7 years ago


HBaggins · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton = GOOD

HBaggins · 7 years ago

Donald Trump = BAD MAN

HBaggins · 7 years ago

He's most likely to start a war.

HBaggins · 7 years ago

Donald trump that is.

fruitz · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton is better than Donald Trump but also she isn't the best...

VAHC · 7 years ago

I think Hilary Clinton should be president of the USA because Donald Trump is racist and sexsist.

maisie.05 · 7 years ago

I definitely think that Hilary Clinton should win the US vote because Donald trump is the rudest person I have ever heard of!

1isme · 7 years ago

Neither Trump nor Clinton are very good but Clinton is better than Trump . He want to clear all Muslims out of the USA until he can find out what is going on but there is nothing in the Qur'an than says than Muslims should be terrorists.

hfrules · 7 years ago

I like Mrs Clinton as I think she is very organised and I think she is more persuasive than Donald Trump.

tintin7 · 7 years ago

vomit trump

catoes · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton I don't live in America but she is much safer and not as mean as Donald Trump

claudine · 7 years ago

Donald trump is racist, sexist, rude, thinks he's amazing because he's a billionaire and has no idea about life. An other Republican WANTS to overthrow Donald Trump but it won't happen-he doesn't have a clue on anything, an interviewer asked him what does he think of the bombings in Aleppo and he was like what?? What's Aleppo? Where's Aleppo?

claudine · 7 years ago

Even though Hillary Clinton is really not the best-not half as good as Barack Obama, she is far better than Donald Trump!!

enzo · 7 years ago

My vote is Hilary Clinton because Mr. Trump is a lunatic.

prongsii · 7 years ago

Who actually votes for donald

mizz_cutie · 7 years ago

I think Donald is out of his mind.In my opinion I would vote for Hillary.

mizz_cutie · 7 years ago

I think none of them is as good as Obama in my opinion , If Obama was in the election I would straight away vote for him but he is not in it so people need to choose the next person which is Hillary Clinton.I nearly went out of breath.

ktill123 · 7 years ago

Donald trump is bad

ktill123 · 7 years ago

hillary clinton will win

Inventor22 · 7 years ago

I think that Hillary Clinton should be presdent because she is clever, kind and actully knows what she is doing, compar e to Trump that HAS NO IDEA what he is doing!!! Trump is only focusing on getting people to vote for him and not even thinking about being preasdent of a BIG country with lots of bisnesse's. Also Hillary Clinton has solid votes and Trump has lost votes. Hillary Clinton has also got planes to change the country in a good way like STOPPING the gun chaos!!! Trump is the oopposite and has stupid ideas like building a BIG wall all aroud America and sending planes to Iraqu to fight IS, but IS is probably not in Iraqu they are all over the word corsing chaos!!
from Charlie

rafaruls · 7 years ago

I think Donald Trump should be our next president as there is a problem in america, and the only person who is actually fit to solve it is Donald J Trump.

bluehair11 · 7 years ago

I think that neither are the best choice, but also that Hillary Clinton is the best for now, as Donald Trump might cause a lot of upset, and he is probably the worst choice.

Kay-noski · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton

rocker26 · 7 years ago

I think that Clinton is the better out of the two but Obama is the best.

matilda105 · 7 years ago

I think Donald Trump is not worthy to be president of America as he is sexist, racist and thats just a few of the reasons he shouldn't be president.

Dozzeria · 7 years ago

Trump is Racist,Sexist, and selfish. He has had no training or experience in politics, so why does he think he deserves to run the country? Because he's rich? He also declares the vote is rigged, just because people prefer Mrs Clinton! If Mr Obama was in the vote and I was an adult in America, he would Be my first choice. Hilary is devoted and fair, particulary on women after Donald was extremely sexist, and sexism is something I feel strongly about. Rights for women!

cvheadgirl · 7 years ago

Hilary is a hope for the global goal no5. Donald Trump needs to be dumped.?

COOKIE0 · 7 years ago

She is less aggressive and better!

rosie144 · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton should deffinitly be president of the USA (although she still isn't the best) because Donald Trump is sexist and racist!

Tibeau2005 · 7 years ago

I think Hillary Clinton should be president as she has experience in the field of politics whereas Donald Trump has none. He is only sexist and racist, and I don't think anyone should vote for him because of these reasons and many more.

Disha1234 · 7 years ago

To be honest neither of them are better, I personally think Obama was much better. But Clinton is still better than trump as trump is racist, sexist and quite likes anger.

Spellpunkt · 7 years ago

Donald Trump= Racist, Sexist + pure stupid

Spellpunkt · 7 years ago

Hillary clinton is better than Donald in pretty much every way.

oopsyschnu · 7 years ago

I think Hilary Clinton should definitely be the president of America because Donald Trump is racist, sexist and extremely rude! In my opinion neither of them are as good as Obama, but Hilary is by far the best choice. Also Hilary Has ALOT more knowledge that Donald Trump.

elephant19 · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton is a good person whereas Donald Trump is really bad. I really hope that Hilary Clinton wins.

shea2005 · 7 years ago

I think that Donald trump isn't a nice person because he is rude and racist

sockdog · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton will make America a better place to live

sockdog · 7 years ago

Donald Trump-BOO

first1234 · 7 years ago

Neither candidate would be fit to run a country although I personally believe that Hilary Clinton is better than Donald Trump but I really think that Obama should be allowed to be president when two unreliable people are running for it.

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

I think that Donald trump is stupid and Hillary Clinton isn't the best either but Donald trump is a lot worse than him.

beebop · 7 years ago

Go Hilary Clinton!

TF11 · 7 years ago


bluehair11 · 7 years ago

Neither are a good choice, but there is NO WAY Donald Trump should be President of pet shops, let alone the United States!

mjustice · 7 years ago

I think Donald trump is not worthy he is racist and against people he likes only some pepole witch is strange and odd behaviour

jennia · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton can change America in a good way. Donald Trumps a risk to society!

guoguo · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton!!!

akugan · 7 years ago

Donald Trump is a noughty man .

racheli · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton should win

roarso101 · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton should be president because Trump offends and is racist to lots of people and is unstable.

champion9 · 7 years ago

Definitely Hilary Clinton because she actually worked her way to the top whereas Donald Trump bought his way to the top.

me.com · 7 years ago

I don't even have to say who I like it's obvious

applerose · 7 years ago

Neither are the best but Hilary Clinton is better than Donald Trump.

vish27 · 7 years ago

Go Clinton!!!

lola · 7 years ago

my dog is better than donald trump

k.g · 7 years ago

None of the two would be an amazing choice for president of the United States but Hilary is far better than Donald Trump for the job.

mjustice · 7 years ago

Donald trump I hope doesn't win Hilary Clinton has good rules and is worthy

champion9 · 7 years ago

Omg so Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is rude, mean, sexist, racist. Donald Trump didn't work for any of this and Clinton did.

Donald Trump=BAD MAN
Hillary Clinton=GOOD LUCK

1isme · 7 years ago

Obama would be much better than anyone that is running for president. Mr Trump is definitely no fit for president. He doesn't think about how other countries feel. The only european country that is for Mr Trump is the Russian Federation. He said that if Mr Putin says good things about him , he will say good things about Mr Putin.

pinkangel · 7 years ago

I think Hilary Clinton has a much cleaner profile than the nasty and racist donald trump. He doesn't deserve to win and woman should be voting against him. Lets hope America doesn't crumble

reevolve · 7 years ago

Neither Donald nor Hillary seem completely competent. They seem like children, squabbling and bad-mouthing each other (mostly Trump, in fairness). However, Trump believes Putin is a strong leader, a stronger leader than Obama has been, and is incredibly sexist, racist, and just down-right rude. Clinton, while she is not perfect, has the facts and the knowledge for the job, or at least more so than Trump. Trump wants to cut taxes, although this is one of the main causes that created the Great Depression. Hillary has made some bad choices in the past, but seems to be trying to clean herself up, or at least present herself that way, unlike Trump who is just blatantly stating his mind- something very dangerous for a future president.

JenniferAl · 7 years ago

In the first news issue there was a section about their views for the US and it was obvious who was the good one.... HILLARY CLINTON!!! >:D

hfrules · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton must win she is so kind unlike someone.

rahul2009 · 7 years ago

I cant believe people are voting for Donald trump

myrtle10 · 7 years ago

They are both pretty mean but Donald Trump is the worst. He said he is sexist and racist himself!!!!

jamest · 7 years ago

We have to remember that there's several popular 3rd party candidates that could be a better choice than Clinton or Trump. Just because these two are most popular, doesn't mean you have to follow the crowd!

Rafi613 · 7 years ago

Hillary is not good enough to be prime minister but Trump is racist and sexist so Hillary wins

twirl · 7 years ago

Hilary clinton is much nicer and kind unlike someone called donald trump

Fluffycute · 7 years ago

Trump says mean things about woman! So he's sure not to become persidant of the USA.

Jonty · 7 years ago

I Think Hilary Clinton should be president of America because Donald Trump is very unfair towards Muslims and Women.

gracie777 · 7 years ago

i think hilary clinton is definiteley %100 the BEST

opb10 · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton will probably not be the best president ever but I personaly think that she will do a better job than Donald Trump will.

aarush_10 · 7 years ago

Donald Trump has no previous political background; whereas Hillary Clinton was Senator 2001-2008, previously stood for president in 2008, and was the United States Secretary of State from 2009-2013. Although neither of them are the perfect choice, it seems more logical to choose someone who has had previous experience as a politician- Hillary Clinton.

snibbles · 7 years ago

Only someone in a lunatic asylum would vote for Donald Trump. I'd rather vote for Donald duck!

kimk · 7 years ago

Donald Trump does not believe in the global warming...

How stupid is that

Davemc37 · 7 years ago

I think Hillary Should be the next president of American

Davemc37 · 7 years ago

Hillary would get my vote.??

cyclops · 7 years ago

Trump has less brains than a Zombie and that's saying a lot given that Zombies have no brains! He has no sensible policies, is rude, racist and sexist. Why would anyone want to vote for him? He is not a role model for anyone.

antrabbit · 7 years ago

Even though they are the most unpopular candidates, defenately Hillary Clinton!

lion10shr · 7 years ago

Donald Trump thinks that being racist is all right;but it's not

Mae-Bush · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton should be president of USA because Donald Trump hasn't got a strong enough character.

They are both crazy though.

pogba · 7 years ago

Donald trump is great, he is way better than Hilary Clinton and trump should definitely win.


Trumpetjpg · 7 years ago

Donald Trump wants to take over the world. World war three will happen and then goodness knows what!

Leigh Collazo · 7 years ago

Clinton is a liar. Trump has much more conviction.

happy4456 · 7 years ago

Definitely Hillary Clinton. She is a responsible role model and she's not racist. Clinton also accepts other people's religion, appearance, belief and more. Donald Trump is the EXACT opposite(in my opinion). He is a selfish, racist, nasty old thing. And what really scares me is that people support him. He wants to build a wall to make sure no homeless or different people get in. It's absolutely silly. Trump is a bully who takes stuff for granted and that is not O.K. He thinks $1000000 is a small loan, honestly, I think his mind is a small loan.
I am not trying to be mean or anything but I think Hillary is honestly the best.
Thank you?

ginneapig4 · 7 years ago

she is more responsible and has better experience. Also she has said more promising things.

twirl · 7 years ago

Hilary is really the opposite of Donald trump
he is hostile and cold-hearted

Rigejti25 · 7 years ago

Trump is the best Hillary is a witch

Rigejti25 · 7 years ago


Perpetua · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton isn't very good herself but at least she isn't racist and sexist and she isn't good but she is WAY better than Donald trump.

pottergeek · 7 years ago

Neither of them are good! Hilary is a bit better though

fritch · 7 years ago

Hillary is not the best but Donald Trump is the WORST. He is sexist, rude, racist, and VERY vain. Hope with everything I've got he doesn't become president.

backrolkid · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton definitely deserves it.If I were Donald Trump, Iwould run away!!!!!

backrolkid · 7 years ago

i think acctually that burnie sanders deserves it most because even hilary lies sometimes.thank you (:

backrolkid · 7 years ago

?why does everyone want Trump???

pikachu · 7 years ago

Hillery Clinton has a better chance because of what Trump has been saying recently.

RedWombat · 7 years ago

ιтѕ ℓιкє ¢нσσѕιиg тнє вєѕт σf тнє ωσяѕт. ιf вαяα¢к σвαмα ¢συℓ∂ яυи fσя ιт ι ωσυℓ∂ вє νσтιиg fσя нιм ιи α нєαятвєαт. Donald Trump is a terrible man, so definitely voting Clinton.

batpanda · 7 years ago

If you follow politics, it's obvious who's worthy of becoming the President of the USA... Hillary Clinton.

Initially, Bernie Sanders was my first choice. But as the election continued, Hillary was the only one who is capable enough to lead the USA for the next four years. Trump is a racist, sexist and overall horrid fool. Ironically, Hillary is the best choice to "Make America Great Again".

lily26x · 7 years ago

I think Hilary Clinton should be president because I think trump is very dangerous and Hilary would make a better president even though there bad as each other.

sc0rp10ns · 7 years ago


sc0rp10ns · 7 years ago

Please, Donald Trump will only start a war.

azure · 7 years ago

I believe that at this point in time Hillary Clinton is a step forward for America and gender equality worldwide. Moreover, Donald Trump has no experience in public office. Donald Trump obviously has no belief in equality.

xxhahaxx · 7 years ago

And Trump is very sexist and says bad things about women but his women fans - Trumpettes - are voting for him because


musicer700 · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton gets my vote!!!!
Donald Trump = NOT GOOD

aim123 · 7 years ago

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhaaaaaatttttteeeeee donald trump bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooo

podoo · 7 years ago

In one first news issue I read about what the presidents decide to do, and only Clinton's decisions are fully thought through in my opinion.

mabel11 · 7 years ago

Hilary because Donald Trump is racist and sexist.

ivory · 7 years ago

Donald trump is racist, sexist and full of himself

AlanaH10 · 7 years ago

Neither are as good as Obama but Donald Trump is racist,sexist rude and everything you would expect a horrible person to be. He wants to kill people for committing crimes that here you would only be put in jail for a few years for.Also he has been involved in a number of crimes that the whole world has ignored and paid attention to Hillary's accident with the emails-something that is not dangerous.Donald Trump is out of his mind and he has a disease that makes him think he is better than everyone else(true). He wants to make sure anybody who is from a different country not be able to live in America(the immigrants) I'm sure a lot of us are immigrants and imagine how horrible he would turn our lives.He is not saying how he will feel about the election result and instead "he is keeping us in suspension"-how crazy is that???!!!!! He thinks he can do anything because he is rich(although he has refused to pay taxes so he may really not be).
I'm really shocked how people would vote for him and us here probably are voting for what our parents are but we should have our own voice. I feel sorry for all the Muslims and people who are being talked about and treated terribly by this one dangerous man.VOTE CLINTON!?

superdude9 · 7 years ago

They are both not very good but Clinton is the better of the two.

pinkicream · 7 years ago

Donald trump is a horrible man who is sexist towards woman and racist towards pretty much anyone who is not white. ( your skin colour should not matter) We can't let someone as terribly unjust as this lead one of the strongest forces on the planet.

pinkicream · 7 years ago

Go Hillary Clinton!! Donald trump could start a war

dancey0406 · 7 years ago

I think Hilary Clinton should win!! Donald Trup is the worst person alive!!!!!

dancey0406 · 7 years ago

Trump will start a word war 3 if he becomes president. He is rude, racist and sexiest!! What kind of man is he?? I support Hilary Clinton even though they r both weird candidates!


11plusgirl · 7 years ago

Hilary wants to do something about the migrants. Donald doesn't want any Mexicans in USA. He wants to build a wall. Mad man!! Go Hilary!!?

fraise · 7 years ago

Donald Trump is racist, Hillary Clinton is kind

gracie777 · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton is the best by way

gracie777 · 7 years ago

Hilary =good
Donald =BAD

gracie777 · 7 years ago

Hilary =good
Donald =BAD

eiix · 7 years ago

Sry , but Trump is a no. I do not know much about trump - or clinton - i am Canadian. but seriously, trump is like, CRAZY!

mjmd222 · 7 years ago

Neither LOL!!

superllama · 7 years ago

Donald trumps Hillary

johntracy · 7 years ago

I think Donald Trump would not make the right decisions so Hillary Clinton should be president...

fn920 · 7 years ago

Since, the Presidential debate, I've learned a lot about Donald Trump: He's sexist, racist, picks on other Presidential candidates to get the attention off himself although the aren't even running anymore, doesn't care about the economical outcome of the most powerful country in the world( and yes, you know it is) if he does what he says he will and to top it off( drum roll please).........HE TALKS COMPLETE NONSENSE!
Then we move onto Hillary Clinton. She's criticised because of deleting a bunch of 'E-MAILS' and Trump continues to repetitively hit on her because of this saying she is irresponsible and shouldn't run for President.
Firstly, if I made a list of all the reasons why Donald Trump shouldn't run for President, this comment would be a mile long and it is long as it is. Secondly, I'd love to see how Donald Trump would do in by far the hardest job in the politics of the United States, by this I mean the job Hillary had when she deleted a bunch of 'PRECIOUS E-MAILS'. Personally, I think Donald Trump is an unsympathetic, American lunatic who somehow got this far in running for president, who is followed by more American, British and Russian lunatics. Oh, and he loves to show up in his large private jet( Trump Force One, so cheesy) because he thinks he's the biggest of them all. Although, this doesn't mean I like Hillary as I'm disgusted by them both. Except, I'd rather vote for Hillary than Trump. And that is why I shall vote for the next American President( hopefully), Hillary Clinton.

Aggrey3 · 7 years ago

Donald Trump is unkind and everything that a US citizen should not be!!!!!!!!

dude12345 · 7 years ago

I think Hillary Clinton is better because in my first news the facts about her are:
-Is married to former us president, Bill Clinton
-Is 69 and was born in Chicago, Illinois
-Has one daughter Chelsea
-visited 112 countries during her four years as Americas Secretary of State
-tried to become president in 2008
Al of these show she is confident and doesn't give up that is why I think she is best

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

I'm by FARRRRR on Hillary Clinton's side, as Donald Trump is VERY mean. He doesn't like women, he doesn't like Muslims or Mexicans. he's also planning to start a war across other parts of the world and I would dread the day he comes President, if he does.

nickmoo · 7 years ago


penguinpal · 7 years ago

In my opinion, Donald Trump is sexist and racist and would abuse the rights of an American president. His past affairs go to show how irresponsible he is, and I sincerely hope that he doesn't become president today.

dude12345 · 7 years ago


heyitscait · 7 years ago


dkm.com · 7 years ago

I think Hilary is 10 times better than Donald trump

dkm.com · 7 years ago

Although they are both bad, Hilary is better.
Donald Trump is so mean and racist, not to mention being sexist and a liar!!!

dkm.com · 7 years ago

Definitely Hillary!!!
Donald Trump is mean and racist, not to mention that he is sexist, a liar and just down right rude!!!
Go Hillary

Davemc37 · 7 years ago

Definitely Hillary has been in this situation before, but trump hasn't and has no idea how to make America safer and better.?? ??

12036 · 7 years ago

I think neither of them are amazing but I would rather have Hilary then Trump, he is sexist and racist. He has lots of ideas 'to make America great again' but he has no idea how to put them in action and make them reality.

nbeausang · 7 years ago

Donald Trump will destroy and ruin America if he wins. If I could vote I would so vote for Hilary. Donald Trump is completely incapable of running America. Barack Obama was so good I wish he had just stayed and that Donald Trump was never in the running of the president of America. He is just a rude and horrible billionaire.

oolaboola · 7 years ago

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD HE WIN! :( :( :( ;( =SAD FACE

topmodeliz · 7 years ago

Trup is a maniac

farlington · 7 years ago

Really!donald trump president.oops sorry I meant to say Donald DUCK!??????????????????????????✌?️✌?✌????

olimpics · 7 years ago

the trump is just a mean maniac Hilary is much better but to be honest Obama will always be better than both of them put together

dkm.com · 7 years ago

If you all saw the results of the election then you will know that trump won!!!
What is the world coming to??!!!

hello123 · 7 years ago

so sad trump won sad face

hello123 · 7 years ago

Donald Trump is sad?. He is rude,mean,racist,sexist,mean,cruel,heartless and evil (I could go on forever about this). He has these crazy ideas that he is going to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. and make them pay for it. As if they would agree to do so. I can not believe he has just been elected. His slogan is 'Make America Great Again' but is should be 'I Am Going To Make America Worse'. He even called women pigs,fat and ugly and I was very surprised that he was still able to run in the election. He always tries to impress people by making fancy arrivals in his private jet named 'Trump Force One' , SO CHEESY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also he has too much fake tan...

Hilary on the other hand is kind,makes good points and always includes everyone no matter what ( Unlike someone else, you know who I'm talking about). She would be the first woman president of the U.S and that would have helped women's rights a lot.

Trump will change America a lot and not in a good way. I think America has made a bad choice in this election and Donald Trump is a bad man. BOO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sloth123 · 7 years ago

I don't like Donald Trump. He is mean and hurtful to others> He is so selfish> BOO Donald Trump

sloth123 · 7 years ago

I don't like Donald Trump. He is mean and hurtful to others> He is so selfish> BOO Donald Trump

roar2006 · 7 years ago

Donald Trump = BONKERS

books123 · 7 years ago

No point now- Donald Trump is president( official in January ) #unbelievable

emperor · 7 years ago

Donald Trump knows how to handle money, but to be honest Trump is just as bad as his opponent.

pratham25 · 7 years ago

it looks as if the world market has crashed!

mjustice · 7 years ago

Donald trump has one now our world is done for muslims and Mexican??????? this is there world

lightning · 7 years ago

donald trump aka donald duck is evil

gscornmell · 7 years ago

Ha literally 3 people commented voting for TRUMP!
Ugh! Hate him!

pandaas05 · 7 years ago

Hilary should've been president.

sangn08 · 7 years ago

Boo trump
Yay Clinton!

65horses · 7 years ago

D.T =horrible


Wavybluexo · 7 years ago

OH GOD! Defo Hilary Clinton???????

carlo · 7 years ago

as firstnews said that hillary clinton said to never give up we'll just have to hope for the best that trump doesn't get elected next us election ( in 4 years time ) we'll have to hope for someone who is democratic
and as great a president as Barack Obama and hope that he wouldn't start WWIII like i'm predicting he would by the way i think that man who trump hired to paint his buiding but then put trump's name off the building was quite brave because he was risking to lose his job but did it for the happoiness of most women, muslims and mexicans. and also that man was probably very poor .

pratham25 · 7 years ago

donald has won with luck :(

Hillary should've really been priminister :)

although to be honest i don t think either of them are sutibale: {

crump-mis · 7 years ago

They're both as bad as each other

gaggy116 · 7 years ago

Donald trump is ridiculous! he should not have been allowed to run for president but now he has won (and the voting system in america is bad cos clinton actually got more votes)

gaggy116 · 7 years ago

by the way inventor22 did a great comment you should read it

gaggy116 · 7 years ago

also carlo

leon1212 · 7 years ago

I can't believe Donald Trump won the election - oh well, I don't live in America so it is none of my business

natella · 7 years ago

Hilary Clinton is much better than Donald Trump...

ledbury · 7 years ago

Definitely Clinton!It's like saying what do you prefer?chocolate or sprouts?

Leeandari · 7 years ago

I hate Trump

Leeandari · 7 years ago

Look at the other poll called "Are you scared of Trump" or something like that and find what I said for proof if u don't believe me ;)

dh9 · 7 years ago

i don't so like either of them

catonclan · 7 years ago

Trump is terrible
Clinton is OK

bluelion · 7 years ago

I vote for Hillary Clinton
Trump might create world war 3!!!!!!!
Trump is a devil trump

ballerina7 · 7 years ago

Can’t believe donald trump won the election.Barack Obama was such an amazing president.

enzo · 7 years ago

HBaggins is right

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

I think Michelle Obama should've run for president

happy4456 · 7 years ago

I know that the election is over now an Donald Trump is now to be president of America from the 20th January 2017, but I still think that Hilary Clinton should've been made president.

1isme · 7 years ago

a few more hours to go

Aleemdeen1 · 7 years ago

I No Vote Trump Because He Ugly! & Thick

_georgiec · 7 years ago

donald trump is bad news!!!!!

obama22 · 7 years ago

donald is prezz cant believe :-[

1isme · 7 years ago

It is/was tricky!

eleaaylwin · 7 years ago



amelia.a · 7 years ago

He said he likes torturing people
so my opinion=Hillary

horkai · 7 years ago

What is wrong with Donald Trump???????????????

schwab1 · 7 years ago

trump won for a reason he is amazing

schwab1 · 7 years ago

I agree with hakai what did he do wrong

ASA · 7 years ago

Trump is mad and crazy!!!!!!!!!

shpee · 7 years ago

Honestly I'd vote for a third party. Trump and Hillary are bothe awful. I mean, Trump doesn't even believe in CLIMATE CHANGE. HOW DID HE EVEN GET CLOSE TO POLITICS!?!?

coolguy · 7 years ago

Donald = BAD Hillary = better but trump won now anyway

foodiegirl · 7 years ago

I chose Hilary Clinton because Trump is probably gonna start a war??

dorito · 7 years ago

hate trump

oceangirl · 7 years ago

Definitely not Donald Trump,I'd vote for Hillary Clinton

oceangirl · 7 years ago

Hillary,not Donald ?

ajmyles · 7 years ago

I agree with HBaggins

fluffy14 · 6 years ago

Donald Trump= Shouldn't have been president
Hillary Clinton= Should have been president

fox64 · 6 years ago

surname by name, surname by nature.

schwab1 · 6 years ago


gavriella · 6 years ago

Hilary Clinton is my hero and an insparational person who fights for femenism and justice to all races. There are many flaws in Donald trumps ideas ,such as discrimination against people of different religion, not caring enough about refugees, being rough, not dealing with bad situations properly and many others. Clinton,having prepared for the big moment of being president her whole life , deserved the job.

cheesy · 6 years ago

Donald trump is great. (just kidding he is horrible

yum_kitty9 · 6 years ago

no to donald (duck) trump

yum_kitty9 · 6 years ago

donald trump won u guys. NO!

shadow39 · 6 years ago

Hillary Clinton ?
Donald Trump ?

shadow39 · 6 years ago

Come on Donald Trump won u guys NO!
Where r u if you like Donald Duck oops I mean Donald Trump

cooledie · 6 years ago

obviously hillary clinton #donald trump is WEIRD

schwab1 · 6 years ago

I am a massive trump supporter!

tigercity · 6 years ago

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you Donald Duck Horrible man A sheep is nicer than you

wiseowl49 · 6 years ago

Donald Trump = WWIII
Donald Trump = ?

wiseowl49 · 6 years ago

Donald Trump is a poo! ?

piggy12345 · 6 years ago

Donald trump will start wwIII
Donald trump = ?????
Donald trump =?????

fox64 · 6 years ago

Hi, I have come back from the future* + Donald Trump has won. Sad.

*The futuristic 3rd of February 2018, that is. How exiting.

emperor · 6 years ago

Spoiler alert. Trump wins. We are people from the future.

rachel360 · 6 years ago

Yeah the majority voted for trump

kestj003.3 · 6 years ago


orangebob9 · 6 years ago

I voted Hillary Clinton as I think her policies are much better than Donald Trump but she does not have the best policies either.I definatly prefer her to Donald Trump though.

bonjour · 6 years ago

Hillary Clinton sooooooo easy to decide ???????????

ollasherwo · 6 years ago


bubble33 · 6 years ago

uh.... how obvious is this????????????

redpikachu · 6 years ago

neither of them are great but Hilary definitely deserved it more than Trump.Such a massive shame he won.Also at the time of writing Donald Trump really is going to start WWIII

redpikachu · 6 years ago

Well hopefully not.

boyhornet · 6 years ago

Donald Trump is now unfortunately president. Yay.

sootysweep · 6 years ago

Both of them are amazing but Clinton is better. Trump is rude and racist. He writes stupid, rude and mean tweets.

flossingg · 5 years ago

Hilary Clinton duh

shreddeddo · 5 years ago

in geography I'm learning about climate change and I drew a fat ,orange Trump
I also should draw him farting

penguin2 · 5 years ago

I feel like it should be someone with a mind that find the best way to do stuff and finds the best of every situation .

penguin2 · 5 years ago

OMG 1lsme that's horrid

lottiec09 · 5 years ago


acegirl20 · 5 years ago

I'm reading this and it's like 2 years after the vote and I'm like why would any one have chosen Donald Trump ? He is dumb, orange, really aggravating and a racist, sexist shamble.

acegirl20 · 5 years ago

Oh & I forgot to mention all his ideas stink of ?. He is wrecking havoc and I will probably have a party when he ends his presidency.

acegirl20 · 5 years ago

Did I mention I am from mid November 2018 and he started soooooo long ago & I despise and hate him with every inch of me. DOWN WITH DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!I
P.S. he reeks of fart

acegirl20 · 5 years ago

Hello123 ligit predicted the future of America and the world will soon fall apart if he carries on being president.

jhm3654 · 5 years ago

Because I know he is

melon_cow7 · 5 years ago

Not Donald trump he trumps

kizzwizz · 5 years ago

Donald trump to win the next election ?

mrhugger · 5 years ago

Trump is very bad he denies real news and listens to fake news. He is fuelled⛽️ with ANGER and HATE

latte06 · 5 years ago

Donald trump won..... :(

agossus · 5 years ago

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ninjakiwi · 4 years ago

its sad donald won. posted aug 2019.

oceangirl · 4 years ago

Obviously Hilary Clinton!! Btw, Donald is the president

heh · 4 years ago

Donald Trump is racist. He has grudge against immigrants, he doesn't like 'black' people, and he doesn't want any other race or religion to come to 'his' country. I hate him, he wanted to build that wall to stop people from coming and leaving.

But he was still made president!!!!!


I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heh · 4 years ago

How can 766 people vote for him? Well, it is out of 1..2..3...4...

I swear, my chickens could run a country better than him!

hector7 · 4 years ago

Trump has won NOO BOO
he's a real mess since

hector7 · 4 years ago

Donald Trump is already president and he is a mess!

hector7 · 4 years ago

Hilary Clinton =

??????????????99.100% 1.00%=good

Donald Trump=

sure sure sure ? 75.00%bad 34.00% =? 1.00%= good

dazzy · 4 years ago

I am writing this in December 2019, and, if anyone were seeing this comment from when the poll had just been added to the website, I would be sorry to inform them that Trump won the election and went on to do some horrid things.

flagfan · 4 years ago

The results of this election reminds me of our election and now Boris Johnson AND Donald Trump (2 people I HATE) are political leaders of their country and they are BOTH focusing on stuff OTHER THAN the climate crisis which is the BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣

flagfan · 4 years ago

P.S. Posted in Jan. 2020

flagfan · 4 years ago


bamboomilk · 4 years ago

I am actually writing this in 2020 and Donald Trump is the president and I don't know why such a horrible person like him even got ONE vote! Also, I don't know anything about Hillary Clinton but it is impossible for her to be as bad as Donald Trump.

dog_lover · 4 years ago

To all those 799 people out there who voted Donald:

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wireskid · 4 years ago

Donald Trump has done a really terrible job with his Country's Corona Virus, he is talking about opening the cafe's and his Country have Corona Virus TERRIBLY.

arya · 4 years ago


katkid10 · 4 years ago

Donald Trump is making bad choices for the climate.

rainbow9 · 4 years ago

Haha I just scrolled through all of these and now I’m back to one made 4 years ago!...

ragana · 4 years ago

donald trump is a racist , fat , shy , rude and evil

ragana · 4 years ago

I hate donald trump, he didn't even do anything about when George floyd was murdered by police brutality .

ragana · 4 years ago


candyv · 4 years ago


tennis22 · 4 years ago

What do you think about the 2020 election?
I hope it's Joe Biden

lunagrang · 4 years ago

Hilary Clinton. Anyone but Donald Trump

lunagrang · 4 years ago

tennis22 i think Joe Biden cos he’s not Donald Trump lol 😂

stargrl · 3 years ago

Donald Fartface

emilynight · 3 years ago

Hilary Donald trumps a fake and wars a wig obvi and Donald rascist and sexist

emilynight · 3 years ago

Donald spen 70,0000 at hair dressers but can’t pay tax 😂

panda89 · 3 years ago

Donald trump is a trump

piggy9876 · 3 years ago

Hillary Cliton

RoxMonster · 3 years ago

Its going to be trump. I know because I'm from the future. Donald will then be beaten by joe byden in 2020 but refuse to leave the white house. And then the ps5 will come out along with the xbox sieries x and s. Then stuff.

warlis · 3 years ago

Just seen this 😂😂
I remember! Glad we have gotten rid of him now!

lilslby · 3 years ago

ok, so this is the future when Donald Trump is president and it is BADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aann · 3 years ago

yaaaaaaas donald trump shud have NEVER been president
y did he get voted for

i just saw this now LOL :P

busboy1 · 2 years ago

Trump won, But now it's Joe Biden

amh11 · 2 years ago

Definatly Hillary

squidsplat · 2 years ago

wow this has been going for ages

huggles · 1 year ago

Joe is nearly as bad as Trump

osaka · 1 year ago

Hilary Clinton !!!!!

mrrickroll · 1 year ago

Hilary Clinton but that did not happen and now it is Joe Biden.

mrrickroll · 1 year ago

Trump is worse than putin and kim jhon un combined. Biden is a good replacement.

puzzlepeas · 11 months ago