Which of 2022’s banished words or phrases are you most tired of hearing?


6th January 2022

Every year since 1976, the university has produced a silly list of words and phrases that it says should be retired.

Topping this year’s list is “wait, what?”, which the university said “should not go together under any circumstances”.

Also included on the list for 2021 is “you’re on mute”, which the university says is because “after two years working online, we should all know where the mute button is”. Other words and phrases to have topped the list in the past few decades include “chill out” (1980), “LOL” (2004), “epic” (2011) and “swag” (2015).

What words or phrases do you think should be banished?

Which of 2022’s banished words or phrases are you most tired of hearing?


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charlieee7 · 7 months ago

'No worries' is an odd phrase that doesn't make sense and I find it really irritating.

katkid10 · 7 months ago

The 'You're on mute' happens to me WAY too much. It gets really annoying and I feel kinda silly.

mothstar · 7 months ago

i'm soooooo tired of 'at the end of the day'.

candyflos · 7 months ago

I am really bored of hearing the phrase ‘new normal’ I mean, COVID’s been around for about 2 years now and whenever restrictions start easing people use this phrase- we get it now, ok!

scarlet10 · 7 months ago

new normal
its not going to be normal just after a few months

dinoboy500 · 7 months ago

That being said ... is annoying

emi1234567 · 7 months ago

I don’t know what ‘circle back’ ‘deep dive’ or ‘supply chain’ mean

sailor31 · 6 months ago

I do not like the phrase "new normal" it is a bit odd that people say it considering that a normal doesn't exist and humans (and animals) are finding ways to get around problems and adapt to the situation all the time

dscool · 6 months ago

your on mute deffo because Most of the time someone else does it and it's annoying because you didn't do it

superpug27 · 5 months ago

New normal makes me think of the news when they talk about COVID and I don't like talking about COVID restrictions anymore. It's old news now.