Which do you watch more: TV or online videos?


7th April 2021

DOCTORS, health charities and TV chef Jamie Oliver have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to keep in place plans to ban online adverts for junk food.

Last year, the Government announced plans to help the UK get healthier and to fight obesity. These plans included a ban on online and TV ads for foods high in sugar, salt or fat shown before 9pm, when children were most likely to see them.

However, it now seems the Government may be about to abandon its plan for the online ban, after research suggested it would cost businesses hundreds of millions of pounds, and only reduce the calories consumed by kids by a small amount.

In response, more than 90 doctors, academics and public figures, including the British Heart Foundation and the British Medical Association, have raised their concerns in a letter to the prime minister. They say “allowing the online environment to continue to be flooded with adverts for fast-food… will significantly undermine other Government efforts to improve public health”.

Kids also spend more time online now, meaning there’s more chance of seeing junk food ads. Research by tracking company Qustodio says family web and app visits rose 100% from January 2020 to 2021, mostly to YouTube, TikTok and BBC News.

We want to know where you’re more likely to see online ads! Let us know in the poll below.

Which do you watch more: TV or online videos?


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