What’s your favourite vegetable?


20th June 2021

ITV and Veg Power’s award-winning healthy eating campaign is back for a third year – and the gang is looking fiercer than ever! We found out what the veg have in store for you all this year…

What’s the campaign all about?

Eat Them To Defeat Them is all about encouraging young people to eat healthily and enjoy more veg.

The campaign was first launched in January 2019 and is said to have led to sales of over 517 million additional children’s portions of vegetables. That
adds up to £63 million worth of veg!

What’s this year’s theme?

The theme for this year’s campaign and TV advert is Prepare For Battle. It sees an army of warrior kids vow to defeat a legion of evil vegetables. The kids go through intense training using everyday kitchen utensils, eventually squaring up against the veg on the battlefield. After a terrifying tomato gets forked, all hell breaks loose!

Fun fact: ITV’s The Masked Dancer included a Beetroot character, inspired by the campaign!

Who’s taking part?

A whole host of celebrities are joining in the fun for this year’s ad and voicing the villainous veg. They include Dame Emma Thompson, Amanda Holden, Jamie Oliver, Stephen Mulhern, Giovanna Fletcher and Ranvir Singh.

What else is happening?

As well as the TV advert (which is airing on ITV, STV, Channel 4 and Sky), the campaign will pop up in other ways too. A total of 1,900 primary schools will get to enjoy veg tasting sessions, posters, resources and games. A further 500,000 children are also being given a vegetable reward chart and sticker pack, alongside a puzzle book co-created and funded by Public Health England’s Change4Life campaign.

There’s lots of evidence to show that young people aren’t eating enough of the green stuff. It’s become even more of a concern during the pandemic, with research conducted by YouGov finding that 35% of parents are worried about their children’s diets.

Check out these interesting stats, too:

  • A new report called Veg Facts 2021, released by The Food Foundation and Peas Please Partnership, shows that almost a third (29%) of children aged 5-10 years old eat less than one portion of veg a day.
  • 89% of children aged 5-10 eat less than the Government’s Eat Well Guide recommendations for veg.
  • One in three children leaves primary school overweight or obese.

We’re on a mission to find out what First News readers’ favourite veg are! Let us know below…

What's your favourite vegetable?


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weirdcat · 4 months ago


weirdcat · 4 months ago

And I really like potatoes but they're not an option ):

scarlet10 · 4 months ago


bus1 · 4 months ago

I only like raw carrot. And Pepper and cucumber. Also raw.

ojpolls · 4 months ago

I like tomatoes because have a nice juice in them that taste very nice.

kittymoi · 4 months ago

i love sweetcorn with butter and salt
but other veggies are good to like pepper

poodles · 4 months ago

Tomatoes a fruit not a vegatable! I think...

poodles · 4 months ago


dottypop1 · 4 months ago

#Firsttocoment I love veg but sweetcorn makes the cut

stkurian · 4 months ago

first 2 comment!!!

stkurian · 4 months ago

I don't like tomatoes and I don't know how they got the most votes......!!!!

ihorsman · 4 months ago

first one to comment ya

ihorsman · 4 months ago

i love broccoli because it is so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!

ihorsman · 4 months ago

my dad said i love broccoli so much son theres your answer hahah

lego04 · 4 months ago

I HATE tomatoes 🍅🤢🤮


sadiepinki · 4 months ago

Peas! Yum! No one seems to like them but I love them. Come on guys, EAT THEM TO DEFEAT THEM!

candyapple · 4 months ago

Sweetcorn is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

ginny09876 · 3 months ago

Carrot 🥕 then sweet corn 🌽

weirdcat · 3 months ago

Ooh, I forgot about broccoli. I really like that to!

superpug27 · 3 months ago

TEAM BROCCOLI! I love broccoli a lot, it’s juicy, it comes in two parts: the stem and the bits at the top. Broccoli overall is great :)

luigi55 · 3 months ago

I LOVE PEAS but I dont know why many people like them

ivansp2011 · 3 months ago


roman786 · 3 months ago

I like to eat the evil peas, I don't let any escape. Its been like this since I read the Supertato books when I was younger.

katkid10 · 3 months ago

It was kinda hard because some tomatoes can be DELICIOUS, but I also love all the other veggies - apart from the broccoli! 🤢 Although, in the end, I chose good ol' raw carrots.

milkpuddin · 3 months ago

tomatoes are my enemy

theo_gym · 3 months ago

Tomatoes the skin mostly the only thing I don't like is the seeds in it.

emppenguin · 3 months ago

hey! tomatos aren't vegtables they're fruit!

mwhitty · 3 months ago

I love cucumbers but sadly there’s no cucumber choice!😢

duckduck21 · 3 months ago

I like carrots the most! Especially when they are really crunchy

mollymoo42 · 3 months ago

I love tomatoes, because of the nice, sweet juice inside. YUMMY!

lewism · 3 months ago

Honestly sweet corn is just so nice

osaka · 3 months ago


catcoder · 3 months ago


eadie123 · 3 months ago

I really like cucumber but not on the option

piggy9876 · 2 months ago


marthajja · 2 months ago

I like carrots 🥕and then peas .

katkid10 · 2 months ago

emppenguin it gets on my nerves too

violeossa · 2 months ago

Tomato is a fruit!!!!!!!!!

ivansp2011 · 2 months ago


humbugs · 1 month ago

I like peas hot and cold

heavymeh13 · 1 month ago

chocolate mmmmmmmmmmm

mothstar · 4 weeks ago

i love carrots and peas