What’s your favourite takeaway?


24th August 2022

A NEW poll has shown that fish and chips is less popular the younger you are.

Fish and chips is seen as the traditional British takeaway, but only 7% of 18 to 24-year-olds say it’s their favourite.

However the YouGov poll found that a trip to the chippie is still the most popular pick for more than a third of pensioners, aged 65 and over.

The news will be worrying for owners of chip shops, as they’re already fighting to make money with the cost of potatoes and fish rising by up to 50%.

The poll of 1,717 people found that fish and chips is still the second most popular UK takeaway overall (19%) behind Chinese (25%), then Indian (17%) and pizza (13%). Of those who took part in the survey, 27% said they had an unhealthy diet.

The YouGov poll was carried out for Times Radio.

What’s your favourite takeaway?


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mistywater · 1 year ago

Fish and chips defo BTW I'm 11

mistywater · 1 year ago

Fish and chips definitely! I hate most takeaways though. I also like it because it's traditional.

dolphin26 · 1 year ago

Japanese is sushi right?

dolphin26 · 1 year ago

I love pizza and Japanese

dolphin26 · 1 year ago

But I'll have to choose Japanese because I never have Pizza outside the restaurant

luckywolf · 1 year ago

Chinese food is sooo good! 😍 Especially with spices. But I like Japanese sushi as well. And pizza, kebab and fried chicken. It took me half an hour to decide which one to vote for.

robro · 1 year ago

I am Indian and love Samosas and other yummy indian foods.

andybunny · 1 year ago

All takeaways are really tasty.

stingray1 · 1 year ago


pramisha · 1 year ago

In my opinion it just depends what food it is but overall I prefer a Nepalese cuisine!!🇳🇵

candyflos · 1 year ago

Even though fish and chips is a classic, I prefer something with more flavour- and I don’t really like fish!

candyapple · 1 year ago

Dominoes pizza, margherita, with fries.🍕 yum.

soniciscoo · 1 year ago

Chilli dogs are the best

meridabear · 1 year ago

My favourite takeaway is from a Turkish Restaurant called Sumak near our house.

roguelion · 1 year ago

Sushi is the best.

duckduck21 · 1 year ago

I voted for fish and chips because I live in cornwall and we have some very good fish and chip shops near us but I do like Thai and Chinese as well but fish and chips is probably my favourite

tiger.star · 1 year ago

Fish and chips is really not the most exciting dish.

stingray1 · 1 year ago


cutiecat15 · 1 year ago

pizza beacause of the puffy crust

Immy, Aged 9

sunflowers · 1 year ago

i love chinese, especially the beef chow mein and spring rolls. i lovvveee them, btw im 10, 11 in a couple of weeks

lizard · 1 year ago

I love takeaway pizza - especially when it gets delivered to my door!

scarlet10 · 1 year ago

there's a lot to pick from and it really depends on the takeaway.my family normally get fish and chips every month and we all enjoy it

spiderguy · 1 year ago

Lebanese all the way

randomico · 1 year ago

I like octopus

max1234 · 1 year ago

Well, my parents work in a Chinese take away, so it is my favorite.

max1234 · 1 year ago


agentlord · 1 year ago

I really love sushi! It's just so good...

nuggetwirl · 1 year ago

Mexican is amazing- tacos, fajitas !!!

allegrag · 1 year ago

All the take aways are amazing but my favourite is definitely Japanese because that means sushi!

jmmousie · 1 year ago

macaroni and cheese

insects80 · 1 year ago

Pizza is definitely the best!!🍕

ugoose86 · 1 year ago

i would think i like bbq chicken from tesco ('tesco chicken') apart from mcdonalds, nandos, taco bell, taco ( crunchy bit) etc

bluesky72 · 1 year ago

My dad agrees with me ; 🍕 is the best

jettcatt · 1 year ago

I LOVE pizza!!❤🍕🍕

olivew · 1 year ago

This was soo hard!! I love all takeaways but Japanese takeaways are definitely my favourite because that means ✨sushi✨ and ✨noodles✨!

iloveelly · 1 year ago

I luv Chinese it's the B.E.S.T.

bearbear88 · 1 year ago


sushigirl · 1 year ago

I love sushi so much but I also like pizza and fish and chips.

potterwolf · 1 year ago

I love Indian, pizza, Chinese, fish and chips but I had to choose Indian. I could not live without curry, so I’m lucky that I even get Indian.

squeezjoos · 1 year ago

I put ‘ something else ‘ because fish and chips doesn’t quite work
I like a sausage rolled in bacon 🥓 and covered in batter from the Chippy but most chippys don’t do that

catrule10 · 1 year ago

Sushi and fish and chips

raincloud0 · 1 year ago

Pizza definitely

star2022 · 1 year ago

My favourite food is Uzbek.

puzzlepeas · 1 year ago

Me gousto Mexicano, es muy deliciosa

blueyes · 1 year ago


kb1. · 12 months ago

dolphin26 sushi is japanese and other stuff like meat which I do not eat

kb1. · 12 months ago

robro I am Indian I love Roti