Is what’s happening to Trump’s Walk of Fame star an act of protest or vandalism?


13th July 2017

FANS and critics of Donald Trump are disagreeing over the state of his star (pictured right) on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The President of the United States’ star on the Walk Of Fame in California, USA, has been gaining lots of attention this week.

The star has been vandalised many times since the controversial president came into office, with pictures doing the rounds on social media.

Over the last few months, the star has been decorated with stickers and graffiti, among other things.

However, this week, Trump supporters have hit headlines and social media for getting down on their hands and knees and tirelessly cleaning the star. One Trump supporter’s efforts turned her into a meme after social media users posted pictures of themselves cleaning other celebrity stars, including the likes of Britney Spears, Shrek and Godzilla.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump’s star has hit the headlines – during last year’s presidential campaign, it was smashed by a man with a sledgehammer.

What do you think about this? Is what’s been happening to Trump’s star an allowed act of protest, or just vandalism?

Is what's happening to Trump's Walk of Fame star an act of protest or vandalism?


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lilacfun · 4 years ago


shpee · 4 years ago

From that photo it looks a lot like stuff you'd use to protest so I'd say it's protest. The sledgehammer thing, no, but the other things I'd say count as protest.

Sashgirl06 · 4 years ago

I'd say an act of protest probably....the thing about it being hit with a sledgehammer is definitely vandalism, though, but I think the stickers and graffiti and stuff are just a way of publicly displaying their dislike for Trump and his policies.

unicornfan · 4 years ago

lilacfun #congratulations

radishes10 · 4 years ago

I think your answer in this poll will probably partly depend on whether you like Donald Trump or not. anyway, what is the yellow for?

akurapaty · 4 years ago

This is a protest in my view but doing this to Trump is not going to help in any way

gaggy116 · 4 years ago

i don't like donald trump, but i don't think it's okay to do that. it is vandalism, as it does not belong to them

themanspan · 4 years ago

#6 comment

sunglasses · 4 years ago

I think that it was a protest because many people don't like Donald Duck. (That's what I call him). I also think that because people usually do stuff like that to people they don't like, which is also why I think that it is an act of protest. The yellow is if you're in the middle I think.

i_care · 4 years ago

From the way he has acted in the past, people find that he will not be a good president. They believe, and I- although trying to remain unbiased- stand with them, that everyone is equal no matter whether they are black, white, LGBT or a diffferent nationality and that they should all be welcome, after all we are all the same, all on the same earth and we all need to stick together.

ozzie27 · 4 years ago

Yeah, What is the yellow for? Typo?

orangebob9 · 4 years ago

I do not like Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zoshi09 · 4 years ago

I think I it is an act of protest people should express there feelings about Donald Trump

schwab1 · 4 years ago

straight vandalism.

happy4456 · 4 years ago

Personally, I think I'm only saying this because j'aime déteste donald trump(he doesn't even deserve capital letters)!?
However, I think this bother over his star on the walk of fame is just a protest. Before I commented on this poll, I also did some research, just to see what it was like and some explanations. I found out that this has happened before and there was an islam sign on it(i think) and also just a totally destroyed star. This may be an act of vandalism to some, but to me and around 76 other people on FirstNews it is a prostest, for people to tell trump about his views - his wrong doings, his false accusations and somewhat bullying!
I hope this doesn't offend anyone who voted that it was vandalism our support trump. However, this is my point of view and this is what I think?❤️?
Happy4456 xx?

horsefan · 4 years ago

It is certainly an act of protest; people are openly displaying their dislike for Trump.

riverdance · 4 years ago

Act of protest because let's face it , who can trust Trump??? For a start he wants to build a wall around America to keep Mexicans out. ( He might have some copy right with the great wall of China... ) And by doing this it shows that America doesn't all agree with it. Also Trump didn't really win the vote because Hilary Clinton won the vote BUT Trump got the most views on his website so Trump somehow won the vote. If I was in L.A I'd probably join them personally...

wren · 4 years ago

People have no right to vandalise something, but with Trump? No idea.

kawaii101 · 4 years ago

I'll say that its protest but I can't be very sure....

emperor · 4 years ago

An act of protest, but surely it is a bit over the top. So much protesting against Trump has occurred in the past six months, I cannot believe he is still in office. I think these protests might start getting violent if he is not removed from office- how did he even become a candidate for the Presidency? It's ridiculous!

1isme · 4 years ago

It is an an act of vandalism. People can protest by using social media.

1isme · 4 years ago

It is not acceptable to use protest as an excuse for vandalism.

1isme · 4 years ago

Even though I'm not a fan of President Trump I think it is awfully disrespectful

lishy · 4 years ago

I think it is an act of protest because all the people are doing is expressing how they feel about Donald Trump.

spring99 · 4 years ago

its still vandalism but I get why they did it and there protesting so I think protesting

amynatalie · 4 years ago

I think it is an act of protest because Donald Trump is not very popular (no wonder) and has said bad things about many religions and races that he thinks are wrong

fn920 · 4 years ago

It would probably be counted as vandalism except you have to take a look at what people have stuck or painted on the actual star. There are stickers reading things such as racism and ageism. Unfortunately, these point out just a few bad attitudes Donald Trump possesses and to be the President of (like it or not)
the most powerful country in the world, he is a danger to the whole globe. In the end of the day, it will be like having a clown in the Presidents seat aiming a nuclear missile at the Earth, sooner or later he's going to launch that missile if we give him enough time. This is why we should work on getting him out of the Presidential role. Right now, he has only proven to the world that he is not the type of Person to be the President of the United States.

oceangirl · 4 years ago

I would say that it was an act of protest?

oceangirl · 4 years ago

Jaime detested Donald Trump

owly · 4 years ago

It's vandalism! Even if you're not in favour of him, there's no reason for it! There's nothing wrong with Trump! He just thinks slightly differently to us!

gracie777 · 4 years ago

trump is selfish and he shouldn't be allowed to do stuff like that

catonclan · 4 years ago

I do not now how the USA managed to get Trump in he runs America like a business!

tolu · 4 years ago

It is just a gigantic protest

bigdream · 4 years ago

Do you guys like Donald Trump I don't. He is building a wall so that muslims cant get into the country.

sisterocks · 4 years ago

In my opinion it's vandalism! I'm not big on trump, and I get why people don't like him, but it's taking it a bit too far when people are vandalising. People don't vandalise other celebritie's star ⭐️ I don't agree with it!!!

ajmyles · 4 years ago


RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

So as you can guess, it is in protest

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

In my opinion it's an act of protest because it's mostly just bits of paper stuck on it. However, I respect sisterocks opinion.

mashabludn · 4 years ago

I agree with both

Magic10 · 4 years ago

I think it's unacceptable. It's still vandalising, no matter who owns the object. I'm not a trump supporter, but vandalising his objects is not going to help the situation.

daisy101 · 4 years ago

if it was a protest people would have been there with signs not stickers which they stuck on thereto me that is an act of vandalism.

coolguy · 4 years ago

He shouldn't have his own star ⭐️ but he's so full of himself it's a protest

gagho · 4 years ago

I clicked something random ??

queenwhale · 4 years ago

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and so the people who did probably wanted they're opinion to be noticed but maybe this was the wrong way to do it

fox64 · 4 years ago

PROTEST, DEFINITELY. shape, you are right. ( and all who agree).

fox64 · 4 years ago

sorry, not shape, shpee

ninjahari · 4 years ago




thegunners · 4 years ago

say its......vandalism

chissy · 4 years ago

Despite the fact Trump has said and done some outrageous things, I believe this to be an act of vandalism. This is because it would almost certainly be treated as an act of vandalism if it was on a less famous persons property. And the same law applies to everyone. I can see why people thing that this is an act of protest but there are much better ways to protest (such as the kneeling for the anthem.) It is better to protest without potentially breaking the law.

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

Of courZe it iZ

amo · 4 years ago

I think it's vandalism as an act of protest

[email protected] · 4 years ago


anjakf · 4 years ago

Protest against racist and sexist trump

gxlden · 3 years ago

Trump smells and plays PUBG

gxlden · 3 years ago

I am an Avenger. I have 4 legs and 17 arms

shreddeddo · 3 years ago

what's being done to Donald fat Trump's star is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

shreddeddo · 3 years ago

in one of the news reports about his star it says "Hero smashes Trump's star with a pickaxe"
What a hero
i admire them

melon_cow7 · 3 years ago

act of vandalism because trump is annoying