What hobbies do you do to relax?


12th August 2021

TOM Daley has proved he’s not just a skilled diver, but he’s also an impressive knitter too!

The Olympic gold medallist delighted fans by showing off his crafty handiwork – a special Tokyo 2020 cardigan.

Tom, who was spotted knitting poolside at the Games on several occasions, revealed the finished cardi on his Instagram page. The caption read: “When I got to Tokyo, I wanted to make something that would remind me of these games. Something that I could say I had made in Tokyo, during the Olympics!”

The diver said knitting and crocheting helps with his mental health and keeps him calm.

It’s not just clothing Tom was busy making during his time in Tokyo (aside from making diving history, of course). He also created a little pouch for his Olympic gold medal so it doesn’t get scratched!

We want to know about your hobbies! What do you like to do? Pick everything you like, and let us know if we’ve missed your hobby in the comments below!

What hobbies do you do to relax?


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foxgirl · 12 months ago

I love to play games with my brothers and my mim likes geocaching so we sometimes go for a walk with our greyhound!

blackmamba · 12 months ago

Reading relaxes me because I can imagine what the adventures in the book would be like.As Dr Seuss said the more that you read the more things you know the more that you learn the more places you'll go.

cricbuzz · 12 months ago

I love reading, going for walks, sport and watching TV

opalstar · 12 months ago

I chose reading because reading utterly transports you to another multiverse let alone world! I do it to relax, my choosing my favourites, oddly classics like Lord of The Rings and Oliver Twist, reading lets me escape the real world!

ridulfa · 12 months ago

First to comment

milkpuddin · 12 months ago

I like reading and sport

weirdcat · 12 months ago

I enjoy lots of hobbies!! Sewing and swimming weren't on there. ):

brizoceto · 12 months ago

spending time with my two cats helps me relax

sadiepinki · 12 months ago

Going on a walk every morning with my dog Sadie who is a fox red labrador!

sadiepinki · 12 months ago

Reading as I feel like I am there with the character. It is a way I can transport myself somewhere else. So I can take a break from the real world!

odinseye · 12 months ago

I sometimes do geocaching too

marthajja · 12 months ago

I like to swim ,do rugby ,write,gymnastics and playing with my brother and 🐈 cats

busboy1 · 12 months ago

I've been going running every Saturday and Sunday.

mothstar · 12 months ago

i love writing stories and if i ever watch TV ot relax it's most likely traffic cops or police interceptors. i know they don't sound very relaxing!

youssiano7 · 12 months ago

I love Reading, especially First News!

katkid10 · 12 months ago

I like to write my book. Christofart and the Windy Mountains.

redindian9 · 12 months ago

I took up Taxidermi in lockdown. It's quite fun but very hard. I also started learning Viola and worked on my grades 2, 3, 4 and 6 on piano.

meridabear · 12 months ago

Playing with LEGO should be on the hobbies list, my brother and I do it a LOT!

phoebeh · 12 months ago

I enjoy playing instruments, piano and cello

katkid10 · 12 months ago

I code games on Scratch. You should check it out you can play and answer loads of things that other people have made and you can make your own things.

oceangirl3 · 12 months ago

I like swimming singing and writing.

gurlgmzhi7 · 12 months ago

Hiiiiiii and I also like to swim

puzzlepeas · 12 months ago

sport, yoga, reading, writing that sort of thing

henry911 · 11 months ago

I love art! Personally I hate sports though…

jedorjok21 · 11 months ago

My favourite hobby of all time is definitely sailing. I just love spending time on the water and that is so relaxing. I really recommend you try it.

tiger.star · 11 months ago

I ticked pretty much all the boxes, but there are two more things I love to do: singing and guitar. I have been singing since I was born, and started guitar when I was 5. I think music is a really incredible thing, it can express so many feelings and emotions that otherwise would go ignored, and it can benefit the welfare of so many people! I think it's really amazing how all different cultures have a different type of music that can touch any souls and make everyone want to dance.

I truly think music is an amazing thing and that we would be lost without it.

mwhitty · 11 months ago

Reading all the way

tradcath · 11 months ago

I used to walk my pug to relax before he passed away.

eadie123 · 11 months ago

Defo Gaming amma Gamer Girl

mittsme · 11 months ago

I like singing to relax too

doggy11 · 10 months ago

I play hockey on Sundays and i also like to crotchet witch is different to knitting !

keyas123 · 10 months ago


pollardian · 9 months ago

Sport always takes my mind off of things, especially if I'm doing it with my friends :)

amh11 · 5 months ago

Go to bed or Dance/Gymnastics