What do you think of LEGO’s decision on gender stereotypes?


14th October 2021

LEGO has announced it is building towards removing gender stereotypes (fixed ideas about boys and girls) from its toys.

The company conducted a global survey of 7,000 children and parents to get to know its audience across the world. It discovered that harmful gender stereotypes are still restricting many children and their parents.

Gender stereotyping means assuming that only boys or girls will prefer certain things, like saying that only girls can like the colour pink and only boys can like the colour blue. It could also
mean saying that only certain toys will appeal to one sex, such as science LEGO sets being for boys.

Researchers found that, although many girls were feeling more confident about exploring a range of different activities, the same couldn’t be said for lots of boys. More than seven out of ten boys quizzed were worried they would be made fun of if they played with what they described as “girls’ toys”. Many of their parents shared their concerns.

Research leader Madeline Di Nonno said: “Parents are more worried that their sons will be teased than their daughters for playing with toys associated with the other gender.”

“We’re working hard to make LEGO more inclusive,” said Julia Goldin, LEGO’s chief product and marketing officer.

What do you think?


Do you think LEGO is making the right decision?


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marthajja · 10 months ago

No as it can effect people mental health with sets they love and want can't now get.

asif.sme · 10 months ago

As a girl I really adore lego and I think it makes you use your mind and it doesn't feel tedious to me.

dragonnerd · 10 months ago

I think that, a lot of sets of lego such as brands like lego freinds or lego elves although both boys and girls can use them, contain no or little boy figures and if they do, the boys are very fennime looking and are only there to be the charachters love interest. I do however, like how lots of other lego sets and especially ones based on films or tv shows are gender nutural. One thing i would like the lego company to change is always haveing the girls really pretty because i feel like there is a lot of people who do not see themselves in lego freinds and things like that. I overall, think this is a brilliant idea if it is done corectly but i also would like to see more diverse charachters as well.

tharshini · 10 months ago

It is fair because Lego is just a toy and it doesn’t matter gender you are but the joy and fun.

phoenixgir · 10 months ago

I don't really like the Lego Friends stuff and I'm a girl!
I've rather play and make the fire stations and cars!
I chose 'No'

What did you choose?

frogster10 · 10 months ago

I think It’s a good idea. Lego is hugely popular with kids, so if they began getting rid of the stereotypes at a young age, the kids will be able to have grown up without them. By that happening, they will know what is right and wrong since they were children. As well as that, they’ll get the best of both worlds!

ivansp2011 · 10 months ago

I believe so as everyone can play what they want to.

lilpenguin · 10 months ago

Its totally fair - toys don't have gender!
As a trans person it makes me really happy that companies like lego are becoming more inclusive.

panda89 · 10 months ago

In reply to Dragonnerd: Okay this is slightly from the topic but YES LEGO NEEEDS to add more diverse figures; you can get many white skin tone figures but it’s hard to get black skin tone figures and there is no skin tone in between

charlieee7 · 9 months ago

Gender stereotypes are never helpful. They build walls and cause division within society. People should have the freedom to do what they want no matter their gender, and this message needs to be understood right from childhood to remove the prejudices currently held within our society.

wildkoala · 4 months ago

I love Lego