What do you call your evening meal? Tea or dinner?


5th May 2022

RESEARCHERS from the University of Leeds have launched a big project aimed at sharing and recording the different dialects (local form of a language) across England.

In the 1950s and 1960s, a team from the university travelled around the country to record the different language and lifestyles of different communities.

Now, a new digital survey has been created so that anyone can take part. The project is part of the Great Big Dialect Hunt, which encourages the public to explore dialects from Cornwall to Cumbria and also share new words and phrases from the 21st century.

Do you brew, mash, soak or wet a cuppa to have with your roll, bun, bap or cob?

Researchers want any suggestions of things you say where you come from, in the hope they can “preserve today’s language for future generations”.

You can explore the project at dialectandheritage.org.uk.

What do you call your evening meal? Tea or dinner?


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ojpolls · 2 weeks ago

I call my last meal dinner as it is widely used by the new generation.

max1234 · 2 weeks ago

Tea- just sounds like the drink, so in my opinion, I chose dinner. Dunno about you but my mum doesn’t have tea in the evening

bunk123 · 2 weeks ago

I dont call it either I call it supper

candyapple · 2 weeks ago

Neither! I call my evening meal supper

dottypop1 · 1 week ago

I have called it tea since forever.

loldoll20 · 1 week ago

Even tho I put dinner I dont I call it supper! I agree with candyapple and bunk123 🤪 🌮this was my supper