Did our interview help you to understand more about the coronavirus?


27th March 2020

YOUNG reporter Xavier, 12, talked to England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, about coronavirus, exclusively for First News and for the Sky News weekend children’s show FYI. Xavier’s interview came just before PM Boris Johnson announced strict new rules to stop the spread of the virus.

You can read the interview in the issue of First News out today, or watch the interview here!

Once you’ve taken in the interview. Let us know what you thought!

Did our interview help you to understand more about the coronavirus?


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lollipop33 · 2 years ago

First to comment :)

daveadave1 · 2 years ago

I think it helped me learn more about the coronavirus as my friends have told me things like it kills nearly everyone who gets it but know I realise that is not true.

daveadave1 · 2 years ago

Second to comment.

22lbarker · 2 years ago

i think it helps because it is true a lot of other information isn't true

stargrl · 2 years ago

I knew most of it, but I was very pleased that First News was so good to tell us.

saxophone7 · 2 years ago

I guess yea but I didn't like the picture of the injection it grosses me out a bit but yea it sort ifor helps

saxophone7 · 2 years ago

Second to comment😉

emeve · 2 years ago

No because I already knew all of this from the news and its not like any of this stuff is new; most of the interview is just them saying for you to wash your hands,practice social distancing, and to try not to say people who fall into the high-risk category. It is all information the PM, the news and the BBC have been telling us for a while now.

stargrl · 2 years ago


cutiecat · 2 years ago

2 nd

codonnell · 2 years ago

These were exactly the questions I would have asked and as they are asked by a child and read by children it is easier to understand. Thank you for putting this into the newspaper. It really helps.

sharkybark · 2 years ago

The article made me feel both scared and calm. It answered some of my worries but also I am scared because the virus is new and even scientists do not yet have all the answers. It is important to stay inside and was your hands properly, like people have said.

@ruby13top · 2 years ago

I have learnt a lot and have realised how important it is to keep hygienic and keeping my family safe and others (like social distancing) I hope everyone is well and safe 🙂

oceangirl · 2 years ago

Yes it did because it is on the news a lot and sometimes it feels very daunting

bias · 2 years ago

Uninformative and too basic. Read the government/NHS/The Times/Lancet Journal for actual proper in depth knowledge that i don't already know.
Also, forgets to mention that the government has tried to prevent long-term economic consequences from ravaging the nation. The economy might not be as important as life and death to you all about to comment, but the government has performed excellently in that area and better (unlike what First news is putting out) than most countries. i now believe all that needs to be improved is tests per day. This has given governments like South Korea a greater understanding of who is actually infected.
Before you try and attempt to counter my points, i would advise you to just think about the 3.3million unemployed Americans despite Trump's best efforts. Without such measures in the UK or US millions more could be unemployed which would cause long term damage to many peoples livelihood, forget a couple thousand people catching a cough.

nergit · 2 years ago

Yes it did! It showed me the different aspects of coronavirus and showed that we all need to relax and stay clean, calm and healthy.

sloth-love · 2 years ago

It helped me understand a lot more about coronavirus, how we can prevent it from spreading, and especially NOT TO PANIC! Thank you to all the NHS workers out there!

mhkmal · 2 years ago

It helped me to understand a lot more about what is happening.

puppyluv · 2 years ago

Yes because now I know roughly when schools will open again (Can't wait).

thehkh · 2 years ago

I already knew most of the things in the article but, I'm sure it helped younger children to understand.

v_venkie · 2 years ago

I think the interview made me understand more about the Coronavirus because some of the answers were really good and some of it were really detailed answers and it made my brain understand more about it and now, I realised on why we have a huge lockdown.

cloandhols · 2 years ago

It tells me more than I knew before. It has a lot of information.

5honypony · 2 years ago

I think that although the interview may be helpful for others, I thought that the answers were quite shielded. Despite that, I still think it helped me understand the coronavirus a bit better. Thanks!

purplebook · 2 years ago

Yes although it is still hard to understand🤨

redtoad · 2 years ago

I don't watch FYI and I know lots about the current affairs by sky news.

swace · 2 years ago

I understand it much more now, in simplified language for younger people.

snufflypug · 2 years ago


aspeni · 2 years ago

It helps because I normally watch the news but it is too depressing for me now so It gave me information I needed.

dancer10 · 2 years ago

It helped me understand what is going on

zilqueenie · 2 years ago

I already knew that stuff. It doesn't give much info!

gwenrat · 2 years ago

Uh huh

applepie8 · 2 years ago

It made me understand a lot more about Coronavirus. Now I am not as worried

aunigw2 · 2 years ago

It helped me a lot to learn about coronavirus.

ameliau · 2 years ago

This Interview made it much clearer for me to understand about the Coronavirus. It has helped me not be so worried and carry on with my life as normal as I can. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!

jambar · 2 years ago

Very good taught me more about covid19

5honypony · 2 years ago

I also knew all of the information alredaty

jaydenbro2 · 2 years ago

well a bit

edmonds123 · 2 years ago


duskyjewel · 2 years ago

it didn't rlly help cuz all had been said on the news

killswagjr · 2 years ago

It helps a lot!

estuart20 · 2 years ago

It helped me

fluffycat4 · 2 years ago

Really helpful as my family think we have had it.

sarah.m · 2 years ago

c'mon guys arent you just glad that first news put a lot of time and effort into helping you understand? did you even learn at least one thing? dont tell me you did not learn anything, otherwise that means that you already understood about coronavirus.