Do you think schools should be given more funding?


15th March 2019

THOUSANDS of head teachers have sent letters home with their pupils about money worries.

More than 7,000 head teachers have written a joint letter to families expressing their concerns about the Government cutting money for schools. They say these cuts affect things like being able to buy new textbooks and pay for specialist teachers.

Siobhán Lowe, head of Tolworth Girls’ School in Surbiton, said she’s had to make lots of changes in her school because of a lack of funding.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that she’s had to clean the toilets and serve in the canteen because she can’t afford to pay for the staff.

The head teachers’ campaigning group, ‘Worth Less?’, says they’ve asked Education Secretary Damian Hinds for a meeting about the issue but he keeps refusing. The group is now calling on parents to write to their MPs and the Government to help get more money for schools.

What do you think?

Do you think schools should be given more funding?


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jesusrules · 3 years ago

i think that schools should have more funding because in some schools they have had to stop teaching certain lessons (mandarin, Spanish, certain musical instruments) and you don't get the same variety. the government always go on about how school is important and yet they wont bother to pay for a better education.

teamgorbo1 · 3 years ago

Yes, you can’t cut funding for schools. Without funding, schools won’t be able to deliver a high quality education that we all have a right to. If you don’t have a generation that is hardworking and capable of working they will cost the government more in the long term.

super5tar · 3 years ago

Definitely because children need education otherwise the future is hopeless . The government should stop concentrating on Brexit and should worry about things more important, Brexit won't matter if the future generations have no good education

super5tar · 3 years ago

Definitely because children need education otherwise the future is hopeless . The government should stop concentrating on Brexit and should worry about things more important.

abinews · 3 years ago

Definitly! All (goverment) schools could do with more funding!

natalija · 3 years ago

I think schools should be given more funding because at the moment, a lot of money is going where it shouldn't, or at least where it is not needed. Schools educate people and if the people of Earth want a bright future, they have to help schools and educate the planet's future workers.

24doggie · 3 years ago

I think that schools should be given more funding for opportunities

24doggie · 3 years ago

yeah 1st to comment

spacegirlg · 3 years ago

If schools can’t pay for staff, how are they going to teach? No money=no staff=no pupils=no school. Schools need money, just like everyone, so that they can be a proper school.

donkey4 · 3 years ago

Yes, of course, children are the future. To insure Britain thrives we need to make sure their pupils have a good education this means we need schools. In conclusion I believe funding is vital for Britain's future.

crystalx27 · 3 years ago

Even though the government will be losing some money, I vote yes because education is extremely important and we will have no future if we are not able to do the things in school that cost it money such as trips that provide an amazing opportunity or resources to help further our learning.

empz · 3 years ago

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kittens089 · 3 years ago

I think we schools should have more school funding as otherwise children cant get the education we need as there would be lack of textbooks and other school euqipment and resources

swace · 3 years ago

I think so because teachers are always complaining about Budget Cuts...and all the money goes to a good cause of education.

chahou · 3 years ago

People are increasingly being asked to bring in things. Plus, the government keep saying that children are the future and we do not have all of the resources to learn.

chahou · 3 years ago

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mimpi123 · 3 years ago

they should be given more funding to provide better facilities

mimpi123 · 3 years ago

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aquaquazar · 3 years ago

I really think schools should be given more funding because children will not be able to learn as much and therefore find it more difficult to make it into secondary schools.

mhkmal · 3 years ago

School is very important to all of us and we need more funding to make our learning experience more enjoyable and educational.

graceieeee · 3 years ago

Sometimes schools run out of supplies that we urgently need. It is also very annoying when schools run out of glue.

roar62 · 3 years ago

Definately as it will enable everybody to have a better school experience with more equipment

elephant_m · 3 years ago

As on the news, some schools are suffering badly. The government needs to do more, by opening up Trusts, such as the Bourne Trust in Surrey. Although students at school can bring in their own equipment, lots of parents can't afford all the high-tech stationery. Governments should act now; the later they do it, the more debt they have.

suhani123 · 3 years ago

Education is a human right and it is really important. it shapes many people's lives. All schools are broke and every kid totally needs to study pshe and rs. Because they are soooooo useful.

ilovegoats · 3 years ago

I think schools should be given more funding because at my school we are losing loads of teachers

kizzwizz · 3 years ago

We are the future yet if we do not get taught properly then they are condemning the future.Our future,which is already in jeopardy.

zebra10 · 3 years ago

My school is always telling us not to waste items because we don't have enough money.?

missshoe · 3 years ago

Definitely yes! Children are the future, it is very important that they are given the correct education so the next generation are well educated. The government should concentrate on making sure schools have enough money to give children the knowledge they need.

drduck · 3 years ago

Of course!

oceangirl · 3 years ago


ggg · 3 years ago

yes boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

ggg · 3 years ago

Plz kick out da tories they r DOO DOO m8

chococooki · 3 years ago

I definitely think schools should be given more funding because public schools solely rely on government funds and donations, and since donations are very scarce the government should stop worrying about Brexit and think about our future. Oh, and I like cookies.

jake10 · 3 years ago

Primary schools only but we are the future. prep schools can pay for there own funding.

endodragon · 3 years ago


owlyem · 3 years ago

Yes I do becouse my school is not been given anoth money and can not by needed equipment

amo · 2 years ago

i think schools should definitely be given more funding , because without money ,schools would not be able to teach and educate to a high standard or any standard at all to be frank. we are the future and so it is very important we are provided with a good education , which can only happen with funding. so yes i think schools should be given more funding.

dcfan · 2 years ago

Yes,schools should have more funding. My school is reliant on parents to have enough money to go on trips.

preston · 2 years ago

I think schools should be given more funding because it is not fair on the teachers or pupils if they have to buy their own items. I also think that teachers should not have to worry and stress about the money and funding issues at schools

ijm · 2 years ago

We don't get enough education. When you do a test the teacher reassures you that the test is simple, then all of a sudden you find a question that's impossible. TEACHERS NEED MORE TRAINING TO TEACH US MORE!!!

lollipop33 · 2 years ago

They should because pupils' parents or guardians are having to pay for educational school trips, unlike, say, 20 years ago.

vndtl · 2 years ago

definitely!! sure, right now it's only affecting the cleaning, but the moment the school has too little money for their teachers, the quality of kid's education goes down!!!

puzzpom · 2 years ago

I think that it is important that schools receive more funding as they have to cut out fun activities and parents have to donate money for a lot of things. Also, children can't get the high quality education they need.

rainbowa · 2 years ago

they should to learn more

orangeplum · 2 years ago

yep, they should.It means we get better equipments or more of them. And we get to have more fun as there will be more money.

libertyoe · 2 years ago

Yes I agree it is a good idea

plixx · 2 years ago

Yes because it won't put so much pressure on the parents.

PinaEgg123 · 2 years ago

Yes, you can see the effects of schools' widening gap of funding for basic yet necessary resources in front of you every day at school. It is humiliating and harmful to the schools to be in such a position that they are having to essentially beg the parents for something that shouldn't even need to be thought about having. The Government need to realise that this is the place where we grow up, where we turn from child to adult, where we make lifelong memories and learn lifelong skills, and where the doctors, scientists, politicians, actors of this country's future will be created for sure. What kind of Government do we have if they refuse to recognise the significance of our places of education around the UK, and deprive people of inspiration, when variety and quality are stripped away more and more every day?

PinaEgg123 · 2 years ago

Plus it makes people hate the Government even more, which they definitely don't want, so they're just making it worse for themselves and everybody's future.

rights123 · 2 years ago

Schools don't get enough funding.
There are so many teachers which are unpaid and not just that the schools need the equipment to learn in a creative way.

eviehr · 2 years ago


stargrl · 2 years ago

My opinion is that we need soooooo much more. 8% is being taken of from each child a year.


stargrl · 2 years ago

There should be more funding, how are the future generations going to be ready for the world with terrible schools !?

My teachers work so hard, and more funding is needed. The government is to light on this subject. We deserve more! The government need to play their part, stop being lazy and help our schools! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

luciah · 1 year ago

my brothers spanish blocks roof fell down and the school do not have a enough money to repaire it

panda89 · 12 months ago

i think schools should get more money especially public schools so children receive the best possible eduction. i go to a public school instead of a privet school. Lots of children can’t afford to go to a privet school but i always feel like the privet schools do better stuff.