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Do you think your school assembly should have a daily act of worship?


16th August 2019

HALF of British people think that school assemblies should not include acts of worship.

A new survey of 1,600 people in England, Scotland and Wales showed that many believe worship, such as saying prayers, is inappropriate for state school assemblies.

Since 1944, all state schools have been required to provide a daily act of worship that is mainly Christian-based. But, schools can ask for special permission to hold multi-faith assemblies or assemblies of a different faith.

Lots of people believe there needs to be a proper change to the law and that assemblies need to be more inclusive for pupils of all different backgrounds.

The poll asked participants what the best topics for assemblies were. The environment and nature came out top, followed by pupils’ achievements.


Do you think your school assembly should have a daily act of worship?


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spohie123 · 1 month ago

I think school should have a daily act of worship so children can learn about god and my school usually has a prayer at the end of an assembaly even if we are not a catholic school

vegananime · 1 month ago

well in primary we had a religious assembly but ive been in a secondary school for two years and it is not religious which everyone finds so much better as it is not pressurising! lol sorry for spelling

bluepanda7 · 1 month ago

I DON'T think that assemblies should have to include acts of worship, because if you aren't Christian, you could feel that your views were being ignored. Anyway, if you want to worship, you could always do it privately.

acadieboy · 1 month ago

first to comment

tomcat68 · 1 month ago

as everyone comes from different faiths and backgrounds, I personally believe that it isn't fair on some children as they may be doing something that they aren't comfortable with.

ameliau · 1 month ago

FIRST TO VOTE! Anyway i think they should. #always

sao · 1 month ago

I don't think that schools should practice a particular faith as it could offend people from a different religion or those with no religion at all.

sao · 1 month ago

I don't think that schools should practice a particular faith as it could offend people from a different religion or those with no religion at all. However, i think religious schools are an exception

catonclan · 1 month ago

I do not think that it is just to make people especially children to commit acts of worship in things they do not believe in.

linecony · 1 month ago

I don't think they should pray because some people might make fun of other religions.
Also, that means some people might not be religious and not understand what is happening!

thehkh · 1 month ago

I think that it is inappropriate to have worship in school assemblies. Everybody has a different back round and religion. My school doesn't have a daily act of worship. only at religious times such as Easter or Christmas.

amazeballs · 1 month ago

I think that it is okay to worship in schools of a specific religion, however I don’t think there should be worship in a school of mixed religions.

chezturtle · 1 month ago

I think that there should not be daily worship because some people may be different religion to the other people at their school. There are many religions so it would be rude to only worship one!

batmanlion · 1 month ago

No! I think that schools should not do acts of worship because children at the school may be different religions and, for example, if the school does an act of worship towards Christianity, people in other religions might get offended.

pandaworld · 1 month ago

I think no because in Australia MOST people display and act of worship only during scripture?

pandaworld · 1 month ago

I mean scripture .

unicorn07 · 1 month ago

Some people have no faith in religion or God (I do but that is a different matter) so if a person really wanted to worship God, they should do it in there own time!

kindkoala · 1 month ago

No! I think they should because it's not fair for people who don't want to follow that religion the school follows because they might be atheist or unhappy with following a different religion to the one they choose.

wightbike · 1 month ago

You shouldn’t have worshipping assemblies in school as some children don’t like it and that might make them angry and not very well behaved also they can do that privately at home.

crazyfish6 · 1 month ago

Yes, having a daily act of worship is very important. Being from a C.E School, I worship the schools faith everyday in assembly, and I have seen the effect of worshiping and learning about a religion. Not only does it educate children about a religion, but it allows them to develop a more diverse view of the world, which is important in this day and age.

budgerigar · 1 month ago

Yes, because it gives people a chance to hear about God. But if people really, really don't want to listen they cold be given the option to miss the worship.

sambrophy · 1 month ago

I think school shouldn't have worship in because assemblies were not designed for worship, but as a lesson that the whole school must know!

dynamaniac · 1 month ago

I do not think that school should have a daily act of worship because it could make children of other religions feel uncomfortable worshiping a different god.
Of course if you do go to a religious school you have to accept that there will be religious worships

hagrid · 1 month ago

I think that religious schools should but in mixed-religion schools like mine, they shouldn't. I may be Christian but there are people at my school who are Atheist, Humanist, Islamic, Sihk and so on. Making people do religious worship when they are Atheist or a different religion to the one they are worshiping for is cruel and mean. If my school made me worship in another religion, my parents would probably make me move schools. And many other parents would too.

em_1349 · 4 weeks ago

I think that acts of worship in Non-religious schools can be inappropriate. At my old primary school, there were many students of different backgrounds and religions and I believe it was unfair to treat all the children as Christians when not all of them were. I think it is essential to learn about different religions and their ways of worship in lessons like RE and PSE, but I don't agree with worship in Non-religious schools.

aces10 · 4 weeks ago

I don't think we should have a daily worship assembly because not everyone believes in god. But I do think we could have it once a week.

dontaskme · 4 weeks ago

No because not everyone will have the same religion as the school. I am a Jew and my school is Christian so it’s really annoying when they make me sing hymns about Jesus and pray to some one I don’t believe in.

pig101 · 4 weeks ago

I dipends if you go to a catholic school yes

gr8p21 · 3 weeks ago

As an atheist myself I feel like enforcing children into worshipping any god is unfair and you should let them decide in later life when they are responsible enough but also you don't have to have it in assembly as many schools contribute in RE. Schools should respect what the child/children believe by not enforcing religious beliefs on them.

catnat · 3 weeks ago

No, because there are many other students from other religions and might feel uncomfortable. Plus I experienced this uncomfortable feeling throughout my school assemblys in primary school as I'm from a different religion.

ijm · 2 weeks ago

We shouldn't have a religious act of worship because me, along with many other children, aren't Christian and we feel like we are being ignored

oceangirl · 2 weeks ago

No. At my old school we said prayers to god but I don’t believe in it

meowcats45 · 6 days ago

my school dose not do worship , as we are multi religion.

5honypony · 3 days ago

No because people are different religions and may not be comfortable doing other religions prayers