Do you think plain packets will make people less likely to smoke?


25th May 2017

Do you think plain packets will make people less likely to smoke? Let us know in the poll!

Do you think plain packets will make people less likely to smoke?


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banjoblaze · 7 years ago

I say no because the packets are often quite boring anyway, yet people still smoke. Also, nearly everybody knows about smoking now, so people will still choose to smoke, whether because of peer pressure, thinking it's cool, or common curiousty. Just completely banning smoking and cigarettes would be a much more sensible option, in my opinion, although even that might not stop it completely.

shpee · 7 years ago

No, sadly. People are still going to smoke, sadly. If we want to stop people from smoking, then we have to get rid of them completely which still won't work instantly.

francescal · 7 years ago

No, people say that smoking is addictive and it would be very hard to get people to stop smoking. Also, those people will encourage others to do it anyway, even if they do cost a lot of money.

sophette · 7 years ago

No and yes. No-loads of people smoke already and are addicted, therefore, they will still keep buying them. Yes- people who don't smoke might not as they are..... SO EXPENSIVE!!! ??

tincan · 7 years ago

no because most of the packets have disgusting images on them showing what smoking can do to you and your body, to try and put you off smoking and if the packets didn't have anything on them, people wouldn't be put off

unicornfan · 7 years ago


sunglasses · 7 years ago

People love, and I mean love smoking. I don't see how plain packets will help. If people want people to stop smoking, they should just destroy them. (I want them banned as j have asthma and whenever I walk through a public place I have to use my inhaler because of the unhealthy air).

schwab1 · 7 years ago

yes probably-it wont stop people who already smoke but it will stop new people smoking...

ralph184 · 7 years ago

No one actually cares about what it says so it won't make any difference

sweetpizza · 7 years ago

I agree with banjoblaze STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD

tigercity · 7 years ago

Ich habe mit nein gestimmt weil jeder der zuerst raucht süchtig wird

tigercity · 7 years ago

I spoke in german

wiseowl49 · 7 years ago

I spoke in German too. ?

wiseowl49 · 7 years ago

It says 'I don't know'

jelibean · 7 years ago

NO WAY!I'ts bad to smoke anyway,plain packets or no plain packets.Smoking should not exist!!!

popchip4 · 7 years ago


popchip4 · 7 years ago

no one should smoke its bad for them

anjakf · 6 years ago

It’s better when it is not plain cos if they buy the pack they have to look at the gross picture

h@rry679 · 6 years ago

Good gosh that's a graphic image.

lollipop33 · 5 years ago

They should ban smoking entirely by 2020
I wrote this in June 2019 :)
Our planet is falling apart. It is time to leave.

wireskid · 4 years ago

Even though people say that packets make the difference they don't.

max1234 · 2 years ago

No, purely because it actually shows the outcome if you smoke, which might make people more aware.

osaka · 2 years ago

Sad for lollipop33 since it’s nearly 2023