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Do you think it’s important to have a religion?


14th September 2018

RELIGIOUS education in schools needs a big change, says a new report.

The two-year investigation says the subject should be given a new name – religion and worldviews.

It also says the teaching of religion should include things like atheism (the belief that God does not exist) and agnosticism (not knowing whether God exists).

The Commission on Religious Education report says the subject should draw from a wide range of spiritual and other approaches to life.

The study goes on to say that all school pupils should study the subject up to year 11.

The latest figures show that the number of pupils taking religious studies at A Level has fallen by 22% – nearly a quarter. New data also shows that more than half the people in the UK have no religion.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s important to have a religion?


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elk10 · 6 days ago

It's important to have belief

shadowfox · 6 days ago

I would say no but it is good to have belief.

aeroplane · 6 days ago

I think it is important to believe in God and have a religion because you won't get bullied.

natalija · 6 days ago

I think it is important to have a religion because you will have something to believe in.

kitty2010 · 6 days ago

I have a religion myself but if people don't want to have a religion they should have a choice

dancemunch · 6 days ago

I think it doesn't matter whether you have a religion or not because you can believe anything you want to believe and that should be accepted.

rebecca.xo · 6 days ago

Yes and no. Yes because it is important to learn about religion and no because you can live with out it

dolfincake · 6 days ago

We need beliefs and some people believe in different gods. Also, it is interesting to learn a new religion occasionally.

dolfincake · 6 days ago

We all need a religion because, without them, we will be living in a world where some people do this particular ritual and others do it differently.

unidist · 5 days ago

I think if you want to believe in some sort of religion, nothing is stopping you if you think that is what's important.

swace · 5 days ago

I think it is important to have a religion because other people can express their opinions and have debates about their beliefs. Also I like RPE lessons, and I think its cool to learn about other peoples religions and beliefs, like Muslim, Christianity and Islam.

Leeandari · 5 days ago

I im not really sure cuase im kind of a catholic

pkpower72 · 5 days ago

No, as you should have the choice of whether you want to believe something, no one should be forced into thinking anything and people should be able to not have any religion, whith no pressure from anyone else

jojo4ever · 5 days ago

I don't think it is important to have a religion as people don't have to follow something , they have the freedom to do whatever they want ,so they can.

catonclan · 5 days ago

no we should in humanity focus on values.

rosrio · 5 days ago

If you believe strongly about something, nobody should stop your belief.
However, nobody should feel pressured to have or not to have a faith.

4dantheman · 5 days ago

No, but you should still respect people who do

bubblyball · 5 days ago

I agree with elk10

uglyfrog · 5 days ago

I do not think you would need a religion because Gods are only real in your mind.

hc-524219 · 4 days ago

It’s important to have a religion personally but in schools, I don’t think so because some people might be from different countries who believes in other religions different from a Catholic or Christian school and it might be kind of offensive to those who have different religions.

xx_puppys · 4 days ago

I believe that having a religion is good although if you disagree to having a religion you shouldn't be persuaded. Teaching religion is the right thing to do but without persuading somebody to keep/have a religion

magic246 · 4 days ago

it doesn't matter what people believe in.

jeffdaboss · 4 days ago

it is very important to have a religion

bobcat66 · 4 days ago

Believe in yourself, you family and friends, not some imaginary thing.

doomboomfp · 4 days ago

Some people feel comfort in having a belief however its not important to some people. But you shouldn't be mean to people about what they do or don't believe in.

sophia6 · 3 days ago

It isn't important to have a religion because they get in the way of everyday things and with most/all religions they have a day of rest where you can't do useful things which help like turn on a light or drive a car. Religions can also cause wars when some people believe other things although there is nothing wrong in believing in a god.

joshy10 · 2 days ago

Nobody needs to have a religion, it’s just what people believe and think.

t1mmy116 · 2 days ago

Personally I don’t believe its important to follow a religion myself, but its good to know about other peoples views on religion

redpikachu · 2 days ago

I think people should have right to be religious or not but schools should teach about all religions as well as as their own (if they have one)

starblaze3 · 1 day ago

It gives you a good feeling. If you are feeling down then there will be someone who may help