If you could only take one item on an adventure, what would it be?


24th February 2017

If you could only take one item with you on an adventure, what would it be?

If you could only take one item on an adventure, what would it be?


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banjoblaze · 7 years ago

I know it would've been sensible to choose food, just Incase I'm stranded somewhere or anything. However, if I was I would probably give up on trying to get home if I didn't have at least one book from the Lockwood and co. Series. One of the main characters is such an optimist he can really effectively make you think everything is going to be alright. (If you ever get a chance to read this series, you really should.)

TF11 · 7 years ago

food! i dont want to eat raw meat!

evadore · 7 years ago

First to comment! :D I choose a tent because it would be so useful if you were staying overnight on this adventure.

chocolate1 · 7 years ago

You would have to get food as you would starve and then die.

guoguo · 7 years ago

U wouldn't need a book cause u are already on an adventure

tpalmer · 7 years ago

I would take food with me because it is very important for your body and it keeps you going.

coolguy · 7 years ago

Smartphone because you could order food and text and play games you could order a tent ⛺️ to ???☎️?

GeeMee · 7 years ago

I said food because it is the only thing on that list which you can't live without. Plus food is tasty ????

Imogenq · 7 years ago

If you brought food it would run out. If you brought a phone it would have no signal. If you brought a book you would finish reading it quickly. But if you brought a tent shelter would be yours.

EFC · 7 years ago

I would take a smart phone to call for help.

neonvideo · 7 years ago

on a smartphone you can order everything that u need to survive. e.g. order a lifetime supply of food and drink

roseleila · 7 years ago

i would deffinitely take food-i coudn't last a day without it!

n1fflers · 7 years ago

I think food because you can't survive without it. A tent and a good book would be useful, though.

1isme · 7 years ago

very trickey

banjoblaze · 7 years ago

I'm still insisting book. A tent might blow away and if you were being stalked or spied on you wouldn't notice; smartphones have no signal in lots of places and rot the brain; I can have food when I get back or there are ways of telling if berries are poisonous or not; don't put your trust in rope and there might be vines anyway. But books don't need signal or run out and characters can be really inspiring. Yes, I am a bookworm. ??

shpee · 7 years ago

You can use a smartphone as a book, a torch, you could play games and call for help with it. So, that would probably be more effective than a tent or a book.

banjoblaze · 7 years ago

You forget you'd have no signal to call for help.

jaffacat · 7 years ago

I think smartphone because then you could just call people and ask them to bring you stuff.

stupido90 · 7 years ago

If i went with someone else i would be happy but without shelter you could freeze or get eaten

hfrules · 7 years ago

You can't survive without food.

radishes10 · 7 years ago

Obviously food, because you can't survive without it-And also a smartphone would be useless because there would be no signal or Wifi.?

radishes10 · 7 years ago

Obviously food, because you can't survive without it-And also a smartphone would be useless because there would be no signal to call for help, and no Wifi to order stuff on the internet-and I agree with guoguo that you wouldn't need a book cos your already on an adventure.And what is the use of ROPE on a desert island?????

bluehair11 · 7 years ago

I would take rope. becase if you need food, you could cook meat on a fire. (and you could also use the rope for fuel for the fire when it got old). And I would NEVER take a smartphone on an adventure. It would spoil the whole point of having an adventure!

smile80031 · 7 years ago

I wouldn't bring a smartphone as there wouldn't be reception and I wouldn't bring a book as survival is more important. I think food is the main thing I need to survive. the island has water around it so I can filter that and I can sleep in a cave

smile80031 · 7 years ago

not a smartphone as there would be no reception!

tim.harris · 7 years ago

you can order food from a phone and communicate if you get lost

roarso101 · 7 years ago

I'd choose rope because you can make a shelter and traps out of it. A smartphone wouldn't work in the wild. A book isn't practical.

radishes10 · 7 years ago

Obviously food because otherwise you'll starve ?

pinky123 · 7 years ago

A smartphone to call for help if you need to and you can hunt wild food and eat bugs.

rosiemeat · 7 years ago

What if it was a 1/2 day adventure? I would then definitely choose food.

pumpkin1 · 7 years ago

That was a hard choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chekeymonk · 7 years ago

It would make sense to bring a rope. you can tie yourself to a tree, (like Katniss in The Hunger Games), make tools, catch things. And catch food!

radishes10 · 7 years ago

food, cause book can help you with nothing, what is the use of rope??, smartphone would have no reception and tent would probably collapse blow away or something and you could probably make one anyway but food would keep you going long enough to make a help sign with leaves or something,then a plane might see it and rescue you from the island. and food is yum...............................??????

girlywirly · 7 years ago

I would choose smartphone because you can order all the other things with a smartphone or ring somebody to get you some food. But maybe food.I am NOT sure!!!

Totley2 · 7 years ago

I would take food but really you should take all of them. you could pack the in the tent and it would be the same as having just the tent

shpee · 7 years ago

I really don't see the point of bringing food. I mean, if you're going on an adventure, you're going to have to hunt eventually. So you should probably bring either a book of how to survive in the wild, or a phone after downloading some PDFs about it.

jkrowling1 · 7 years ago

I'm a real bookworm( yes I won class readathon) but food cos build a sheter, make a rope , phone won't have signal , book you can suvive without ( no you can not but I am using my health terms , paramedic dad and midwife mum , bo hoo) but though you could hunt food , crate a fire and eat bugs food you know will be much safer just in case you contract a illness or get an anaphylactic reaction ( med tem for allagy reaction) so therefore I choose food.

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

Books!!! ?? I can't live without books! Food would be a waste of choice because you can always eat mushrooms ? or berries ?? or something. A smartphone would be stupid and useless because there wouldn't be any wifi of signal and you can't do anything useful on a smartphone without wifi or a signal. ? A rope? What would you use a rope for??? Tug of wars? A tent ⛺️ would be blown away. It would be great as shelter but you could always make one out of sticks or leaves ? or something. And what would you do apart from finding food? Nothing, if you didn't have a book.

Etonmess54 · 7 years ago

It's hard to choose. ??

Eris2005 · 7 years ago

I can literally live off books so I would definitely take a thrilling story with me

happy4456 · 7 years ago

I would take a smartphone, not because i'm obsessed with them, it's because you can do anything with it. The reason I didn't select food is because you can call a restaurant for a takeaway, with a SMARTPHONE. I didn't select a book because, what happens when you finish it? Yes, you may burn it for a fire, but what happens when it dies out. You could use a SMARTPHONE to locate some sticks or maybe even people/a person! The reason why I didn't choose food because, again, the food will run out. You can use a SMARTPHONE to get a takeaway again and again. The reason I didn't choose a rope is because, what would you use it for? Unless your stuck in a ditch, what's the point? And finally, the reason why I didn't select tent is because you can use a SMARTPHONE to locate people for a place to stay. Anyway, what's the point of a tent if there is nothing in it?

I must admit though, if money was on that I would select over a smartphone because you can buy all of the things on the lists with MONEY!!!

amelia.a · 7 years ago

FOOD!!!!!! :)

pikazard · 7 years ago

I was thinking of putting smartphone for maps=food, shelter and water but by the time ou find these items your phone has ran out of charge. I put tent to keep out mosquitoes and other things to survive disease and death.

shysurf10 · 7 years ago

Food- you have plants, fish, birds and animals.
Smartphone- you're not going to have wifi!
a book- it'll be okay the first time but there's a limited amount of times you can read a book
Tent- make your own!

It would have to be the rope!

radishes10 · 7 years ago

SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS THE USE OF ROPE????!?You could build a shelter anyway out of nature ???rather than bothering to bring a tent maybe?a?survival?book?might?be?useful???Smartphone would probably be useless and they also take the fun out of adventures,the battery would run out really quickly there'd be no signal or wifi you probably wouldn't be able to acseess it on an island anyway but food could keep you sustained and you could take those long life things that wouldn't go of or just ready made meals you could heat over the fire?????and by the way guys I am a massive bookworm,??????????I'm just a very practical bookworm who can adjust when maybe the book is not the best thing to save your life on an island.........?!???????????(I ❤️????❣???????unicorns!!!)

vvvv · 7 years ago

Rope for cliffs but I wouldn't dare it!! 100-metre fall is possible.

Molo · 7 years ago

You will starve to death

janatetteh · 7 years ago

Food is not important a book is the food of life a phone is rubbish there might be no internet connection.

gscornmell · 7 years ago

You can track your journey, call for help, order food, order a tent, order a rope, order a book and call home all on a smartphone BAM! Job done!

artcrazy · 7 years ago

I would take food. It would give me energy to carry on with the adventure!!!

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

It will very convenient to take food, because all humans know that food is an important thing in our life. Food basically keeps us alive! I am sure we can live without a smartphone or book (ECT)

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

It will very convenient to take food, because all humans know that food is an important thing in our life. Food basically keeps us alive! I am sure we can live without a smartphone or book (ECT)

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

it is really hard to decide because tents are also quite important!

francescal · 7 years ago

A rope. Definitely. OK maybe food would be hard to get hold of but hopefully were going somewhere where plants can thrive!

snibbles · 7 years ago

smartphone=no reception
book=runs out quickly + gets boring after a while
tent=shelter is easy to make so no point
rope=what can you do with it
FOOD=because otherwise you will starve

owly · 7 years ago

I'd say book, because I would bring a SURVIVAL book

peregrine9 · 7 years ago

Ok, ok... picking food would probably be better but your supplies would run out. A book- well, eventually you'd finish it. A rope... what would a rope do?! I don't know, but possibly it'd help if you were stuck in water and drowning but you would need someone to throw the rope in. And a tent- It'd be a great big bit of haulage for yourself. Probably better to pack a sleeping bag and make a bivvy (a makeshift shelter in a cave.). But having a smartphone and a portable charger- if in an emergency, you can call the police or Air Ambulance (Mountain Rescue).

gaggy116 · 7 years ago


mjmd222 · 7 years ago

You'd find food and cook it on a fire and then if you have no tent... How would you sleep??!! So tent.

poem-13 · 7 years ago

I chose rope because you could do loads of things with it, but if I could I would definitely bring books.

ninjahari · 7 years ago

FOOD obviously I DON'T want to eat my own poo so I need food, if there is any.

antrabbit · 7 years ago

I'm torn between tent and food but you can't survive on a tent! You can't survive very long without food. If you bring a smartphone you won't have internet, so forget ordering food! And you might not have signal! A rope or a book might not be much help.

Isabelly · 7 years ago

I would take food as that is your main source of survival (+tent) out of those options.

twinies · 7 years ago

I would choose food because you can make aren't out of branches and leaves

catonclan · 7 years ago

You can not live with out food, you can live with out everything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catonclan · 7 years ago

N, O, SMARTPHONES they are bad for you!

catonclan · 7 years ago

TF11 you do not have to eat raw meat!

spikyriver · 7 years ago

If I were going on an adventure, I would go somewhere where there is edible food available in the surrounding habitat, so I wouldn't need to take my own food (plus my own food would eventually run out). A smartphone would be no use and it would run out of batteries quickly. A tent or rope would help me to survive and a book would keep my spirits up. But, a book would get damaged without proper shelter, so I think that a tent would be best, to keep me dry.

unicorn21 · 7 years ago

I would take food so I wouldn't starve! You can make your own shelter and you don't really need a book (well sometimes you do). My other choice would be my smart phone because then I could call for help (if there was any signal ?)

masterkash · 7 years ago

You can survive for:

3 minutes without oxygen
3 hours without shelter or warmth
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

foodiegirl · 7 years ago

I picked smartphone because you can order food and buy a tent ⛺️,ropes and a book from amazon or something

bjpgerrard · 7 years ago

Tent and rope are the only things that are actually useful
- Book: You're trying to survive here not read
- Smartphone: Useless without a signal and power (batter will run out)
- Food: Will run out and you can already get cooked and fresh tasty food on an adventure
- Tent: Shelter as its very hard and cold to sleep in caves/etc
- Rope: Useful for making traps to catch animals and other useful purposes

chloetang · 7 years ago


ellosh · 7 years ago


ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

I love to read books!

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

I hate smartphones! I do not have one.

raz123 · 7 years ago

I would choose a phone but you would get signal so I chose food

ezbez56 · 7 years ago

well u dont need a mobile and u could find everything else so rope

smudge55 · 7 years ago

I voted a book, because you can hunt or pick food, make rope with vines or something similar, I know how to make a shelter with branches, moss and rope (type previously mentioned). I don't have a smartphone. I would take a specific book. The bible. I know that God will take care of me, and the bible is all I need, although a survival pack, smartphone, tent, rope and waterproof matches would be helpfull too. Oh, and loo roll☺.

flo32 · 7 years ago

As important as shelter is and as much as I love to read, a strong supply of food and nourishments is vital as survival would be difficult without it. However, whenever you eat, it uses up important bodily fluids that keep you hydrated, so before you bring a huge supply of provisions like food, you must ensure you have enough water and fluid to sustain you throughout the day.

Mog18 · 7 years ago

FOOD. why is phone even an option?????????, but food definitely!!!!!!!!!!

gugu9 · 7 years ago

Me a bookworm. But I still chose food, because thats the only thing on the list that you cant survive without. #shortcomment

blackmaxie · 7 years ago

I choose a book because food would run out. with a survival book you can find out what you can eat and what you can't eat, you could even make a tent from the same book. a phone you would have no WIFI and your 3g would run out. what can you do with rope? if you really need rope you can make it out of vines !
I have to disagree with people who choose a phone.

girlywirly · 7 years ago

You have to eat to survive so of course food??????????????????????

flameemily · 7 years ago

Can I just point out, it says on an adventure, not stranded on a desert island

elliefn123 · 7 years ago

I would take a phone just in case anything happened to me.

sic.guitar · 7 years ago

I almost picked the rope but realised you can use your shoelaces or vines instead

Karen06 · 7 years ago

I chose food, food is the most important thing out of the list. If you went without food, you will soon starve to death (if it is a long trip)!!

sunglasses · 7 years ago

Food: You can find that in all sorts of places.
Tent: You can easily find a natural place to sleep in; it would be difficult to carry around.
Book: Yeah, sure, I love reading but you are going on an adventure, you are going to have loads of entertainment anyway.
Phone: You will be to busy adventuring to look at one.
Rope: Very, very useful on an adventure and I should know...

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

if I were stranded on a desert island, I wouldn't have time to read, would get no phone signal, its gonna be hot so I can sleep outside so I choose rope. Rope could help me reach food and then make a raft by tying wood together

ajmyles · 7 years ago

How do you live without food?
That's it , you don't

ng849 · 7 years ago

you could just hunt for food if you had a manual

gavriella · 7 years ago

Food is essential for you and if you do not e
eat then you will have no strength. In an adventure,you need this to succeed in your ambitions.

LeoCOOL · 7 years ago

it depends on what adventure.⛺️

Shreybu · 7 years ago

I think food. It is essential if you want to live and you don't know for sure if you will be able to find food to eat wherever you are going. And plus, I absolutely love food (I am always hungry :) ) so I definitely think that I would take food with me on an adventure.

redindian9 · 7 years ago

If I could of voted for two things, they would be a sketchbook and FOOD!!

wiseowl49 · 7 years ago

I'd bring a smartphone so that I could look up info, call people if I got lost, use it as a map ect. ?

miadabest · 6 years ago

if you take a phone you can:
order pizza which is food
Buy a tent and a rope and a book on amazon
And you have a phone
Who's Clever? Moi(Me)

miadabest · 6 years ago

you're adventure could be in your garden so there would be signal

RoseBun · 6 years ago

Uh. You need food.

lookketm · 6 years ago

i choose smartphone in case im lost they would be able to find me and u could find fruit to eat and make my ow shelter from tree or find some cave

kestj003.3 · 6 years ago

definitely food it's a crucial part of survival

galactic12 · 6 years ago

I was going to pick tent but then I remembered i don't know how to put one up so if I went on the adventure with someone I would pick tent but instead i picked rope because you can wrap it round a branch and swing.A smartphone would also be good because you wouldn't get lost and would always be entertained.

ollym · 6 years ago

me, of course. $sighn dude

jupiter1 · 4 years ago

i would choose rope in
case i am on a cliff side

hami · 3 years ago

1) You could easily find food in like a jungle and actually your first priority is shelter than food (except in a desert where water is).
2) You don't need a smartphone to survive, it may run out and you will not have a plug point right next to you in a jungle. A power bank cannot be used forever.
3) I like a book but it is not ideal for surviving on an adventure
4) You don't completely need a rope unless you are climbing and it won't last long
5) You will get perfect shelter from animals or something else
So I voted for a tent