Do you still use pennies?


10th May 2019

PENNIES are set to stay, as the Government announced there will be no change (no pun intended) to our money.

There were fears that 1p and 2p coins might be scrapped, as people increasingly use cards instead of cash to pay for things. This worried some people, especially charities, who said it would stop people donating.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has now announced that the Treasury won’t be getting rid of the coins and is supporting the use of physical money. He said that while technology has made banking easier and quicker for lots of people, “it’s also clear many people still rely on cash and I want the public to have choice over how they spend their money.”

The Treasury says that about 2.2 million people in the UK are reliant on cash.

Do you still use pennies?


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herbology · 2 years ago

We should keep pennies because you can save them up and then transfer them into pounds. That are also a good way to donate to charity.

budgerigar · 2 years ago

Yes I do, because I am a child so I do not own a credit card. Whenever I go shopping I have to use cash, which is often pennies from other ninety nine pence purchases.

mermaid14 · 2 years ago

I still use pennies because lots of shops use similar marketing plans of making things (e.g) £1.99 if pennies had gone no one would get their change back

edmonds123 · 2 years ago

first to comment

12ah · 2 years ago

Pennies are good for donating and giving money to buskers

lotussk8er · 2 years ago

I don’t feel we need coins now we have electric banking

oliver2008 · 2 years ago

I still use pennies because it entitles you to giving the cashier the right amount of money and not having to juggle money and chancing losing it.

marvel_jp9 · 2 years ago

I think pennies are extremely important because they are very original. What if you pay too much in a shop? Then you have to get change and pennies are the most useful thing for change otherwise you would still have to pay some pounds for a milkshake you bought over 50 years ago!!! :)

lollipop33 · 2 years ago

Not important. Pretty much everything you buy is to the nearest 5p, and things that are not can change so they are. Also, lots of people are now using plastic credit cards and apps on phones,

abinews · 2 years ago

Of course! Pennies are important and help small kids learn to count and add up.

stigofthe · 2 years ago

I think they should stay because they have a whole lot of history and in the future they could be worth a whole lot of money

finbob207 · 2 years ago

I use 2ps for arcades but apart from that, not really

antidisest · 2 years ago

I said yes because every penny counts

safaripig · 2 years ago


dog_lover2 · 2 years ago

I still use pennies a little bit but not a lot. I still think we should keep them though because I know a lot of people who still use them.

dog_lover2 · 2 years ago

I also use them to give to charity and stuff like that.

pongo41109 · 2 years ago

pennies smell weird

swrdesiro9 · 2 years ago

I dont use them or any metal because I hate the way they feel

bunnyboy10 · 2 years ago

Pennies are ideal for small amounts of pocket money.When something is 99p and you pay with a pound how do you receive change.

pbadminton · 2 years ago

Yes. What about children who get pocket money ? ???????⚖️ They may not know how to use a bank ? account ?????????

PinaEgg123 · 2 years ago

I mean I have loads of random pennies in my piggy bank and theyre all really dirty lol XD
but seriously I do think that they make a big difference to charities as people will use them to donate
And also everything in shops is like 99p or £4.99 instead of just £1 or £5? and you always get given pennies back.

fortnite34 · 2 years ago

keep them because i have no credit card only cash

mancityfan · 2 years ago

I still use pennies. When I go down to ASDA I am given coins in my change; my sister also saves her pennies/coins up to give to a homeless charity; if our grandparents give us money it is usually in the form of coins.
My mum was always told 'if you look after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves'.

pony · 2 years ago

People should be able to spend the coins they want.

thehkh · 2 years ago

Pennies are good for donating and change.

7612 · 2 years ago

My grandma has a really big jug about up to the sitting part of the chair full of 1ps and 2ps and it is full to bursting. Every year she gives it to charitu. There must be at least 20 pounds in that huge pot.
Most things cost _ 99 so normaly i could give the rest to charity. I mean loads of kids love buying sweets but most don't have a credit card.
I have one ans i am 11 years old but still that is unusual.
What about when you can get 1p or 2p sweets. Or a few 1ps and2ps could make 5p and you can get a gum for that.

7612 · 2 years ago

They also help small kids to count and add up how would you learn to count in a fun way then.

peebi0412 · 2 years ago

Sadly, the penny is always the forgotten thing at the bottom of my pocket, completely unpractical and useless in this day and age. However, I applaud the copper phenomenon and prices of items will have to increase by a penny if they cost £?.99p. This may not sound like much but if I buy 10,000 items from Tesco in a year that all used to cost £?.99p and have increased in price by 1 penny, I will have spent an extra £100! ? YIKES...

dechamp · 2 years ago


samwise · 2 years ago

When I buy sweets

lfcrules · 2 years ago


sx-101899 · 2 years ago

puppy2143 · 2 years ago


bookworma · 2 years ago

do not do not DO NOT get rid of pennies!!! if something was 1p how would you pay??? you can't pay 2p because then you will need 1p change!!!! DUH!! also if something was 0.99 pounds, how will you get change???? get my point???

flute123 · 2 years ago

What about family games like kings and penny slotmacheines! Seriously!

oceangirl · 2 years ago

I still use pennies

lottielove · 2 years ago

I think pennies are good because if you collect 2ps or something then you can use them at arcades and stuff but also they get annoying when they are just lying around the place.

lottielove · 2 years ago

I agree with bookworma but you could just use ur card! (If you have one, but otherwise you can just use ur mums card!).

trudie · 2 years ago

You need pennies for change if it wasn't for them who knows where we'll be?

cookie2187 · 1 year ago

I have about 3 pounds worth of 2 pennies from when i got to the arcade so we definitely should keep them.

superpug27 · 1 year ago

I don’t like pennies. A lot of people are saying ‘Oh, but I save up pennies and it’s easier for charity’. 5 pence coins is the lowest we should go in my opinion. Yesterday, I was at a shop buying some drinks with my mum and I wanted to pay. I got out my wallet and I had a 10 pound note, a 5 pound note, a few pound coins and a mass of pennies. In the end I DROPPED my wallet and about a hundred little pennies rushed out onto the floor. I picked them up and the cashier gave me MORE pennies to add to my mass. If you’re saying: ‘Oh, but you can just trade those pennies with your parents!’ Then THEY’LL have about a hundred pennies with them. The transaction goes on and on, it’s a waste of materials, it’s a waste of time and I don’t like it. There ARE transaction machines than take them into pounds but then what is the machine going to do with THOSE pennies? Dump them, that’s what. You see? This waste cycle will just go on and on without anything do do. More pennies are being made every day so this can happen more often. My conclusion: no more pennies and thanks for reading my comment 😁

freya2909 · 1 year ago

Yes because what if you wanted to buy a toy for £9.99, what change would they give you you £10.00!?
And you were buying something for £12.00 and had £11.99 when there could of been a penny on the floor
I think yes 😇🤑