Do you still shop on the high street?


4th March 2019

CITY centres across the UK could become “ghost towns”, a group of MPs has warned.

High street shops are struggling to cope, as online shopping becomes increasingly popular. Many shops have had to close and the spaces are often left empty for months. Stores such as House of Fraser, Toys R Us and Poundworld have all recently disappeared due to money troubles.

The MPs are urging the Government to take action now before our city centres find themselves with no shops at all.

The group wants to raise taxes for online companies such as Amazon, lower the cost of renting or buying shop space on the high street and give more money to town centres to improve their facilities.

The MPs argue that if taxes were raised for online companies, the extra money made could be used to help high street stores to thrive once more.

High streets minister Jake Berry said the Government had unveiled a £675m plan to boost high streets at the last budget.

Do you still shop on the high street?


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aces10 · 3 years ago

No, it always saves so much time just shopping online.

aces10 · 3 years ago

First to comment.

wis09 · 3 years ago

It takes to muck time when you can do it online.

act-now45 · 3 years ago

Yes as you can look for things there you wouldn't usually look for and you might see a shop that doesn't have a website or is not as popular online as other shops are. Also, its way more fun!

swace · 3 years ago

Well, nowadays it is much easier to shop online rather than going out, but you do still use high streets. High streets are useful if you want to view the product you are going to buy before you purchase it.

firstdog · 3 years ago

aces10 i think your wrong it is just making humans more lazy

bookworm35 · 3 years ago

I enjoy shopping on the high street because you can have the fun of going out with friends. It’s not just the buying, it’s the whole occasion and there’s a great atmosphere. I think it’s important to keep our city centre’s alive.

teamgorbo1 · 3 years ago

Yes, I still like to shop on the highstreet when buying clothes and shoes but sometimes I try them on in store and buy it online at a cheaper price. It is fun to go shopping in shops but sometimes you don't get the best price or the style and size that you want. My local highstreet has a limited choice because it is full of restaurants and coffee shops, for example there are no other shoe shops apart from clarks.

zebra10 · 3 years ago

I shop on the high street because it is nice to see all the shops and you can check how good the quality is which you can not do when you shop online.

shpee · 3 years ago

I rarely do shopping anyway, but I do sometimes shop on the highstreet. Not very often, though as there's not much I really want to get from places there.

rowaho · 3 years ago

Yes, because it’s more fun to shop in store than online.

toffeeguy · 3 years ago

I like to shop on my local high street because it just reminds me of what different things would look like if there were no shops at all. If I have last minute shopping then I would only use online shopping then like my World Book Day costume.

toffeeguy · 3 years ago

aces10 ur just lazy if ur always shopping online. Get some fresh air by going outside. I kinda hate it too but its worth it.

bouncy111 · 3 years ago

Both,It is better to shop on the streets but more time consuming.

oceangirl · 3 years ago

I shop in Waterstones, I shop in Aldi with my mum. I still shop on the High street

oceangirl · 3 years ago

Exactly Swace

montyswear · 3 years ago

Thanks for reading meh comment!!! No one ever does...?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

zaragamer · 3 years ago

Even though it is easier to shop online, we still uses high streets. I still use the high street because it's easier to get the sizing right for my clothes and shoes. However, it's more time consuming than online. I also find it more fun to shop in store than online.

ilovegoats · 3 years ago

yes it is WAY MORE FUN going to the street shops

hirdy66778 · 3 years ago

No I don't shop at high streets because some things you can buy from the big 4 (Tesco sainsbury's ASDA and morrisons) are very expensive in high Street shops .so I usually buy my things from big companies or online . It does not matter how much money you have but you have to shop from the cheapest places with good quality.

dachshund7 · 3 years ago

More people are starting to shop online but I think that we should support our local independent shops.

sisi · 3 years ago

I think that we should still be able to shop in the high street, as it it way more convenient than going online and ordering stuff. It is also easier when you are actually in the shop so you can try on clothes and check the material and quality which you can't do online ads if you go on to Amazon or eBay, you can't actually touch the product until you buy it. Also it is much quicker if you can go to the shops and buy something instead of waiting for it to come for ages.

sisi · 3 years ago

I totally agree with Bookworm85

docgirl · 3 years ago

It is way more fun seeing what other cool stuff the shops have.

warthog · 3 years ago

It is a good way to get out the house

gwenrat · 3 years ago

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!! Amazon isn’t good for the environment ❤️

sao · 3 years ago

I shop with my mum on the high streets as you can personally view products, and know whether it is covenient for you.Sometimes, online websites give false information or inaccurate representations.

natalija · 3 years ago

Yes, because online you just look for shops and things you think you need but when you actually go shopping, you may see something that you would never thought would exist. Also, some online shops are not updated often.

heh · 3 years ago


marla_cat · 3 years ago

its way more fun to go shopping on the high street because you might see you something you live but weren't expecting to buy. but you can't do that with online shops. also shopping online is kind of lazy and if you are ordering clothes you wouldn't be a ble to try them on

spacegirlg · 3 years ago

No, I don’t usually go out to the high street in the first place. I only shop when I’m passing by a shop I need to go into. And that shop is usually a sewing shop thing my mum goes into.

xx_tan_xx · 3 years ago

Yes i do because it supports your local high street meaning that those people make a living. Also high street shops have better quality because that is the only way they get costumers whilst big brands have food shipped over from many different countries so you don't know if they are clean or out of date or even if they are quality.

avalible · 3 years ago

It is fun shopping on the high street and you can try on clothes

this-is-me · 3 years ago

I do as I love going out shopping with my family!

crystalx27 · 3 years ago

I do bit of both.

programmer · 3 years ago

Personally, I think that High streets are really good places for shopping, entertainment, and making new friends! I was shocked when I found out that more people were doing online shopping that going to their town centre.

catonclan · 3 years ago

I still shop on the high street because it is place that I can walk around not just search. However my family do do a lot more shopping online on things like amazon or Ocado because unlike in times gone there is a sweet shop or a store on every road. On conclusion I think as a world we should do more shopping in the high street because it decrease the number of people without jobs and it would also decrease the number of people with obesity because you have to walk around town. Walking around town would give people exercise and get them of their devises which would lead to the reduction of the use of un sustainable in the making of electricity. This would happen because when we are in town we would not be using our devises meaning ..that they do not need to be charged as much. This would lead to less CLIMATE CHANGE .

sloth2008 · 3 years ago

No, I don't shop in the high street, or I do very rarely. I find purchasing online is an easier way to shop.

rosiem · 3 years ago

YES- of course I still shop in the high street and although it takes up more time, you get lots of exercise and fresh air instead of being on screens all of the time. I really want high streets to stay popular and I would be heartbroken if not!!!

lyno · 3 years ago

It’s easy to pop to the shops and have a good browse. Enjoy spending time with my family doing this.

blsc · 3 years ago

It is good to support the local shops

12ah · 3 years ago

I agree with act-now45

12ah · 3 years ago

Shoping on the high street is way more interesting

12ah · 3 years ago

I also agree with natalija

endodragon · 3 years ago

I think that it would be easier to shop online,but we all have to bear in mind that shopping in person is very beneficial to us. firstly we can get exercise walking to the shops,rather than going on a computer at home.secondly, it is simpler because say you were buying some clothes, if you didn't get the right size, you wold have to send it back. Also, getting toys, clothes etc harms the environment as of pollution.

skyangel12 · 3 years ago

Always saveing time by online

birthdayca · 3 years ago

Sometimes. I think amazon is taking over everything and should be taxed more so the other shops (toys-r-us for instance) should be given money so people don't lose jobs

xxowlxx · 3 years ago

I do, and I like shopping in the high street because you can see things properly rather than seeing something that might not turn out how the picture looks.

xxowlxx · 3 years ago

Also, I’d be so sad if libraries and Waterstones shut down because you can get tasters of the books!

ijm · 3 years ago

if you shop on the high street you get exercise

jhm3654 · 3 years ago

I think you can do a mixture of the two but there is still demand for high street shops and it is a shame they are closing.

kittens089 · 3 years ago

i don't however still think shopping on the highstreet is okay but it saves more time shopping online and u can find exactly what u want in other supermarkets

greenqueen · 3 years ago

Yes ??

greenqueen · 3 years ago

High streets are practical And easy

oliver2008 · 3 years ago

its better to shop in the high street because you can try them on.

kittens089 · 3 years ago

i dont as it does save so much time shopping online although in a normal supermarket you have a wider range of specific products to buy whereas if you shop on the highstreet you cant get anything specific your looking for when shopping

graceieeee · 3 years ago

Sometimes it's nice to go into town and have a shopping day. I get distracted when shopping online but when you are shopping on the high street is is really easy to get into a rhythm. ;-)

suhani123 · 3 years ago

the traditional way of shopping is more engaging and really fun!

jan2019 · 3 years ago

Yes because it’s very near and handy.
Some points why

joe20 · 3 years ago

My mum still shops on the high street. But its always better to shop online.

dalesman · 3 years ago

I love to shop on the high street to buy presents for my family.

ggg · 3 years ago

Sometimes - Mostly shops like Sainsbury's, M&S, John Lewis and H&M

edmonds123 · 3 years ago

yes because lets get realistic by 2030 technology is going to do most things probably and just making human beings lives lazier

edmonds123 · 3 years ago

yes because lets get realistic by 2030 technology is going to do most things probably and just making human beings lives lazier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jake10 · 3 years ago

I don't shop at all

fufu1920 · 3 years ago

No because I stay at home and let mum do it

sharyboo · 3 years ago

Everything on line. So much easier and quicker. Although I do miss and reminisce doing my last minute Xmas shopping round town late in the evening. Arms stretched and overloaded but a very pleasant feeling.

thefatcont · 3 years ago

I usually shop on line, but sometimes the big Tesco.

thefatcont · 3 years ago

So sort of.

thefatcont · 3 years ago

Actually, it's mainly my dad who does the high street shopping...

owlyem · 3 years ago

my mum makes me no matter how bored I get

Tomas · 3 years ago

No, because it is so much easier to buy it online but I do still go to the high street to see the item before I buy it.

tabatha1 · 3 years ago

Yes, I love going with my frinds and you can browse more and buy more cool things!

123kittens · 3 years ago

I always prefer to go into store as you always get a much better feel for whether the item will fit you or not. Anyway, it is much more enjoyable, even if it takes more time!

panda11 · 3 years ago

I rarely shop on the high street, now that I can shop online

imaggie32 · 3 years ago

Yes who doesn't

vndtl · 3 years ago

of course! you can see how full oxford street is on the weekends. yes, you can argue that online shopping wastes time and whatnot, but real shopping is so much more fun. you have enough time to try things on, wander around and compare items irl. and it's great to get some fresh air!! online shopping is just an excuse to be lazy, when you could just take the bus and be at the high street in minutes!!!

coolshark1 · 3 years ago

Because when you see items in a shop you can touch them ,feel them and sometimes taste them .But when you are online you can't do any of those things

lucky810 · 3 years ago

i love speaking to spirits and make freinds so i go there (there are lots of ghosts (heat camera used)a lot)

gina · 3 years ago

Shopping on the high street is funner!!

seadra567 · 2 years ago

no, unfortunately. all shops near me are closed. Plus, shopping online is an easier way to get your shopping list ingredients to your door.