Should sports stars be allowed to kneel in protest against their national anthem?


28th September 2017

PROTESTS against Donald Trump by sports players came to the UK this week, as American footballers refused to stand for the US national anthem at Wembley Stadium.

The president has accused American footballers and basketball players of disrespecting America, and it’s the latest issue to show just how divided the US is right now.

In the US, most of the top American football and basketball stars are black, and many have been protesting at police brutality and other social issues. The national anthem is played before every match, but players have been linking arms or kneeling in protest. Last weekend, whole teams of players stayed in the dressing room or knelt during the anthem. At Wembley, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars both knelt for the US anthem, but stood for God Save The Queen.

Protests started in 2016, but Donald Trump has made it an issue again by saying that fans should boycott matches or that teams should sack protesting players.

Steph Curry, US basketball’s hottest star, turned down an invitation to the White House in protest against the president.

LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball stars of all time, backed Curry. “Going to the White House was an honour until you [Trump] showed up,” he said.

Should sports stars be allowed to kneel in protest against their national anthem?


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fox64 · 4 years ago

I say yes-it might mean they are/are accused of disrespecting the monarchy/president/leader but it is a free world full of free people who should have free rights. :)

shpee · 4 years ago

Yes. I don't get why it's such a big deal. They're not trying to burn things or anything they're just kneeling. It shouldn't matter.

jic007 · 4 years ago

If the team wants to kneel in protest, let them! there's nothing wrong with it, is there?

daisy101 · 4 years ago

everyone should do what they feel is right whether it is standing or kneeling as it is there country's national anthem.

grace27 · 4 years ago

There is no problem in letting them kneel, if that's what they want surely they should be allowed

radishes10 · 4 years ago

sure. They're not causing loads of trouble for loads of people are they? It's just a simple act of protest. If they want to protest, then let them- They have their own opinions- they never said everyone had to agree with them!!!

soozles · 4 years ago

People can obviously kneel in protest!Anyone can respect anyone and anything,so I don't see why Donald Trump is making a big fuss!

pep-guard · 4 years ago

I say no - they are protesting against the white house, not America, kneeling during the national anthem is not a very good way of them protesting, it sends across the wrong message that they don't believe in america.

amynatalie · 4 years ago

If I were the leader I wouldn't be happy about it but when the leader is racist, sexist (the list goes on) people should be alowed to share their own opinion.

sisterocks · 4 years ago

Everyone has rights to beieve what they want!! ????

hfrules · 4 years ago

Everybody has rights and if they do not like the national anthem because, they feel like it's offending them let them kneel. Its as simple as.. People shouldn't be worrying about little things like that!!!

lilialolli · 4 years ago

I think if you feel strongly against someone or something you do have right to show your opinion but as long as you don't go to far. Donald Trump's overeating everyone experiences hate sometimes and as Trump's famous he should be used to it.

angelcrown · 4 years ago

Yes- it's there life they should be able to do what they want, they might mean that they disrespecting the person who is in charge of the place/country but they should get say in what THEY think of America.

Teddyowner · 4 years ago

Of course they can!!!!???

izzy_xxxxx · 4 years ago

They should traditionally honor their country a world of free speech, people should not be condemned for publicly opposing the president and his government. So, basicly, people should be able to to do what they like within reason. (So long as they don't abuse the knowledge that thousands will be watching them.

shestopal · 4 years ago

They should

divya · 4 years ago

Of course they should be allowed. I mean there's nothing wrong with it.

sunglasses · 4 years ago

I voted yes because THIS IS A FREE WORLD PEOPLE!!! And also because Donald Trump is ?

firecharge · 4 years ago

yes, because many people hate trump and they should be aloud to protest!

firecharge · 4 years ago

yes, because many people hate trump and they should be aloud to protest!

cheesy · 4 years ago

Not only bad people are in America. that is also disrespecting the good people.

chissy · 4 years ago

I'd say yes. It is only a silent protest ;no harm is done by this. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions (within reason.)

lollypop · 4 years ago

Yeah I think they should I mean I was rlly happy when I heard because I hatteeeee Donald trump and its not because they hate America the country its because they don't like the PEOPLE!!!!

smiley122 · 4 years ago

I get that people have freedom of speech and everything but he's the president.... Even if they don't like him!!!

Everest13 · 4 years ago

They are protesting a country ruled by a racist, sexist womaniser who allows a law that means those with mental difficulties can have guns, and then blames them a couple of months later for attacks like that in Las Vegas. Of course they should be allowed.

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

It is disrespectful so I voted NO

ashelley · 4 years ago

Yes, its their way of showing respect.

charlton07 · 4 years ago

It might seem very disrespectful towards their queen/country/president but this is a free world, do whatever you want! :)

ajem · 4 years ago

They have their own rights!

oceangirl · 4 years ago

if they do not like there national anthem, then people need to know about it, right

cooledie · 4 years ago

I say yes- everyone can be free, can't they?

happycat · 4 years ago

its their desision, let them

boffjr2008 · 4 years ago

People have the right to kneel in protest and stupid Donald Trump doesn't care.

islabear · 4 years ago

i think we have aright and if old trumpy pants doesnt like that then he is a;
Afuss pot
B horrid person
C over sensitive

cmi_hall · 4 years ago

Yes,there country is not representing them so they shouldn’t represent their country!

pooemojie · 4 years ago

If the person is being mean yes otherwise no it is so rude!

oceanorca1 · 4 years ago

they should be able to kneel to show their political view and trump should be challenge and this is sort of like being allowed to say what you want against leaders/royalty so they should.

appleman · 4 years ago

R.I.P donald trump's reign of terror. but, on the other hand it is still their contry

popchip4 · 4 years ago


kgrewal · 4 years ago

If they want to protest, they shouldn't do it when the whole world is watching!

[email protected] · 4 years ago

Yes dugggggggh:):(

holholster · 3 years ago

Personally, I agree that sports stars should have the right to kneel in protest against their national anthem. Despite this being a sign of disrespecting their leader/president/prime minister, these people should be allowed to do so-it's not like they are taking illegal action or something.

flossingg · 3 years ago

if nobody likes trumphow they gon know

jedigeorge · 3 years ago

people have a right to protest against anything