Should we stop changing the clocks twice a year?


26th October 2022

AN expert in clean energy has said that by not turning the clocks back over winter, households could save more than £400 a year on electricity.

During winter, energy demand peaks between 5pm and 7pm. Professor Aoife Foley, a clean energy expert at Queen’s University Belfast, said that if the clocks stayed on daylight saving time (DST) it would remain lighter for longer, reducing carbon emissions and energy demand.

“People leave work earlier, and go home earlier, meaning less lighting and heating is needed,” she said.

There has long been debate around whether DST (the UK version is British Summer Time) should be scrapped, with those against the clocks changing arguing that it causes sleep disturbance and leads to road accidents.

In 2019, the European Union voted to get rid of DST, although the change hasn’t happened yet. The UK isn’t in the EU now, so isn’t part of that decision.

A Government spokesperson said that they do not agree with Professor Foley’s claim, saying: “It is wrong to suggest this would save people money.”

Should we stop changing the clocks twice a year?


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huggles · 1 year ago

I think we should stop changing the clocks because it is a hassle and it wastes time and there is no point in doing it except from daylight saving times

priram1 · 1 year ago

I think we should continue changing our clocks to the right time because it is important to know what the exact date and hour for events such as a birth time, a minute before a new year and the correct day holidays are celebrated.

dscool · 1 year ago

If people want an extra hour of sleep or want morning to be dark then they should do what's right for them but I think we shouldn't because we have been doing it since who knows when? It's kind of a tradition but as the cost of living crisis is going on it might be a good idea. I'm on both sides.

lkb10 · 1 year ago

I think yes, as although I like the extra hour of sleep I am getting, I also lose an hour. I also think that we should because it takes a lot of energy to light a house during the winter, and it's not necessary.

ziggyg · 1 year ago

NO WAY SHOULD WE NOT CHANGE THE CLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTRA LIE - IN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bonniebill · 1 year ago

I think changing the clocks twice a year is always a special day and it makes summer and winter different. It makes you look forward to summer more because it is light an hour earlier than winter.

potterwolf · 1 year ago

It would get really confusing. We need to change the clocks, or we will not be at the correct time.

candyapple · 1 year ago

I don't know because I feel so cosy when its winter and it gets dark, and it also means that when they go back, I get an extra hour of sleep!!! 😴🛏

swiftiecat · 1 year ago

Yes because if you have an analogue clock it might be confusing to some people, leading to problems

duckduck21 · 1 year ago

I think that we should still have the time change because it is saving valuable money. · 1 year ago

No because it will save lots of 💰 if you don’t change the ⏰.

aces10 · 1 year ago

Although it makes it easier for farmers who do most of their work earlier, if it helps to cut energy usage and costs, the clocks should stop changing because it will help he cost of living crisis. Also, it gets quite confusing when the clocks change!

ugoose86 · 1 year ago

yeah I want to see what happens..

axapus · 1 year ago

I think we should stop changing the clocks but instead of having it always on daylight saving time we should have it on the Winter time because we get more sleep which is nice. 😊😊😴💙💜💚

foxygirl · 1 year ago

To save money yes

nuggetwirl · 1 year ago

I think we should keep them the same because then it isn't so dark in winter!

candyflos · 1 year ago

I think we should because it means that after school it’s dark whereas it doesn’t matter if it’s dark in the morning because we’re all at school or work anyways

mistywater · 1 year ago

We should, but only because that’s what people are used to and we’d end up being confused.

first@news · 1 year ago

We should not change the clocks twice a year

swiftie · 1 year ago

This rule originated so farmers would have more time in the mornings but now not many people farm and it affects potentially billions of people worldwide. I usually walk home from school but if I have a in school club afterwards I have to be picked up since it gets so dark.