Should we have a four-day school week?


6th July 2022

DO you think a three-day weekend would be good for your mental health?

MPs discussed the idea, after a petition with more than 148,000 signatures called for a four-day school week. But the Government says it has no plans to change things.

Some pupils suggested that longer school days and online learning could make up for any days lost if schools closed on Fridays.

What do you think?

Would you want a four-day long school week?


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flamingo27 · 1 month ago

No, as the four days would be longer and you would become bored. Also five days is enough and a good amount as you can look forward to the weekend.

bluecat18 · 1 month ago

It's an easy yes! Sometimes I am really stressed out by school and I could use a 3 day weekend.

pickles749 · 1 month ago

school can be fun as you are with your friends and the teachers sometimes do fun stuff

robro · 1 month ago

No, because we have missed a lot of school because of the pandemic it is important we get as much education as possible. Also, weekends will become less of a treat.

lauren_123 · 1 month ago

No, as we would learn a lot less if we went to a three day weekend and people would maybe not have access to free school meals, or maybe they rely on school PE to help them keep healthy and would maybe miss their friends at school.

marmoty100 · 1 month ago

No, because with four days a week for school means your not really getting very much education, while with five days you can see your friends more and you get better education.

aadhya_sha · 1 month ago

I agree and we have more time to be with our friends

marthajja · 1 month ago

Their is no point aa you won't have as much education and they might need to add more weeks to cover work.

ivansp2011 · 1 month ago

Personally, I would like a three days weekend, however education is more important than fun

mistywater · 1 month ago

I don't mind, I suppose having an extra free day IS good tgough

mistywater · 1 month ago


snowbear · 1 month ago

I think that having a four day school week would not work because parents have to work 5 days a week and it would be difficult to get childcare. If the parents ended up having a four day working rate then the economy wouldn't make as much money.

hee-bee · 1 month ago

I think that we should have a five day school week because if we had a four day week, the days would be longer and things would be very different.

But I still kind of do want a three day weekend!

mangogirl1 · 4 weeks ago

I sometimes already get bored and stressed out at the weekends and 5 days at school distracts me and keeps me busy. I think I would get more stressed out if we had three day weekend.

micrad · 4 weeks ago


lig · 4 weeks ago

I think that we should not have a full day off, just a half day, because you could still see your friends but having a full day on Friday might be too much stress for some people.

catlover15 · 3 weeks ago

We need our education and a longer weekend would mean less time spent learning. My school day is already 8:30 am to 4 pm so I wouldn’t want it any longer.

piggypip · 3 weeks ago

I think we should have a three day weekend because it will make children more want to come into school if they have a 3 day weekend to look forward to. Also, it would mean that they get to spend more time with family.

max1234 · 2 weeks ago

No, because we would have to do more learning each day because there are less days in the school week. Just think about some learning you have to do in only one day. Think about having three maths lessons in one day! I would certainly be bored.

swiftiecat · 2 weeks ago

No, it would kids would not be learning enough and that is important due to lockdown when we missed a lot of learning.

hell0th3re · 1 week ago

It may sound good but really you just get longer days

lovelymrj · 1 week ago

The pandemic meant that a lot of children didn't go to school so we need time to catch up on our learning

lilzo · 6 days ago

5 days cuzzz then day will be longer

that means we will start earlier :(

uniquestar · 6 days ago

why change it if everyone is already in a routine - it isn't necessary

ninja_don · 6 days ago

Yes 2 days is too short and we can learn just as much as we did before. Or

puncho1567 · 4 days ago

No and yes even tho I voted no, I think that 5 days is good because you would be learning less but if we had to do an extra hour that would make up for the weekend day