Should we farm fewer animals so we can grow food for humans instead?


6th July 2022

NEW research shows that 40% of the UK’s most productive agricultural land is being used to grow food for farm animals instead of people.

WWF’s Future of Feed report says feeding farm animals food that humans can eat is adding to climate change, as well as fuelling a decline in nature.

The organisation found that half of the UK’s wheat harvest each year is being used to feed livestock such as chickens and pigs. But it could produce nearly 11 billion loaves of bread to help families struggling to buy food and relying on food banks.

The WWF says that instead of feeding animals things like soy and cereal, we could use grass and insect meal instead. This would free up land to grow food for people, including important crops like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

While the WWF does say there will need to be a lower number of animals to make this system work, it still believes that overall it would be a better way to source food and help the environment.

Should we farm fewer animals so we can grow food for humans instead?


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bluecat18 · 1 month ago

I definitely think that we should use more land for agriculture as we are omnivores and we can eat meat and non meat foods. Farming animals (especially cows) is bad for the environment.

llhunter · 1 month ago

I myself dont like meat that much so wouldn’t mind if we farmed fewer animals

ivansp2011 · 1 month ago

Yes, because what is the point of wasting food if you can eat it? The less food we give to animals, the more food we can give to poor people, and refuges. However, it does not change the fact that we cannot give animals any food.

mistywater · 1 month ago

Yes, I they still fed the animals

mistywater · 1 month ago


mangogirl1 · 4 weeks ago

If we farmed fewer animals it would help the world but also be better for us individuals.

lig · 4 weeks ago

We should farm fewer animals because firstly it is cruel to kill animals just so we can eat them when we can get other types of food peacefully. The space where we are farming animals could be used to grow our food and help climate change.

catlover15 · 3 weeks ago

We can still survive with no animal produce - vegans already live like this. However, it would mean that we couldn’t have sausages, and I really like sausages.

max1234 · 2 weeks ago

I personally do like eating meat, but cutting it down would be better for animals, and for our health. Too much meat isn’t good either. Maybe just keeping things balanced is the key?

uniquestar · 6 days ago

we don't want the animals to become extinct

ninja_don · 6 days ago

Lab grown meat is the future so keep a few but people need to eat less meat.

puncho1567 · 4 days ago

Well scientists have said that we should have a more plant diet so yes

yellowlion · 3 days ago

We need to stop harming the environment.