Should we ban flights within the UK?


14th October 2021

SHOULD UK domestic flights be banned to help protect the environment?

That’s the question many have been asking this week, after the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) called for a ban on flights within the UK if an equivalent train journey is available, to help reduce emissions.

The CBT added that more should be done to make sure that train tickets are always a cheaper option than flying. It also says that anyone who flies regularly should have to pay more.

Paul Tuohy, the chief executive of CBT said: “Cheap domestic flights might seem a good deal when you buy them, but they are a climate disaster, generating seven times more harmful greenhouse emissions than the equivalent train journey.”

What do you think?

Should we ban flights within the UK?


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pollman11 · 10 months ago

There is no point flying to a place that is reachable by car or train. Sure, it may be quicker, but is it really worth adding CO2 to the greenhouse layer?

smartbryan · 10 months ago

No because we can’t visit other places or check if other family members are ok

mothstar · 10 months ago

No because it will take people longer to get to Scotland or Wales.

kidforce21 · 10 months ago

I don't think they should be banned if you are going to another country in the UK but they should be banned if you are going to an airport in England to another one in England or one in Scotland to another one in Scotland and so on.

sunnysmilz · 10 months ago

Yes, on the mainland but not to Northern Ireland and other islands

marthajja · 10 months ago

No as some people need to fly to see family and friends abroad

busboy1 · 10 months ago

I think we should, but only have them banned until electric planes are invented. I think they should just be emergency flights

sailor31 · 10 months ago

Yes flights within the UK should be banned apart from family emergencies. Flights create so many emissions. Trains are a really good alternative even if they do take a bit longer.

scarlet10 · 10 months ago

i don't think you should go on a plane often but maybe once a year with your family would be ok

anonymous8 · 10 months ago

I think we should because of two reasons. One is that trains are much cheaper, and two is planes' carbon emission is higher than than other vehicles. Also, you can book early trains so that you won't need to be in a hurry.

meridabear · 10 months ago

I think we should ban flights within the UK where there are affordable train journeys as an option instead as trains are better than planes environmentally and trains are really fun!

tharshini · 10 months ago

We shouldn’t because it will just produce more air pollution and we could just use a train.

sonic7 · 10 months ago

I do not think we should ban flights but the number of flights should be drastically reduced.

robotdog12 · 10 months ago

I think we should try to reduce as many as we can so we can still travel, but still make an effort to stop climate change!😁

ivansp2011 · 10 months ago

It is foolish as you can use a car and it just causes more pollution

roguelion · 10 months ago

No because if someone wants to travel somewhere in the uk and they dont have a car what should they use.

bigjo · 10 months ago

No, but we could ban other things for example plastic bags.

bowserjr · 9 months ago

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0042.kapsc · 9 months ago

No, because we would not be able to see our friends, cousins or family without planes and if we went by any other transport it would be much slower.

fluffymole · 9 months ago

No! We shouldn't ban them we just need to help them be more energy efficient and better for the environment.

tennis22 · 9 months ago

Yes! There is no point adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere when you can go by train!

pollardian · 9 months ago

It's more practical. How else would you get to Northern Island? It could also become an emergency if people can't travel by place inside of the UK.

tradcath · 8 months ago

Definitely not. That's just super inconvenient for everybody.

123kittens · 7 months ago

If this does become the case, there should at least be some sort of plan in place for the immense amount of pilots (display, airliner, recreational) who would lose their job.

jabby · 4 months ago

No because driving uses more co2 on the same journey ( source you matter . world )