Should we ban flights within the UK?


14th October 2021

SHOULD UK domestic flights be banned to help protect the environment?

That’s the question many have been asking this week, after the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) called for a ban on flights within the UK if an equivalent train journey is available, to help reduce emissions.

The CBT added that more should be done to make sure that train tickets are always a cheaper option than flying. It also says that anyone who flies regularly should have to pay more.

Paul Tuohy, the chief executive of CBT said: “Cheap domestic flights might seem a good deal when you buy them, but they are a climate disaster, generating seven times more harmful greenhouse emissions than the equivalent train journey.”

What do you think?

Should we ban flights within the UK?


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tharshini · 6 days ago

We shouldn’t because it will just produce more air pollution and we could just use a train.

sonic7 · 6 days ago

I do not think we should ban flights but the number of flights should be drastically reduced.

robotdog12 · 6 days ago

I think we should try to reduce as many as we can so we can still travel, but still make an effort to stop climate change!😁

ivansp2011 · 3 days ago

It is foolish as you can use a car and it just causes more pollution