Should under-tens be allowed to play videogames without parental supervision?


13th July 2022

NEW rules in South Africa mean that children under ten must be supervised by an adult when playing videogames.

The new rules, drafted by the South African Film and Publication Board, say there is no such thing as a game for ‘all ages’, and recommend that any game that promotes violence should receive a higher age-rating.

The ruling by South African censors is due to come into effect from August.

Do you think under-tens in the UK should be supervised when playing videogames?

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Should under-tens be allowed to play videogames without parental supervision?


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mangogirl1 · 4 weeks ago

This doesn't apply to every under ten year old but i think it is a good rule because it makes sure children are safe with what they are playing and also some children may play games they shouldn't be playing.

micrad · 4 weeks ago

I believe that adults should know what their child is doing when playing video games and when they are playing them but not necessarily watching over them.

lig · 4 weeks ago

I think under 10s should not play video games by themselves because they might go on something unsuitable or accidentally buy something that their parents will have to pay for. Also, you get lessons about staying safe online, but sometimes it might not be on purpose so you can't help it.

yikes · 4 weeks ago

Speaking of children rights…

trains369 · 4 weeks ago

I agree with mangogirl1. It then means that they are not on there for hours because adults have lots of things to do

joshuanew5 · 4 weeks ago

yes but still make the parents check what they are doing

katkid10 · 4 weeks ago

Some games are OK to play without adult supervision.

ryestar · 4 weeks ago

I think that under 10s should not be playing video games without parental supervision. They could be playing a game that is inappropriate for their age or setting up a social media account on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok without the parent’s knowledge

yashnadh · 4 weeks ago

Video games aren't the best for your life but they are definitely a way to just relax. Relaxation shouldn't be restricted by someone and sometimes it's just better to be alone than with someone else.

lauren_123 · 4 weeks ago

This rule is good as it does let parents know what their kids are playing is suitable for their age and they are playing with good people.

catlover15 · 3 weeks ago

Yes, as long as they are age appropriate, I would let my younger sister (almost 8) play a videogame without supervision.

catlover15 · 3 weeks ago

If I knew what they were playing and said it was OK, then I would leave them to it

aces10 · 3 weeks ago

I believe it should be up to the parents to decide, because it differs for every child. If their parents trust them, children should be allowed to play video games on their own.

cjlion · 3 weeks ago

Because they could play games that are WAY TO old for them. Or the could text/message strangers!

piggypip · 3 weeks ago

I think that games with chats should have parental supervision because people could send any messages on it including swears and rude things.

lego_boy · 2 weeks ago

I think they should as if it has violence it should have never been rated an all ages in the first place although if it does not include violence then no.

robro · 2 weeks ago

No, I don't think that parents should have to supervise their under-10's playing video games, although the parents what their children are playing. It depends what game it is.

gamergirl · 2 weeks ago

I think adults should allow and know which games the child is playing, which make them under- 10s allowed to play on their own without parents watching over them.

max1234 · 2 weeks ago

I voted yes but I actually think it is both because what if you had a game that your parents don’t approve of? I would much rather ask than be scolded.

annalls · 2 weeks ago

There are some children that are less mature then others and you can't say; "Under tens can only play video without adult supervision if they are mature." So it is better to make it to apply to all under tens.

ronia123 · 1 week ago

Most games are rated so under 10s can play a game rated 3

hell0th3re · 1 week ago

Well, generally no but if it's a game where it's horror themed or a shooter game then maybe they should have supervisoion

lovelymrj · 6 days ago

I think this rule should just be for games where you can meet new people or horror games.

uniquestar · 6 days ago

parental supervision sets a good boundary line

puncho1567 · 4 days ago

I think that they dont have to be supervised but the parents should make sure what their children are playing so if its for their age because games like minecraft and among us really shouldn't be supervised unless you are under seven because minecraft and among us are a 7+

uniquestar · 4 days ago

i think that parental supervision is a very good idea as the internet and video games aren't always safe.

stingray1 · 3 days ago

Only certain ones like games which involve violence.