Should there be a limit to how much top bosses can earn?


20th April 2022

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has backed a campaign for big bosses to have their salaries limited to a certain amount. The president told a French radio station he was in favour of a limit, or ‘cap’ to be introduced across Europe.

It would mean there would be a maximum amount that top executives could be paid.

The announcement follows the news that Carlos Tavares, head of car maker Stellantis, was given a €19m (£15.75m) pay packet when two car companies joined together. Mr Macron said the amount was “shocking and excessive [too much]”.

The UK median (in the middle) wage is £611 per week. That’s £31,772 per year for a 40-hour week, which is 495 times smaller than £15.75m.

Should there be a limit to how much top bosses can earn?


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mothstar · 1 month ago

it depends what the job is

eggboy16 · 1 month ago

I think it is unfair how top bosses should earn an unlimited amount, they should make a limit.

coolcats · 4 weeks ago

YES as then, the money can be distributed amongst those who do not own much. Even if they are limited, they will still have lots of money so that benefits everyone.

marthajja · 4 weeks ago

Yes they need to be paid on how well they do their job and what job they do.

monkey61 · 3 weeks ago

Yes because then it gives a chance for other people to take over the job for a bit. We should be able to do what we want to do without anybody stopping us.