Should the UK’s top earners be responsible for supporting charities?


7th December 2022

THE UK’s top earners are giving less money to charity than they did ten years ago.

The Charity Commission, which keeps a check on charities in the UK, says that charities, and those they support, face a “crisis” because of the drop in donations.

Between 2011 and 2019, the top 1% of earners saw the amount of money they earned go up, but the amount they gave to charity went down. Although as a whole this group gave between £2 billion and £3 billion to good causes, eight out of ten of the highest earners “are not contributing meaningfully to that figure,” says Orlando Fraser from the Charity Commission.

He said that, although some rich people in the UK did give their time and money to charity, it sometimes made others feel uncomfortable, often because it was a reminder of the difference between the rich and poor.

Fraser warned this attitude must change to stop charities running out of money. He added that the highest earners in the US, Canada and New Zealand give far more to charity than the UK’s super-rich

Should the UK’s top earners be responsible for supporting charities?


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mrrickroll · 1 year ago

These people can have billions at their disposal, less than 1% of which they really need. These people need to be less aware of the newspapers rich lists, and more aware of how the 99% live their lives, and how bad it is for animals.

omnivor1 · 1 year ago

I do not think the top earners should be responsible because it's their money that they work hard for. Of course it would be very nice if they did donate it as it would go to a good cause and help people but still not a requirement

gamer324 · 1 year ago

I think it’s just really good thing to do and it helps the people who are poor 🤑😭🏦💶💷💰🪙💴💵💸💎

uniquestar · 1 year ago

I think that the people who are willing to give part of what they work hard to earn to those who are less fortunate are rich in their kind deeds - that is what matters most!

stingray1 · 1 year ago

They should give money to charity because less rich people do so they should. The thing is, you can't force them to...

potterwolf · 1 year ago

Not in the cost of living crisis. Even the richest, top earning people need money now. If they were giving lots of money to charity they our left with £0. Is anyone thinking of them?

flamingo27 · 1 year ago

I think that it is their choice if they want to give to charity, they should not be expected to do so but if they can afford it, they should consider the lives of other people who may be extremely poor.

allegrag · 1 year ago

Yes, because uk 🇬🇧 top earners need to help charities as well!

max1234 · 1 year ago


mia13 · 1 year ago

Yes, but you shouldn’t force them to.

mia13 · 1 year ago

Yes, but you shouldn’t force them to give

cosimaiw · 1 year ago

Yes partly but so should everyone else we all need to chip in to support charities

bonniebill · 1 year ago

I think that if you have enough money to live with wealth and you have money that you don't need to use then you should give that money to people who NEED it more than you!

15645 · 1 year ago

It's their money that they work hard for and it's to their disposal.they don't have to donate it it's theirs

annalls · 1 year ago

they have lots of money and if they have too much they start spending it on rubbish things so they should give at least a little bit away to charity

shruti_b · 1 year ago

I do not think billionaires should be responsible for supporting charities, because they are humans like everyone else, and have a right to their money. They should not be obliged or expected to give money to charities against their own will.

trixx · 1 year ago

the government should be taxing these people more and spent the money well that way they have no obligation to give to charities and it is not regulated how a charity may spend their money