Should the UK vaccinate all Brits before helping other countries out?


3rd February 2021

SHOULD we send coronavirus vaccines to other countries who need them, before vaccinating younger adults here?

That’s the question some in the UK are asking, after it was predicted that the UK will end up with lots more jabs than we need – after buying around 5.5 doses per person.

Trade Secretary Liz Truss has said that Britain cannot simply become a “vaccinated island”, while COVID-19 rages in other nations in the world.

“We’re only going to solve this issue once everybody in the world is vaccinated,” she explained, but said that it was “too early” to suggest what might be done with the extra vaccines.

The debate began after the European Union suggested that it could block millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses from entering the UK – before the EU quickly turned its back on the idea.

What do you think? Should the UK vaccinate all Brits before helping other countries out?

Should we send coronavirus vaccines to other countries who need them, before vaccinating younger adults here?


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latiosgod7 · 2 years ago

I think that we should vaccinate the vulnerable first and then help the countries who are struggling with Covid as we don't all need the vaccine whereas other countries might be having a massive case spike upwards and will need to start vaccinating ASAP but can't afford to.

latiosgod7 · 2 years ago

Also first to comment

politics21 · 2 years ago

The governments job is to protect our people first. We should fund COVAX like we are but let's focus on stopping deaths and cases here. I would not take an extra 50k deaths here if there was 100k deaths in the EU. After we have done all vaccinations to protect the population (%90) then we should give them to countries that can't afford to like our Commonwealth friends, not places like the EU who can get vaccines for themselves. I think the quicker vaccinations are given out for everyone here then the quicker we can give vaccines to other countries. For now we should focus on ourselves.

ck5 · 2 years ago

I think that we should first vaccinate the vulnerable in the UK then help other countries that are experiencing worse situations than us such as developing countries, who can barely cope with the virus.

mrsbieber9 · 2 years ago

i think to make sure all countries are in the same place and everyone can travel all over the world, it’s really important that not just one country should be in a better place simply because they have more money. it needs to be fair and that wouldn’t be the case if only the uk is vaccinated, and other countries are still suffering. by vaccinating the vulnerable population first, it would mean travelling is okay as there wouldn’t be so many people at risk.

notsniw · 2 years ago

My mum said UK first but I think vulnerable people first okkkk, okkkk okkkk okkk

opalbarnet · 2 years ago

i think it just isn't fair to be staying with the uk when there is vulnerable in other places

katkid10 · 2 years ago

We should focus on the people who need it the most and then help other countries because some countries are poorer and will be getting it worse than we will. also, not all countries have a reliable vaccine which is dangerous, so we should definitely help other countries.

oceangirl · 2 years ago

Vaccinate the UK first because we bought the vaccines and we should use it for what we bought it for first. Then, if we have any left over, we should give it to other countries or organisations. Giving some to countries that can’t afford it would be great, and giving some to the EU may improve our current, shaky relationship.

ellabeegee · 2 years ago

We should vaccinate the venerable first because they are more important than us because we are not venerable

hxnestly · 2 years ago

we need to help other countries; just because they don’t live here that doesn’t mean there not important. What if there was a vunerable, kind french man who didn’t have much money and couldn’t get the vaccine (yes, I know this isn’t possible but it’s just an example). He’s fifty years old; and without the vaccine, he could get extremely ill and die - even though he might’ve lived to his nineties. Help the vulnerable then we must help the others! Do you want millions to die? Fifty under dont really need the vaccine currently, they should be fine for a while! It doesn’t take long! politics21, I think you are wrong. Ninety year olds in other countries are much more likely to get COVID-19 and be seriously ill than fifty year olds following precautions in Britain!
I say, help the others, and vaccinate the vunerable, then focus on the rest.

aann · 2 years ago

It is best to vaccinate the most vulnerable,then other countries.

flutehorse · 2 years ago

I think that the government should focus on vaccinating the UK and the Commonwealth countries and then help developing and poor countries but at the end of the day we need to focus on working together and making WHOLE world Covid-19 free.

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

I would help the vulnerable as people in other countries may not be able to make vaccines such as in Africa so instead of our 30K deaths that some revive from, the africans will have very little who revive and lots of people with cases. In Favelas like Rocinha, People are like on top of each other and the spread will grow quickly, ending up really badly. In England though, we have the apparatus' we need and some ventilators help people revive. Also, you cannot make lockdown in Favelas as people live by money and stealing and if you don't have mohey, you need to sell something and if you sell something, you have to go close to the person who wants to buy it. England, bad in cases, has it's deaths increased and we of course need to help eachother but others don't even know it exists!

123emperor · 2 years ago

I agree with latiosgod7 we need to start rolling out vaccines to other countries as the uk rates may start going down others are rising and action needs to start happening. In my opinion we should start giving out less vaccines and instead giving around 1,000,000 to each country if we want the rates of not only the uk or the eu but the whole world to start descending by 2023

sushirat1 · 2 years ago

I agree with Latois god. It is the right thing to do!

milkpuddin · 2 years ago

we should because it will stop people dying

caravanner · 2 years ago

Not just the old are vunerable to covid there's kids seriously sick, also what about our mums, aunts, uncles etc who are under 50 what if they are one of the unlucky ones who are fit and healthy yet die from it as their body reacts differently, we should vaccinate our country first or more young could die. Once our country is done then we should go all out to help other poor countries.

afrogem1 · 2 years ago

I think that vaccinating the most vulnerable will leave them protected when we help other countries, and those countries need our help, like the third world countries.

afrogem1 · 2 years ago

I agree with latiosgod7

plane · 2 years ago

Obviously our priority must be to also help developing countries,who often are equipped with meagre supplies. If we don't help fight Coronavirus, we will be facing the ghost of Covid-19 for the next few years to come.

koksmaster · 2 years ago

4th to comment

koksmaster · 2 years ago

Also , I think they should just focus on vaccinating all vulnerable people and not where they are from

p0l1tics · 2 years ago

don't be greedy only because you were lucky enough to get the vaccine it doesn't mean that you should vaccine all in UK, and anyways if kids catch it its not like it will actually affect anyone who it is passed to because all of the vulnerable would've been vaccined

p0l1tics · 2 years ago

@politics21 you are correct. but what's the pint on vaccinating the kids is they won't affect anyone who it is passed to because all the vulnerable would've been vaccined, so that means there would be much, much less, even no deaths. so then, we could help vaccining much heavier populated countries. then, we could advance to vaccinating the rest of the country. any deaths happening in the small margin of time where the kids aren't vaccined, the deaths would be the vaccine not working, because the vaccine only works 75% of the time. there if no point focusing on ourselves, because vaccinating the youth would make no difference in deaths to if we didn't. in the mean time, we should help other countries, and try to develop a more accurate vaccine. for now, I agree we should focus on vaccinating the UK elderly and vulnerable, but when that is ended, we should help other countries immediately, or people could die due to us vaccinating people who shouldn't be the priority.

legobill · 2 years ago

Vacinate the uk, we developed the vaccine, so we should be vacinated first!

moonaldo · 2 years ago

I think we should help the vulnerable people first, as they could die from it, while people in our county may survive if they caught the virus. I don't think it's fair that people in other countries aren't getting the vaccines when some need it most, although I do understand why some people want to protect our country first.🥰🌍💕

glee123 · 2 years ago

We should vaccinate the vulnerable and then give it to other countrys so that they don't suffer like we did. It would be selfish and result in a lot more people's lives taken away.

news54321 · 2 years ago

During a crisis like this, we must think of the entire world as one country in which all vulnerable people are vaccinated first. There are many people in other countries who are dying from this disease because their government cannot afford a mass vaccination, and these people must be prioritised over non-vulnerable people in the UK. We are all going through this together, regardless of what country we are in, and we must prioritise lives' over budget.

tedlog · 2 years ago

I am vulnerable and I belive they should vaccine all the vulnerable and then depending how much vaccine is left either vaccinate uk or help others so I'm a bit 50/50 on this one. Maybe they should give e a few phizer to others the keep the rest and oxford ones for us? Or give small portions to poor countrys only? I don't know.

alibali9 · 2 years ago

I think we should help the vulnerable or people in need then come back to UK and do the next set then the rest of the people in the world and so on. Because, Vulnerable means your not immune or your very high at risk so I think I chose the right answer, although there is no right or wrong because its YOUR choice!

luigi55 · 1 year ago

vaccinate the uk cause then we can go back to school. hurray!!!!!

opalstar · 1 year ago

I think that they should help other countries and the vulnerable before vaccinating young people like ourselves. Aren't we all in this together? Isn't it a PANdemic? We should help the less privileged before ourselves for which the vaccine is less needed. If we vaccinate ourselves and the UK is back to normality. What would we care about the world that needs help?

We should share and help and divided things amongst ourselves on this planet.
It's the only way to survive

opalstar · 1 year ago

Our voices should be heard.

[email protected] · 1 year ago

I think both

skgninja · 1 year ago

We cannot be selfish. We have to show why we are an amazing country. COVID-19 isn’t an epidemic in England. It is all around the world! I mean, come on! We are ONE world and we have to help each other. If there aren’t any deaths in the UK but there are still like 1000 deaths each day in poorer countries then that isn’t helping anyone. People are still dying. Also, even after this pandemic, we should fund and help the poorer countries as well. We don’t go back to ‘square 1’ after COVID-19, we make a new, better world.

spookyboot · 1 year ago

I think that kids don't get corona as bad o vaccinate all most vulnerable then help othe countries

panda89 · 1 year ago

We should definitely focus on vaccinating the uk but under 50’s don’t urgently need the vaccine. The world is going through a GLOBAL a pandemic: it doesn’t matter where we’re from we’re all human. The u.k is a country with enough money to buy loads of vaccines- so shouldn’t we help counties who don’t.

katkid10 · 1 year ago

caravanner, my Mum is only a month away from being 'old'. XD

historygal · 1 year ago

This could be a matter of life or death for the vulnerable- this is not true for the heathy people in the UK. Everyone deserves equal chances in life

meepemeeps · 1 year ago

I believe helping the vulnerable here, then vulnerable and elderly in other countries is best.I think that is not worth giving other countries vaccines if they are giving it to people that don’t even need it, when we still need it here. We can keep what we need and give what we don’t.

supercurl8 · 1 year ago

I think we should vaccinate the vulnerable first then help the less vulnerable because there are people who need it more than other people who are lucky enough to not have lots of illnesses.

nim-pom · 1 year ago

We should definitely vaccinate the most vulnerable people in OUR country first and MAYBE start to give them to younger adults. We should help other countries. This is NOT a global race to become the first vaccinated country and the process of making a vaccine should be SHARED with scientists and medical professionals in other countries. We are in the midst of a PANdemic, which means we must work together to fight against it. After helping the VULNERABLE in OUR country (United Kingdom) and JUST START to vaccinate the younger adults, we MUST HELP other countries.

ira497 · 1 year ago

I think we should vaccinate everyone here first, as it may be easier for international trade and other things abroad to start again.

f6nt4pe · 1 year ago

I believe we should halve the vaccine and give it to those who need it most in poorer countries as well as making sure we get vaccinated in the UK too.

mrbabyyoda · 1 year ago

I think we should vaccinate the UK first because then we can then send it to the vulnerable because they might catch it from us if we don’t vaccinate ourselves

charlieee7 · 1 year ago

In order to save as many lives as possible, it will be a lot more effective to vaccinate the most vulnerable. We don't have enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone so we need to prioritise those who need it most, before vaccinating the UK.

ninjahorse · 1 year ago


hami · 1 year ago

I think we should vaccinate the vulnerable first and then other countries that are suffering because if we vaccinate only ourselves and not others the UK will be the only thriving country along with a few other rich ones. If we vaccinate old people first then the other people in the UK will mostly have immunity already so we will not be at risk. We can donate the remaining doses to poor countries after that.

smiles29 · 1 year ago

I personally believe that we should just focus on our country and get that done, instead of trying to multi task. Every country will work out what their doing and how to run the vaccination scheme in their own time. I think England can help out with things like hospitals and PPE. If we treat each country like a huge bubble and everyone gets back to normal here ( fingers crossed soon ). Then we can keep the borders closed until other countries catch up. This is only my opinion though and im not the best educated on this topic. I just cant wait for this to be over.

123yay · 1 year ago

For me it seems most sensible to vaccinate those that are vulnerable first instead of being selfish and just keeping the vaccines for younger people who are less likely to be severely affected by coronavirus. If we do give the vaccines to those vulnerable in other countries we could be saving thousands of lives. Which to me is worth it.

ep-22579 · 1 year ago

I think that we should vaccinate the vulnerable first,and then help out other countries who's cases are going up massively because then the people in those countries might travel to the UK and then infect us,so then our cases would go up.

isssad · 1 year ago

I voted vaccinate the most vulnerable and then help other countries that can't afford everything the UK can.

mothstar · 1 year ago

i agree with latiosgod7

osgothorpe · 1 year ago

yes I think it would be better to vaccinate the vulnerable first to keep older people safe from covid 19

weirdcat · 1 year ago

I agree with hxnestly! We need to help other countries!

ihorsman · 1 year ago

we need to get ours first because we are next to a lot of countries and we are safer then the other countries