Should the Government bring back old-fashioned imperial measurements?


9th June 2022

THE Government is asking for opinions about its plans to allow shops to start selling things using old-fashioned measurements such as pounds and ounces.

The old imperial system was gradually phased out between 1995-1999, as the whole world now uses the standard metric system that you’re taught at school. Generally, the only imperial measurements we still use are on the roads, for distance/height (miles/feet and inches) and speed (mph), or in pubs, where some drinks are still sold by the pint.

But now, the Government says it wants to “give businesses greater choice in the units they use”, and allow shops to sell fruit and veg in imperial measures rather than in metric grams.

“While we think of our fruit and veg by the pound, the legacy of EU rules means we legally have to sell them by the kilo,” said Business Minister Paul Scully. He said the idea is to “help shops to serve customers in the way their customers want.”

However, it’s not clear how many customers really want to go back to the last century. “Does anybody in this country below the age of about 40 know how many ounces there are in a pound?” said the chairman of supermarket Asda, Lord Stuart Rose. He said he thinks the idea is “complete and utter nonsense”.

Even many of the prime minister’s fellow Conservative MPs don’t seem too thrilled by it. Although the Government has described the plan as a “Brexit opportunity” and a chance to “take back control of our measurement system”, Conservative MP Alicia Kearns tweeted: “Not one constituent, ever, has asked for this. This isn’t a Brexit freedom. It’s a nonsense.”

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Is bringing back imperial measurements a good thing?


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anonymous8 · 3 weeks ago

I said no because I think bringing imperial measurements back would confuse people, especially those who do not know the conversion between metric and imperial

robotdog12 · 2 weeks ago

I think that imperial measurements are confusing for everyone and that the government has more important thing to do.

squeezjoos · 2 weeks ago

I don’t think so because some people might find it difficult to convert between the old and new measurements however I think it is good that people want change

ivansp2011 · 2 weeks ago

It will be very confusing to switch, as schools teach metric measure not imperial, and it would take months for people to get used to it, if not years.

mistywater · 1 week ago

Absolutely not! That's like bringing back shillings and everyone would have to get used to it again. So much easier now we have got this way.

max1234 · 1 week ago

No because at schools they would suddenly have to catch up, learning imperial measurements. I’m sure that disrupts learning to be taught something new so suddenly. Imagine you are focusing on say multiplication but then, the government announces that we have to learn imperial measurements, then you have to give up multiplication just for a new subject, and sooner or later, you wouldn’t remember your times tables.

katkid10 · 1 week ago

Not many people understand the difference. Only people who have grown up with it would understand what it is. I think that if they were to do that, then they should have both imperial and metric measurements. · 6 days ago

No, because it will confuse most people and they won't know how much to buy.