Should smartphones be banned from school?


4th October 2016

We’re running a summer poll ahead of the start of the new school year and want to hear your views! Don’t forget to comment!

Should smartphones be banned from school?


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HBaggins · 8 years ago

because they need it for answers.

HBaggins · 8 years ago

and workings out.

HBaggins · 8 years ago

and for playtime

lalalily23 · 8 years ago

I'm kind of in the middle in some cases phones can be quite useful to have especially if you walk home alone but in classes they should be banned like my school does anyway but at break and lunch they are our responsibility and if we want to use them then we should be allowed. comment if you disagree or agree with me.

prongsii · 8 years ago

i said no because people need it but some people are silly.

SuperAl · 8 years ago

No, because if children walk to school on their own they wouldn't be able to contact their parents at all! That's just mean.

felixyates · 8 years ago


xtrs · 8 years ago

I think they shouldn't be band but I do know that some children and teens never get of them.
But on my side I think sometimes at like break teens like to sit against a wall and relax.
Although this isn't very energetic it's sometimes a good way to chill out.

RockyTabbs · 8 years ago

I think they should just put them in their locker and pick them up at the end of the day.

macawaca · 8 years ago


macawaca · 8 years ago


vish27 · 8 years ago

I agree with RockyTabbs

lisa101 · 8 years ago

My school banned phones , so I put yes.

antrabbit · 8 years ago

Definitely not smartphones! Simple phones have a need. Pupils shouldn't play smartphone games at break!

HBaggins · 8 years ago

they need it

Jo Salt · 8 years ago

they should be able to use them at play but not in class

TF11 · 8 years ago

Children should be able to contact their parents

charlieh · 8 years ago

If you are lost you should need them to phone or text your parents.

flameemily · 8 years ago

No, not for use during school but for contacting parents

puikay · 8 years ago

No, as long as they are used wisely and when they are really needed.

Fluffycute · 8 years ago

Smartphones shouldn't be banned from schools because children might need to calll thier mum or dad.

sasabanks · 8 years ago

Mobiles can be useful and why not use them?
I agree that they can be a distraction so make sure that pupils turn them off in class. I go to Senior School and my phone is really important as plans change after school and you need to let people know like your parents.

enzo · 8 years ago

yes because in the classroom people sneak them out

k_l_a_r_a · 8 years ago

Phones are banned at our school. We're allowed to take it in but we have to hand them into our form teacher in the morning and put it in the phone box but only Yr10's and above get to keep them :). We get them back at the end of the day. I don't think they should be banned because as long as there is a rule that says that they have to be turned off. They don't distract us from our learning and we need them to contact parents and such.

fruitz · 8 years ago

Some people need them as they walk home on their own.

maisie.05 · 8 years ago

I think children should be allowed to have their phones in school because they can contact their parents/cares. Or if it is such a big deal there should be somewhere where you can keep your phones,like in my school if you bring your phone in on arrival you can give it to reception,get it out at break times and lunch times put it back in and then at the end of the day take it out again! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE IN ALL SCHOOLS!

VEER · 8 years ago

For work

1isme · 8 years ago

A few people go on their Smart Phones/tablets/Ipads during lesson and they do not concentrate on what the teacher is saying. People use calculators during maths lessons and they use spell checkers in spelling tests

1isme · 8 years ago

In my school any phones are band (even phone that aren't smartphones ). · 8 years ago

Smart phones should be banned from classes and lessons but not in the whole school as if there was a fire at school or home you wouldn't be able to contact your family so no

rocker26 · 8 years ago

I think that they should be allowed but only for things that are school-related. E.G. Looking something up or working something out.

iamdagoose · 8 years ago

I voted no

Dozzeria · 8 years ago

I'm saying YES because people may use it to distract them self in lessons, and using calculators in school is banned

Spellpunkt · 8 years ago

Smartphones help people to socialize and meet up away from school. So if you make a friend at school, you
can get their number at school instead of complicating it.

roodle10 · 8 years ago

Smartphones should be taken away from pupils when they reach school and in an emergency can be given to the pupil to contact parent/carer.

Etonmess54 · 8 years ago

At my school phones are banned but if you do bring one in you have to hand it in. For example if you have a new nanny then you can phone them if they are late.

TootsieWoo · 8 years ago

They should be allowed but turned off in lessons because they make noises.

bluehair11 · 8 years ago

It depends, because kids might need need to contact their parents to get them to pick them up, or if something goes wrong, but kids shouldn't use them is class.

Fablehaven · 8 years ago

What if you need to make an emergency phone call to someone, and the school secretary is busy? You should not be having them out in lessons, unless your teacher gives permission, but, when used for the right reasons (i.e, the above) believe it or not, phones are important.
Of course people will mess about with them, but people mess about with almost every single invention in known existence,
but do we ban them all?

Of course not.

mjustice · 8 years ago

Phones with Internet should be banned but blackberry small phones with out Internet kids if they see something rude they will be shocked???

k.g · 8 years ago

There is no point in bringing your phone to school because you will be doing schoolwork instead!!! You only need one if you are walking home and you need to text you parents or something

TADAATUBE · 8 years ago

U don't need a smartphone 4 school u only need 1 that calls texts and takes pictures

racheli · 8 years ago

They should not be allowed on them as they can lose concentration.

myotisis · 8 years ago

It's better to have a phone just in case, as long as you don't text in lessons.

isabellaf1 · 8 years ago

I have a mixed view on this poll. I believe that you need your phone if you walk to school or if you go on a bus or something but then during the school day they should be banned because they can be distracting. But, then if you keep them in your locker or bag completely turned off then it is fine.

carlo · 8 years ago

I think smartphones should be banned from school because the pupils of schools may not play
with them in classes because if someone calls a thirteen year old in the middle of an exam for
getting into the senior school and disturb them and during play time the pupils might over use the phones and not run around which is good for your health and excersising and people might steal
another's smartphone because its friends is better than theirs for example you might have an iPhone 6s but your friend has the latest iPhone seven and then you steal it from them so that's why I think iPhone should be banned from school AND on playdates

uniquepika · 8 years ago

I don't think that they should be banned incase someone was walking home on their own and they needed to contact family.

pinkangel · 8 years ago

They shouldn't be banned from school as they help social skills and when teenagers feel upset they feel they can have help from friends who can be just a click away with phones. Without phones, people couldn't ask what HW do we have for example or just communicate without having to walk to their friends house. Against this point, phones don't really develop social skills.

JenniferAl · 8 years ago

I think no as long as we are responsible and only use them outside of school.

JenniferAl · 8 years ago

And power them off

JenniferAl · 8 years ago

during school

rahul2009 · 8 years ago

For playtime, arriving at school

myrtle10 · 8 years ago

You should have a phone at school because if something bad were to happen and the teachers didn't know, how would parents or the ambulance know? Please comment if you agree

twirl · 8 years ago

I think you can be able to take phones as long as you switch it off

RoseBun · 8 years ago

People may get distracted but if you got lost on your way to school for instance or you mist your bus you would not be able to tell anyone.

opb10 · 8 years ago

Playing on games during school times can distract people, but mobile phones are very convenient and not having them could pose a safety hazard ( for example: if a pupil gets lost, mugged or even kidnapped after getting off the school bus). Therefore I think mobile phones should be allowed ( with the exception of devices with a sole purpose of entertainment (E.G. Nintendo DS)) but certain restrictions should be in place to prevent pupils playing games during school time.

kimk · 8 years ago

It distracts us too much in class

Isobel646 · 8 years ago

I think that they should be banned from lessons, but not after school. I'm not allowed my phone during school hours which I think is a good rule!

narundan · 8 years ago

you have to call your parents thats why

Mae-Bush · 8 years ago

People just play on them all day so yes.

But i do like smartphones.

ginneapig4 · 8 years ago

No because if your mum drives you home and then have been invited to a friends house and you can come, then you need to be able to contact your mum. However I do think that they should be banned in lesson time.

shwermerv · 8 years ago

I think we need It because what if there is an emergency???

hfrules · 8 years ago

listen to what you think. NO IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE BANNED

sc0rp10ns · 8 years ago

If there was an emergency, you wouldn't be able to call your parents.

podoo · 8 years ago

You don't need phones for answers, you can use dictionaries or calculators. Workings out can be done in notebooks. Also if they are allowed outside children just sit on them for the whole break. It is bad for your eyes and also you get lack of excersise.

stanners · 8 years ago

they need it to communicate with family throughout the day..

306.302 · 8 years ago

When you are all by yourself, walking home from school, something could happen to you and nobody would know.

306.302 · 8 years ago

IIsa 101 , sorry about that

GeeMee · 8 years ago

We are allowed to bring them to school but we are not allowed to use the during the school day. I think banning them from school is a step too far. However not allowing them to be out during the school day works. Instead we talk to each other!

lily06 · 8 years ago

They should be allowed in school but not used in school.

mjmd222 · 8 years ago

Both but you can't phone anyone so what's the point?! But you can walk home so you need to phone your mum if something happens!!

ktill123 · 8 years ago

phones help if there was a fire you can not call your mom and dad · 8 years ago

I'm in the middle because phones can de quite useful and helpful but if they are just distracting people from school work the they should be taken away.
I personally don't have a phone but if people take their pne into a classroom then they are taken away, turned off and returned by the teacher at the end of the school day-which I think is the Wright thing to do in the classroom, although at break times I think they should ( maybe ) be allowed to have them???
Basically I'm not sure on yes or no, but I'm leaning towards yes ( they should be band )

penguinpal · 8 years ago

Schools should ban smartphones as they can prove distracting for students and lower their grades.

topmodeliz · 8 years ago

I have a bad phone and If we have to get them out I'm really embarrassed

epicabo123 · 8 years ago

Everyone likes smartphones ! Also they can be used when you are in a emergency .

uniquepika · 8 years ago

They shouldn't be banned incase something happened on the way home from school when they walk home on their own , but there should be a place to keep them, like a locker just for phones.

lpsbdude · 8 years ago

Because sometimes you need to text your mum with something or to check the bus countdown timetables to get the bus on time without having to wait but you don't necessarily have to ban smartphone because the school policy says you are not allow to use it in lessons as your pencil case already got all the resources you need.

jimvinegar · 8 years ago

I'm kind of in the middle in some cases phones can be quite useful to have especially if you walk home alone but in classes they should be banned like my school does anyway but at break and lunch they are our responsibility and if we want to use them then we should be allowed. comment if you disagree or agree with me.

emperor · 8 years ago

Smartphones stop children from learning, it helps them cheat. They are conquering the world.

cocogigi · 8 years ago

They should because it is ruining good education

dab21 · 8 years ago

If you are in a maths class you might need a calculator and you don't have an iPad or a MacBook
I think YES!

lightning · 8 years ago

I love phones

farlington · 8 years ago

Du of course they should be! They make people's minds mushy!

Dohvinci · 8 years ago

I think yes because there is a more higher risk off cyber bullying.

gscornmell · 8 years ago

I'm in the middle because if there was a problem a phone could be helpful but I agree with Dohvinci

65horses · 8 years ago

people might tease you if you don't have the latest phone

23talacoe · 8 years ago

guys... you wanna get a good future and job, right?

Well,,,, phones in school are just gonna be another big distraction from all the big and important things that are in school...

greninja7 · 8 years ago

In some countries, if you get caught on your smartphones you'll have to leave it in a bucket of water until the end of the day, who knows maybe all countries will have this strict rule one day

diamond1 · 8 years ago

The students can use their phones as a calculator i.e checking answers, recipes and lots more...including quick revision.

piggy01 · 8 years ago

i think they should be banned because lots of people can get run over while playing them

Dylster888 · 8 years ago

No they should be banned because I went to a disco and someone smashed there phone and they were sad. Anyone who has been using them for working out a sum is not right when you come to a test or GCSE they will not know the answer. It's just stupid

welovenews · 8 years ago


sportfire · 8 years ago

I guess if you don't lose things easily you can but not if you're bad at that

tpalmer · 8 years ago

I think that it is OK for children to bring smartphones to school - as long as they do not use them in class during a lesson.

gaggy116 · 8 years ago

i bring mine to school but we can't use it only after school

Asupercool · 8 years ago

If they ban smart phones , they should ban every phone or non at all.

undertale · 8 years ago

i feel its fair

espion23 · 8 years ago

i mean the calculators on the phones help in subjects and online dictionaries too

owly · 8 years ago

I'd say no, because kids need them to contact their parents, in case anything happens. The one's on the street don't work. How would they call the police as well if anything happens?????!!

lmo2007 · 8 years ago

People could text their parents if there be late from school or something

natella · 8 years ago

My school allows the higher classes to bring in phones but they ask us to switch it off during school time. Which is pretty fair because we can switch it on and call our parents if we have permission from the teachers.

dh9 · 7 years ago

phones shouldn't be band but u shouldn't use them in lessons

dh9 · 7 years ago

i agree with IaIalily23

chocolate1 · 7 years ago

What is the need for a phone at school!

catonclan · 7 years ago

They distract you from education

bluelion · 7 years ago

Sometimes parents want their children/child to contact them saying that they are OK, and that they made it to school safely. Plus, sometimes you need it in lessons ect.calculator in maths.

happy4456 · 7 years ago

No! They have to have phones because when they are going home, they need someone to contact. If you want to make may children insecure, take the phones away!

cordie · 7 years ago

I voted no
Just dont have it in class. Put it in your locker or if you are in primary hand it to the office. You must have a perfectly good calculator and dictonary in class.However if you need to call your parent it will be there. Too many people think it is good to use it in class. which it is not

bluelion · 7 years ago

I am serious .............!!!!!!!!

missypie · 7 years ago

yes cos they are expensive and could get stolen or lost or broken

Sashgirl06 · 7 years ago

I think it depends really. Students shouldn't be allowed to have their phones out in lessons, but they might need it for important phone calls. As long as they're not being used just to play games or go onto social media, I think it's fine to have phones at school.

evadore · 7 years ago

No because if there was an emergency, or if there was a problem during the journey to or from school (if you go to school on your own), you couldn't contact someone. You can always just turn your phone off during lessons.

greenlemon · 7 years ago

Yes,it's not social.

rosiemeat · 7 years ago

I said yes at lunch we have a very quiet refectory as most people are playing on their phones. It is useful to be allowed on them to tell your parents something if you need to but they shouldn't be allowed all the time.
I would like to chat to my friends but they are often playing on their phones.

girlywirly · 7 years ago

No because in case of an emergency you would need a contact number.

horkai · 7 years ago


sherbet010 · 7 years ago

They should be banned in school but allowed outside of school

ozoz · 7 years ago

Commé çi commé ça (french for in the middle)

peregrine9 · 7 years ago


spikyriver · 7 years ago

Phones should be banned. Lots of people are addicted and play too many games on their devices. Plus it is bad for your eyes. Anyone who uses a phone for maths should get a calculator. · 7 years ago

Cause people me r gonna bring them anyway so it may as well not be against the rules

charliep06 · 7 years ago

Yes cause they are So unsociable

pugly · 7 years ago

No because if you're boarding you will need to phone up your parents if you like get homesick but if you don't have a phone you can't phone me and you might get all worried about everything so children should have a phone.

unicornfan · 7 years ago

lalalily yeah I agree

unicornfan · 7 years ago

I agree with charlieh

sunglasses · 7 years ago

In our school you are not allowed to use them; you have to give it to your teacher at the beginning of the day.

schwab1 · 7 years ago

they will all get lost/stolen!!!!

fluffy14 · 7 years ago

No because they are useful for secondary school as long as you aren't on it the whole time

oceangirl · 7 years ago

I don't think people should go on their phones ? at school but I don't think they should be banned

ben · 7 years ago

Guys, I have read your comments and I agree with you. Phones are fun - to play or text.

ben · 7 years ago


april2008 · 7 years ago

no way what if there is an emergency outside and they cant call the police or parents because they said no phones to school

ajmyles · 7 years ago

They distract people from their learning

popchip4 · 7 years ago


bigdream · 7 years ago

Both of my sisters are at school and they need their phones to text and call us.

jcirmaci · 7 years ago

definitely NOT

redindian9 · 7 years ago

I know this will be unpopular, but I voted 'Yes' because I'm home educated, and I get distracted a lot, and home education is meant to be FUN, so in theory, I should not need distractions, so imagine how bored kids would be at SCHOOL. Mobile phones would stop them from concentrating on their education and getting work done.

jelibean · 7 years ago

too distracting.some people dont have phones so they would be jealous.

hermione26 · 6 years ago

last 2 comment.

acehenry09 · 6 years ago

No I was the last

sjaome · 6 years ago

Only for brake and lunch

bobfm · 6 years ago

At are school smartphones are all ready banned

stbernard5 · 6 years ago


k@nga · 6 years ago

I agree with RockyTabbs

pipings · 6 years ago

I have a phone and i am keeping it no matter what my parents would threaten the headmistress if so

xoxoxo Pip

xdcoconut · 6 years ago

yes because they are one of the distractions in lessons

flossingg · 6 years ago

How about one emergency phone. then they can't play games or text.

herbology · 6 years ago

I think they shouldn't be banned, just not allowed out. Or seen. You might need it on your way home from school if you need to phone your parents! ?

elephant_m · 6 years ago

I don;'t have a mobile phone, while everyone has one so I think it is fair if all of us don't bring in our phones. Anyways, you aren't allowed to have your mobile phones pout.

acegirl20 · 6 years ago

No because... for instance met school is really far away from home and I need to text my parent about clubs, who I will travel home with and I need my phone in half of my lessons ( for apps that are made for learning purposes ) . However people should learn to have more self control when using their phone s and should talk to their friends instead of texting all of the time.

ari_anitor · 5 years ago

Rockytabbs what would happen if the was a fire and you where stuck in you classroom and no-one knew? How would call the fire department to help you out

gwenrat · 5 years ago

No cause if you’ve got an emergency then you could call your parents

endodragon · 5 years ago


yussy2006 · 5 years ago

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

bestslime1 · 5 years ago

they would need it incase of emergency

bunnyboy10 · 5 years ago

Ban them for good

sammyboy · 5 years ago


flodo · 5 years ago

We need them to go home!!!!!!🏘

flagfan · 4 years ago

I think they should be banned for children who just bring their phone into school for the sake of it. It should be allowed to bring it in if they actually use it, e.g. walking home on your own and texting/phoning your parents that you're on your way.

flagfan · 4 years ago

Also, if you bring your phone to school, turn the sound and vibrations off!!

nevada · 4 years ago

No phones shouldn’t be banned from school how would the adults like it it they couldn’t call the friends or family at work

redrubyguy · 4 years ago

This depends on the age group, I suppose.

gwenrat · 4 years ago

Yes because I don’t have a smartphone and all my friends tease me about it so it would make life so much easier for me!!,

bettyboo92 · 4 years ago

what if they are in danger

cupcakesxo · 4 years ago

Anyone here from 2020

candyv · 4 years ago

2020 squad 🙃

lollipop33 · 4 years ago

My school does the right thing - allows smartphones in school but not in class or they get detention. They are important as you need to contact your parents. I'm in the MMXX Squad!

sarah.m · 4 years ago

looking at all the comments lets sum up what we think schools should do:
allow phones but they need to be handed in to the teacher and have it back at the end of the day. we should be allowed phones so that we can look at maps for where to go or to text your parents if you are lost. if you are caught with your phone then you get detention - dont ban the people that were caught with phones from having their phones in school - remember the reason why pupils are allowed it in the first place. to tell their parents if something has happened.

lunagrang · 4 years ago

what abt calling ur parents if ur in danger

sarah.m · 4 years ago

lunagrang - exactly

sophier10 · 4 years ago

I dunno 🤷‍♀️

adun1 · 4 years ago

2020 CHECK 👁👄👁

piggy9876 · 4 years ago

I voted yes but I am not very shore about it. When you go out for play time it is fun and if you have a disability sometimes people use them for bigger stencils and book. It also if good for walking home from school. But also no because it dose not look smart to carry a phone around and if you can not afford one you may feel leafed out.

piggy9876 · 4 years ago

No, but not in class

fox64 · 4 years ago

We are allowed them in some classes to use as a calculator, to do an online quiz or take pics in biology of tardigrades. They shouldn't;'t be banned, but say you cannot use them in class or lunch or break unless it's to call a parent/carer with your teachers permission, or if it has a health tracker app. (Blood sugar level tracker etc)

latiosgod7 · 3 years ago

Any #2021 people in here?

applepear · 3 years ago

@LatiosGod7 i'm with you

ridulfa · 3 years ago

the reason people are saying no is because they use their phones and probably cheat in class so i think they should be banned

owlgebra · 3 years ago

I think that they should be banned in lessons and given back five minutes before the end of the school day

meerkatj07 · 3 years ago

I think NO because people use them at break and lunch to entertain themselves, to contact parents for pick ups and for learning like online quizzes, smartphone calculators, researching for projects etc.

l1lysg · 3 years ago

Yes they should because it can stop you from concentrating in class.

gurlgmzhi7 · 3 years ago

I agree with lalalily23

gurlgmzhi7 · 3 years ago


gurlgmzhi7 · 3 years ago

gurlgmzhi7 · 3 years ago

No, because for kids need them to contact their parents especially if they are walking home by them selves and they can use it for breaks, lunchtimes and lessons if it requires them to research and to help them with their work/projects.

kitten28 · 3 years ago

I think they should be banned because smartphones just disturb our learning and people could cheat on them so no but if it is a way to contact parents or if help is needed then yes. But i don't think that most people will need a phone.

mrcoolbean · 3 years ago

No cuz kids use them for homework and their parents use them to see if they r alright at school

mrcoolbean · 3 years ago

What if u need one as part of a medical kit like to call for help if u have some sort of condition that requires occasional 111 or 999 calls

puzzlepeas · 2 years ago

I think that if the students did not have their phones they would not be able to contact their parents if something goes wrong, also they might go crazy without their phones

tj7755 · 2 years ago

Why should they?

amh11 · 2 years ago


snowbear · 2 years ago

No but only if they use them appropriately

squidsplat · 2 years ago

lol first poll

max1234 · 2 years ago

They are a big distraction for pupils.

max1234 · 2 years ago

The walk to school path isn’t on the school premises though.

maijun · 2 years ago

No cyber bullying!

osaka · 2 years ago

I think they should be banned during lessons but at break or lunch and before and after school they can use them

ameliawolf · 2 years ago

Yes because it isn't fair on all the people who don't have smartphones you could get bullied and you can still keep in contact with people on a non- smart phone

puzzlepeas · 2 years ago

I no this isn’t to do with the poll but these comments go from 6 years ago to 2 weeeks ago- and yes I think we should have them in school

rumdumdum · 1 year ago

No, it can help you

shruti_b · 1 year ago

Smartphones are necessary and therefore must not be banned from schools.

stingray1 · 8 months ago

No but there should be limitations like don't have it in class and/or hand it in to your school office at the start of the day so if you are walking home you still have your phone on you, just in case.