Should slang be banned in school?


6th October 2021

A SECONDARY school in London is banning pupils from using slang words in the classroom.

Ark All Saints Academy has produced a list of words and phrases that should not be used, including “bare”, “that’s long” and “oh my days”.

Pupils are also being discouraged from using fillers at the beginning of their sentences and instead to adopt language that is more suited to formal situations.

That means “errmmm”, “like” and “basically” are all out. Lucy Frame, the principal at the school, said the language isn’t banned when pupils are chatting socially, adding: “This list is used in some formal learning settings to help students understand the importance of expressing themselves clearly and accurately.”

The move has drawn criticism from linguists (language experts), who say it’s unfair. What do you think?


Should slang be banned in school?


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weirdcat · 2 weeks ago

No, this is ridiculous!!!

backbender · 2 weeks ago

I think it is unfair because everyone is different and slang, could be just how they are.

charlieee7 · 2 weeks ago

Slang is a part of our language in everyday speech. Banning it will alter the way we communicate with each other, which isn't fair as we have, and deserve, freedom of speech. People should be able to choose how they communicate and not be restricted by rules like this one.

unicorn432 · 2 weeks ago

No don't ban slang it helps people express themselves

delealli · 2 weeks ago

Slang isn’t necessarily offensive or rude, so why should it be banned? It’s kind of a way of expressing yourself, and for some people it’s the only way they’ve ever learnt to talk. Fillers are very natural to use, and some people are unable to stop using them, so it’s really unfair.

keyas123 · 2 weeks ago

Slang is quite hard to quit. Basically is quite hard to rule out of your life, and I think slang should be encouraged to stop but it should be your choice.

camposhii · 2 weeks ago

I personally believe slang should be allowed at school; as long as the teachers know what it means. At my high school, slang is used for students to express themselves. It's like our own language. The only problem is that some of this said vocabulary is used in derogatory comments, which is intolerable. But other than that, 'Ark All Saints Academy' should allow their pupils to use slang.

ginny09876 · 2 weeks ago

I don’t think it should be banned because people may be brought up by there parents to talk slang. And people should be able to talk how they want (obviously not rudely) so I think it should not be banned. Maybe they could discouraged but I think people can speak slang if they want to

kitkatgirl · 2 weeks ago

they can use slang if they want to they have their own wright to maybe their parents made them use slang or they were taught like that so they cant talk in any other way

aquablade · 1 week ago

I think It Shouldn't be banned because some people will be brought up with their parents speaking in slang and won't know life any other way.

tharshini · 1 week ago

It not that fair because if you needed to start a sentence.It is harder to start the sentence straight away.

katkid10 · 1 week ago

Slang is a slang word for shortened language. XD

smartbryan · 1 week ago

No because I’ll take for ever for me to explain what I want to talk about(no a joke. I take forever)

mothstar · 1 week ago

Yes. it will help people get better carriers.

marthajja · 1 week ago

No we all use slang including the teachers

tigerkid · 4 days ago

wave left the stone age expect it

tigerkid · 4 days ago


ivansp2011 · 3 days ago

It is how people talk so it is their own decision how to.