Should scientists bring back extinct animals?


8th February 2023

SCIENTISTS are attempting to bring back the dodo, a bird that became extinct in the 17th century.

You may have heard the famous expression “as dead as a dodo”. Soon, that expression may itself be dead! A US firm called Colossal Biosciences, which describes itself as a “de-extinction company”, has announced that it’s planning to use dodo genes within the body of a living relative of the bird to create a new version of the extinct species.

Genes are found in all living creatures and control how an animal grows and functions. The team behind this project are already working on reviving the woolly mammoth, which became extinct around 4,000 years ago.

But this is the first time they’ve worked on bringing a bird back. Scientists plan to work with pigeons – thought to be the closest relative to the dodo – by changing their genes to reflect aspects of the dodo. They can access the dodo’s genes by taking samples from dodo remains that have been preserved for hundreds of years.

Colossal Biosciences has raised $225 million (£190 million) since 2021 to fund its research into bringing back extinct creatures. Its founder, Ben Lamm, says that the plan would be to return the new version of the dodo to the wild in Mauritius, where it lived until its last sighting in the 1600s.

Mr Lamm says that his company’s scientific research could help with conservation efforts for species at risk of extinction. He says scientists will be able to identify aspects of those species that could be kept and adapted to keep them alive.

But not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Some scientists think we should be focused on preserving living species that are at risk of extinction. They argue that the money used to bring back dead species could be better spent protecting those that are still alive.

Others think it’s wrong to use gene editing to “play God” by bringing back long-dead creatures.

Should scientists bring back extinct animals?


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scarlet10 · 1 year ago

i think they've died out and should maybe stay like that and i think we're losing speices that are alive today and work soon keeping them alive now!

uniquestar · 1 year ago

if the Dodo became extinct that is what was meant to happen!
If we make a Dodo now in 10 years they will be making elks and all different types of extinct animals.
Whereas if it were to be for a scientific reason to learn what it was like long ago then that MIGHT be an exception.

rozmo · 1 year ago

Scientists should not be trying to bring back extinct animals . By mixing a dodos genes with a pigeons they could easily create a weird mutation of the two without meaning to . They should not be messing with nature as they do not know how much damage they could do to the food chain or how much it would affect other birds.

mothstar · 1 year ago

Extinct animals have a right to live.

splashy10 · 1 year ago

I’m sort of in the middle because I want to bring back the dodo 🦤 but I think we should save the money because what’s the use of bringing back dead species if we can’t protect them.
Overall it’s a good idea but I think we should save the idea until we are protecting other species.

laxviji@gm · 1 year ago

They're gone so they're gone. It would be unwise because something might go wrong and that would be a huge disappointment and they would have a lot of trouble adapting to the environment.

aces10 · 1 year ago

Tempting as it may be to ‘go back in time’ and see the animals that once roamed the earth, people don’t consider the impacts one species can have on an ecosystem. I watched a video recently, which said that if one predator is introduced, there will be less of its prey, and so less of the predator of that animal, as there isn’t enough food. Then the prey of the prey becomes overpopulated as there isn’t enough of it’s predator to control the population. For this reason, bringing back an extinct creature would hugely affect other animals.

aadhya_sha · 1 year ago

They should but not the harmful ones because they were extinct for a purpose

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

This may be a good idea. Maybe dodos will make a better environment. Also dodos were not supposed to die. It was because humns started killing them and they let dogs and cats destroy their eggs. It is not their fauklt they became extinct, but ours. As well as that, if they bring this species back to life, they could possibly try to do so with other extinct or endangered animals. They will be put in their natural habitat as well, meaning they won't cause trouble.

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

Aces10, how did the environment cope then when dodos were alive?

mistywater · 1 year ago

No! Yes, it was bad that we killed out dodos, but we shouldn’t bring them back, because they wouldn’t actually be dodos. The only way we could have dodos again was if there was still a few left and they bred. Otherwise, absolutely not.

goatmaster · 1 year ago

I think scientists should focus more on saving current animals than “playing god” and bringing back animals that will probably go extinct again anyway

amh11 · 1 year ago

Yes because if the scientists get the Dodo back, then they could get other creatures back like the white rhino if they go extinct.

cutiecat15 · 1 year ago

Yes but be careful, because we don’t want people to get eaten by the dinosaurs!

axapus · 1 year ago

We should not bring back extinct animals because there are animals that aren't extinct but are going extinct and we should be saving them instead. · 1 year ago

To me this is a cool idea but little weird, I mean shouldn't we be focusing on the animals we have now?

flamingo27 · 1 year ago

I am not that sure as if they did bring some back new, rare and majestic creatures would be back on our planet but however it could be dangerous.

breezy · 1 year ago

It would be nice 👍🏼 having new animals.

ministitch · 1 year ago

I think they should definitely try to bring back the Dodo as we are losing so many other species , it would be great to bring it back

max1234 · 1 year ago

Let’s not go above and beyond, like bringing back dinosaurs. I stand for yes, but not those that could cause harm/destruction to us and nature. I think dinosaurs belong in museums and films.

axolotl- · 1 year ago

I think they should as they may make a difference to the environment, a while ago there was a part in the newspaper about how mammoths could pack the ice down in the Arctic.

jesscub · 1 year ago

I think no because some animals would be bad for humankind if they were bought back but also would be able to cooperate with present day animals. However, it should be used to help animals going extinct now

mrssalt · 1 year ago

yes as long as there are no dinosaurs because some of use have never seen a dodo

jimmym · 1 year ago

No, because the animals won’t have evolved into the conditions of climate change so they will go extinct again almost immediately.

enderman10 · 1 year ago

Yes but not the dangerous ones. Also “playing god” might be a good idea because we can help Dodos to relive their lives in their natural habitats. However we would need sanctuaries in case they started becoming extinct again and they should not be domesticated as pets.

ramblebook · 1 year ago

The more animals the better!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

ramblebook · 1 year ago

Yes but let's keep them safe this time and definitely not keep them as pets!!!☺

raincloud0 · 1 year ago

No it will mess everything up they should just keep nature the way it is

kb1. · 1 year ago

That would be cool

elsamyd · 1 year ago

I don't think they should because it would throw the ecosystem out of whack. we have adapted to live without these animals so it would unbalance weaker ecosystems if they where reintroduced.

kb1. · 12 months ago

I want to see them