Should schools serve vegan burgers instead of meat versions?


25th January 2023

SCHOOLS, hospitals and prisons should serve vegan burgers and sausages instead of meat products to help tackle climate change, says a new report.

The study, by the University of Exeter and sustainability company Systemiq, found that eating more plant-based foods would mean less land is needed for livestock farming (keeping animals such as cows, pigs and sheep).

Tim Lenton from the university said that if vegan products replaced a fifth of the meat sold across the world, up to eight million square kilometres of land used for livestock farming could be used to help the climate instead.

The study also suggested that serving more plant-based foods in public places would help to make vegan products more popular and hopefully encourage changes to the global food system.

Should schools serve vegan burgers instead of meat versions?


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chaem17 · 1 year ago

I think school should still serve meat burgers, but also give the option for vegan ones as well, so that kids can have a choice what to have at lunch and enjoy it, instead being force eat a vegan burger they don't like

chaem17 · 1 year ago

I think school should still serve meat burgers, but also give the option for vegan ones as well, so that kids can have a choice what to have at lunch and enjoy it, instead being forced to eat a vegan burger they don't like

splashy10 · 1 year ago

I’m in the middle because I think that they should give the opportunity to have both.

dogcat11 · 1 year ago

I think that they should serve both because burgers are delicious but for people who are vegetarian/vegan/pesketarian it would be very helpful

fatdogslim · 1 year ago

To me there is no difference in taste so i'm fine with it,though it would be better to serve both.

15645 · 1 year ago

Schools should serve both as now slightly more people are verging towards vegan and vegetarian. But they should use good quality meat and vegetables also places who serve this food should try and reduce food mileage if they are doing this they might as well go the extra mile!

mrrickroll · 1 year ago

Yes Yes YES!!! Speaking as a vegetarian, this would be great as a step towards better vegetarian or vegan school meals! In my school personally, I have pack lunch because there is not something for me to eat everyday. A Lot of days I would have a veggie meal, but if I did not like everything, it would be very hard as I am also a type one diabetic and I would have to make up on carbohydrates.

trixx · 1 year ago

my school did vegan fish fingers instead of normal fish and chips and it was gross

uniquestar · 1 year ago

many people want to be vegan but in some places there is no option for vegan food so i think it will be good for public places to offer both vegan and meat

uniquestar · 1 year ago

it is also better for our world and by offering vegan food it will also allow for non-vegans to eat vegan food as they might try it and that is better for the planet

bananasqui · 1 year ago

I do agree we should cut down on meat but what about the costs and emissions from growing and processing the meat alternatives? Also, then there would be less protein in people's diets, meaning we would have to take supplements, which are also processed.

rozmo · 1 year ago

I think having vegan burgers at school would not only be good for the climate but would be healthier too

potterwolf · 1 year ago

They should serve both! There are vegan kids and meat eating kids. We’re all different!!

laxviji@gm · 1 year ago

vegan burgers are more environmentally friendly as they take up takes up less space, so yes but still give a limited option for meat burgers.

aces10 · 1 year ago

Although vegan burgers would be much better for the environment, many students might be reluctant to try them. For this reason, there should be an option of both, but children should be encouraged to try vegan, and be told about how it can help the environment. · 1 year ago

Schools should serve both because then everyone can be able to choose the option they prefer.

breezy · 1 year ago

I think 🤔 that schools 🏫 should serve both but for the vote 🗳 I chose veggie 🍔

max1234 · 12 months ago

I stand for both, but my school actually does serve both. I think its better with both.

kb1. · 12 months ago

Me and my sister are vegeterian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

woldhouse · 12 months ago

I definitely think schools should serve vegan burgers because they are better for our health and great for the enviroment.I am not allowed beaf and my school served beaf burgers so it would be nice to have a burger for lunch

austinj · 12 months ago

A HUGE no no. You should never have to be forced to eat a vegan option if you’re not vegan. There should be both options for normal people and vegans and vegetarians so you can choose what you want. Most students would be reluctant to try a veggie alternative but has anyone thought about the cost of producing veggie options either? I think that schools could use good quality meat when making burgers and the like, rather than simply forcing people to eat veggie alternatives.

kb1. · 11 months ago

Tey should because some people are vegan and vegeterian. Just to say i am a vegeterian.

elsamyd · 11 months ago

I think we should be given both meat and vegan burgers at school. Being peskitarian ( I eat fish but not meat ) , it is annoying when there is not a meat-free option.

elsamyd · 11 months ago

austinj vegans and vegetarians are normal people too!!!!! =)

mimi365 · 10 months ago

They should give children a choice and it would be good for vegans🍔