Should private jets be banned?


21st October 2022

GREENPEACE in the Netherlands has said that private jets should be banned all across Europe, due to their high emissions.

The call came after it was revealed how many more private flights have taken place since lockdown restrictions were eased and people started travelling again. Research firm CE Delft found that there were more private flights from airports in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the first nine months of this year as there were in the whole of 2019.

“These are luxury emissions produced by rich people,” said Greenpeace’s Maarten de Zeeuw. Many of the flights were very short distances, and to places that already have good train links or commercial flight links with the Netherlands, such as London and Paris.

Small private planes are usually quicker for the people using them, but their emissions per person are much higher than for large commercial flights.

What do you think? Should private jets be banned or should people be able to fly wherever they want whenever they want? Take part in our poll and let us know your thoughts!

Should private jets be banned?


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ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

What is the point of only transporting a person on only one airplane, if you could transport 100 people simultaneously?

aces10 · 1 year ago

In my opinion, private jets are unnecessary. They are awful for the environment, as they have extremely high emissions per person, because they hardly carry any people. People who want to travel in luxury should just travel by passenger planes, perhaps in first class. If a way can be found of reducing the environmental impact of planes, then maybe this could be reviewed in the future.

aces10 · 1 year ago

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candyapple · 1 year ago

Yes, because it is sooo bad for the environment, and can't important people just get on the same plane as the public, because that would be much better for the environment and we're all people, aren't we?

dogcat11 · 1 year ago

They should be banned because it is just more air pollution being added to all of the climate problems that we’ve already got.

blackmamba · 1 year ago

Private jets have a disproportionate impact on the amount of co2 emitted by the aeronautical industry . That is why private jets should be banned .

stingray1 · 1 year ago

They should be banded because they go a long way with only a few people on board and they polute the air for nothing really

uniquestar · 1 year ago

people should only fly if they need to otherwise they are unnecessarily poluting our air

beanie_22 · 1 year ago

In my opinion, private jets should absolutely be banned, because if you take a private jet only with you or your family in it, it will emit loads of CO2 only carrying you and other people. But in contrast, if you take a public flight, it will carry hundreds of people on only one flight, although it will still emit CO2.

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huggles · 1 year ago

They are terrible for the enviroment and you could be bringing multiple people and they waste minerals if they are just for one person.

crow13 · 1 year ago

It is bad because it leaves a carbon footprint · 1 year ago

No one needs a private jet. It is an incredibly unnecessary luxury that no one should have.

bearbear88 · 1 year ago

Yes. They should be banned because it wastes fuel if one person takes a plane just by themselves. This is bad for the planet. Even if they pay lots and lots of money, you can not buy another planet if Earth breaks apart with al of the money of the world so no. We should protect our planet as we don't have another planet to go if Earth explodes yet.

dscool · 1 year ago

I think that they should because it leaves a huge carbon footprint and impacts the environment. As well as releasing co2 in to the atmosphere of the earth.

dscool · 1 year ago

I think that they should because it leaves a huge carbon footprint and impacts the environment. As well as releasing co2 in to the atmosphere of the earth. Especially if it's only for one person your just releasing load's of horrible chemicals into the for one person.

ziggyg · 1 year ago

Its better for the environment for them to be banned.

potterwolf · 1 year ago

Even though people would have to fly with others, it would save the planet massively. Planes are one of the most polluting things so we need to stop private jets as they are just making the climate crisis worse.

swiftiecat · 1 year ago

there's no point in having them. it's a HUGE waste in materials and it definitely DOES NOT help the invoroment · 1 year ago

Yes because why do you need a private jet when it can carry lots of people.

randomico · 1 year ago


ginny09876 · 1 year ago

I think they should be banned. I get that rich people want to get to their destination quicker but at what cost? The environment is struggling enough as it is and we need to start lowering emissions. Also, the more people that use private planes the less people using normal ones meaning that loads of airlines will go out of business so loads of people will lose their jobs and less people will be able to travel abroad on holiday.

ugoose86 · 1 year ago

no way

axapus · 1 year ago

YES! We should ban them. 1 plane = 1 person? No 1 plane = as many people as it can carry!!!!!!!

swiftie · 1 year ago

I think that they shouldn’t because certain celebrities need them to stop being stalked, attacked etc,etc,etc

shruti_b · 1 year ago

Sometimes people need to get around necessarily by air travel, such as a prime minister, so I think private jets should be permitted but only to those with a special permit.

zachbuzu · 1 year ago

Only a few should be allowed