Should parents be pushier with their children?


7th December 2016

That’s what a lot of people are asking this week after a new report by the Children’s Commissioner for England was released stating that parents in the north of the country should be pushier with their children. Anne Longfield, who is in charge of the rights of all children in England, has said that parents in the south are pushier with their children and that this reflects in their performance at school. 

This has got a lot of adults talking this week, but what do you make of the comments?

Should parents be pushier with their children?


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hello123 · 8 years ago


greninja7 · 8 years ago

yeah first person to comment

greninja7 · 8 years ago

But seriously though, if they do that it will probably end up as child abuse, and children would call 0800 1111

antman7 · 8 years ago

2nd one to comment :)
Im in between Yes and No as if not the children get spoilt if Yes they might do something like call someone (greninja7)

pony · 8 years ago

Adults should be pushier or the child will not learn.

RedWombat · 8 years ago

This tears me as it totally depends on how strict parents are in each particular family. If parents are very strict then they shouldn't be pushier but if parents are being too soft and let children get away with things that could get them into serious trouble then yes. There needs to be an element of fun and independence in each young persons life and who better than parents to provide that.

k8tielou · 8 years ago

Because children are growing up with tech, they are losing the will to go otside, learn about nature and get muddy. Parents need to be pushier so thet they get off their butts, stop eating crispa and get active!!!

Hippo54 · 8 years ago

i think the question is a bit weird

sportfire · 8 years ago

I'm not sure probably a no

tincan · 8 years ago

no i do not think parents should push their children to do somthing they do not want to do but parents should encourage the children to work hard and do their best.

tiki4u · 8 years ago

Yes as children are becoming more and more spoilt.

Etonmess54 · 8 years ago

No way because a lot of parents are already really pushy. If we encouraged parents to push their kids more then they would get even pushier.

Jewab99 · 8 years ago

Parents need to have the right balance between being pushy and kind to us because otherwise we wouldn't listen to them!

oliverj · 8 years ago

i think parents are puishier enough, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

oliverj · 8 years ago

0800 1111 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ponyclub · 8 years ago

Me to oliverj

wren · 8 years ago

It is the parent's job to encourage and nurture their children, but not force them to do anything. They should talk to them about their futures and their tell them to pursue their dreams, but not be too pushy.

Rafi613 · 8 years ago

I think parents are fine as they are and the children's commissioner is supposed to stick up for children not tell parents that they should be pushier

rocker26 · 8 years ago

Personally, I would say no. But only because my parents are strict at the right times. If the child is unwell-behaved, then yes.

sockdog · 8 years ago

I think no because the more pushier your parents are the more pressure gets put on you.

ledbury · 8 years ago

I think we are fine as we are!!!

sinister50 · 8 years ago

Yes, parents should be pushier because where will we end up in the next few years!!!

unicornmag · 8 years ago

Yes because some of us behave badly and don't listen to them and they are trying to make us the best we can be.

SunChip · 8 years ago

I voted no because I don't think MY parents need to be any pushier. They already are and I appreciate this (though sometimes I may not seem to) because it helps me do better in school. I wouldn't do half as well if it weren't for them. But maybe some children need to be pushed harder to try harder at homework, ask for help if they're struggling or be more up to take part in extra curricular.

Leeandari · 7 years ago

No because lots of parents r SUPER pushy already :(

prongsii · 7 years ago

It is highly unbelievable the amount of children that sit at home all day playing games on their silly little phones at an age which I shall not share because of how horrid it is.

snowflette · 7 years ago

I know its horrible

Mae-Bush · 7 years ago

ouch thats touchy...

fergiefan · 7 years ago

A pushy parent may make their child feel more stressed and less trustful. At this point we need more friends than foes.

kc123 · 7 years ago

children need their own space and time to develop in life and build their confidence and intelligence. pushy parents aren't going to help that

chocolate1 · 7 years ago

Yes, for what the teachers have done for us, they deserve a little gift.

chocolate1 · 7 years ago

No, but if one child doesn't listen to their parents I don't blame the parents is they get pushier

dh9 · 7 years ago

u would be angry with ure parents and be annoyed

welovenews · 7 years ago


applerose · 7 years ago

If parents are too pushy then there will be too much pressure on the child but if they just don't do anything then they will get too spoilt.?

elyons9299 · 7 years ago


boo22 · 7 years ago

I think that you need to get a good balance as if your parents are too pushy then you will feel under pressure, that will effect your results. If you are not pushy then you will not bother with homework, meaning that you will not think it important to revise for big exams like your GCSEs.

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

I don't know! I guess it depends on how pushy they already are.

espion23 · 7 years ago

childline should vote

mjustice · 7 years ago

we shouldnt be scared of our parents

happy4456 · 7 years ago

It really depends on how 'pushier' their parent is. If they're really strict then no they shouldn't be stricter, but if they are too scared about what their child would think of them if they told them off, then they should get stricter. It will affect the child if they don't.

cordie · 7 years ago

i dont know. Why cant their be a yes and no

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

Although my parents are quite pushy, I know a lot of people whose parents aren't.

yanisk · 7 years ago

It depends, everyone has different parents with different strictness.

1isme · 7 years ago

Don't know

rubyrub · 7 years ago

uh uh
no no no

mjmd222 · 7 years ago

Maybe....... but mostly no

benj · 7 years ago

Children have a much easier life than they did even just 30 years ago. Children have become lazier as society has become much more child-centred. What's bad about working hard? Of course we should be more pushed, otherwise we won't do as well as our parents did.

hannahpowe · 7 years ago

In my school, I think the teachers are pushy enough.

sillygold · 7 years ago

You need to or else we just get social media addicts

pudsyears · 7 years ago

My parents are so nice I don't really no what to say because I don't want them to be pushier.

Sashgirl06 · 7 years ago

Parents don't have the right to be pushy towards their children. It will make them feel stressed out and under pressure, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

themonster · 7 years ago

noooooo nooooooo fair

eleaaylwin · 7 years ago

N.O spells no!!??

evadore · 7 years ago

I agree with Jewab99. Parents have to be pushy sometimes, but they have to have respect for their kids too, because we all have our own lives.

chocolate1 · 7 years ago

If you don't listen to what your parents say then they have the right of being a bit pushy!

shea2005 · 7 years ago

I was in the middle cuz u dont want abuse but u dont want to be really naughty

pinky123 · 7 years ago

they shouldent because children cry whrn they get told off

pony · 7 years ago

Most parents always let their grow up to be spoilt and if a parent isn't pushy with their children they may not teach their children a good life.

ninjahari · 7 years ago

IDK 'cause It depends what scenario they are in.

amelia.a · 7 years ago

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! :o

mathsisfun · 7 years ago

I would say no as we already get enough tests and we work hard and we don`t need parents shouting at us to do better as that upsets people.

stupido90 · 7 years ago


vvvv · 7 years ago


vvvv · 7 years ago

Encourage, don't push.
. .

vvvv · 7 years ago

Less pushy. Parents are the only ones trying to be pushy. If you're spoilt, learn how to cope not be spoilt. (Ignore my other comment)

norensanz · 7 years ago

nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo way

ozoz · 7 years ago

My mum is pushy enough !

d10 · 7 years ago

Being a child should be fun!

bilecks · 7 years ago

No they should let us do what we want if we ask them. THEY SHOULD LET US TRY BEING INDEPENDENT.

Sashgirl06 · 7 years ago

No, I don't think so. I think that pushy parents = lots of pressure, and putting lots of pressure on your kid(s) is NOT a good idea.

jelibean · 7 years ago

NO.They should just be gentle,maybe give them a reward after.NO.

shreddeddo · 6 years ago

some parents are pushier than others so this question depends on what kind of parent you have

P.S. 73rd to comment

katkid10 · 4 years ago

That would be really unfair to the kids, I only do this if y parents say it nicely. Is that a good thing?

austria · 1 year ago

what happens in india

austria · 1 year ago

what about the 11+