Should grown-up return to work in offices?


2nd September 2020

THIS week there’s been a lot of debate around whether people should be returning to work in offices, or continuing to work from home.

Last weekend, it was rumoured that the Government was set to launch a campaign that would call on those working from home to return to their normal places of work. The campaign was apparently set to tell workers that their jobs were at risk if they didn’t get back into offices.

A few days later, however, there were reports that the campaign was to be put on hold, after worries that a full return to work could increase coronavirus cases, which could mean that schools would have to be closed again.

Office closures have had a big impact on businesses in city centres. Both Pret A Manger and John Lewis had to cut jobs as they saw their profits fall. However, smaller high street shops have seen their fortunes rise, as people have been relying on local shops instead.

Independent SAGE, a group of independent scientists off ring COVID-19 advice, says that a return to work should have the safety of workers at its core, that workplaces should be regularly monitored, and that no-one should be punished for being unable to return to work.

The Scottish and Welsh governments are still saying that workers should only return to offices if they can’t work from home. France has said that workers can return to offices, as long as they’re wearing face masks.

Should grown-ups return to working in offices?


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p-unicorn · 2 weeks ago

no because i love my mom and I do not want her to get covid and it is so nice seeing her all the time

cheeky8 · 2 weeks ago

i'm to scared corona is going up again

codonnell · 2 weeks ago

i think it should be voluntary so you can continue to work from home until January next year or you can go into the office if you want to.

kuhuzoo9 · 2 weeks ago

First to comment

kuhuzoo9 · 2 weeks ago

Why not? I mean, schools are open so with lots of sanitation and bubbles it is possible

bourbons25 · 2 weeks ago

I think they should, as long as the appropriate risk assessments are carried out. Otherwise we may well find ourselves in a world where your colleagues are only seen through a screen. I think this would be harmful to wellbeing and future generations.

ep-22579 · 2 weeks ago

I think that during lockdown, people have proved that working from home is possible. It is safer if people worked from home. No-one wants a second spike in Covid cases.

squish123 · 2 weeks ago

It s better for them to go back. No more distractions yet if they can't go because of time issues for their child's start and finish time at school or if they are still shielding they shouldn't be forced into it. Maybe let certain people in at different times. Just to make it safe.

pickles7 · 1 week ago

I know that obviously as they go back there probs will be a spike but to be honest the government and uk can’t carry on like this so at some point things are gonna have to change as long as the precautions are taken to try and prevent the risk it needs to be done 🙂

katkid10 · 1 week ago

I think that it depends where you live and how far away your work is, one of my friend's Dads have to go 40 miles away.