Should #gentleminions be banned from cinemas?


6th July 2022

A VIRAL trend of dressing up for the latest Minions film has led to some cinemas barring any young people dressed in suits.

Although lots of people have been amused to see kids dressed up like Gru, the main character in the Despicable Me and Minions films, some have complained about people making noise and throwing things.

Some cinemas say they’ve lost a lot of money because they had to give people refunds, and that their staff have been abused by some of the young people taking part in the #gentleminions trend.

What do you think?

Should #gentleminions be banned from cinemas?


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gloria13 · 1 month ago

They should be banned as they cause disruption

flamingo27 · 1 month ago

Yes, I think they should be banned because they could intimidate other families with younger children and ruin it for others.

bluecat18 · 1 month ago

I think this should be barred as when you go to the cinema, you want to have a good experience with no disruption.

callma · 1 month ago

you esio trot

plopbecker · 1 month ago

They don’t cause as much disruption as Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone. If idiots want to be idiots let idiots be idiots. 📚

robro · 1 month ago

Some people may find it disrespectful and it will help everyone have a better time at the cinema.

marthajja · 1 month ago

I don't think they should be banned but make ruled about no things being aloud thrown around or making loud noises.

mistywater · 1 month ago

Yes, if they're causing disruption, but not otherwise.

lauren_123 · 4 weeks ago

Yes, as it causes distraction as people are just trying to watch the film but they can’t as people are throwing things and making noises. If they want to do the gentleminions trend then they should wait until it becomes available for them to watch at their house.

mangogirl1 · 4 weeks ago

Obviously you want people to have a good time when at the cinema but if it is going to cause disruption and issues, then we need to sort it out and come up with the right decision. Personally I think it should be banned.

micrad · 4 weeks ago

I believe that gentle minions should be banned from cinemas because it is ruining peoples experiences with anti-social behaviour. I think that people who are sensible and just dressing up as part of their film experience should be allowed though.

lig · 4 weeks ago

I think no, but cinemas should make rules about the throwing things and other stuff they have been doing. Also, it is nice to see that lots of kids have been supporting the new film.

trains369 · 4 weeks ago

At least they are in a controlled environments and not just on the streets plus dressing up smart should be praised as a good thing and not be banned - the cinemas should do some special screenings for anyone who wants to wear smart clothes

joshuanew5 · 4 weeks ago

no because I mean who dosent love the minions

katkid10 · 4 weeks ago

My family actually went to watch Minions and I could hear nothing. Things were being thrown and stuff kept landing in my lap. It was so annoying!!! Should be banned.

catlover15 · 3 weeks ago

They should let people dress up, but not throw things or anything

[email protected] · 3 weeks ago

it should be banned

park1234 · 3 weeks ago

Wow, 50% vs 50%, 50 vote each after I pressed yes!

pridas.20 · 2 weeks ago

If they cause disruption that might waste some of your 💸 money

annalls · 2 weeks ago

If the people enjoy it they can do it but if they cause disruption then they should be banned. They can dress up but if they make noises in the middle of the movie then it is disrespectful.

lovelymrj · 1 week ago

They make too much noise.

randomico · 7 days ago

They can dress up but you have to ban them so they don’t disrupt

uniquestar · 6 days ago

fine with me

ninja_don · 6 days ago

No because that means anyone wearing anything formal cannot watch the movie.

puncho1567 · 4 days ago

Its shouldn't be banned but if people are messing around its not fun for other people so people should do the trend as long as they behave so that everyone can enjoy themselves