Should fireworks only be allowed four times a year to help scared animals?


1st November 2019

THE RSPCA wants to cut the use of fireworks because they scare pets.

The animal charity’s Bang Out Of Order campaign calls for the shop sale and use of fireworks to be allowed only four times a year: Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

The charity also wants fireworks to be quieter to stop so many animals being spooked.

More than 100,000 people have signed petitions to cut the use of fireworks in recent years. The

RSPCA’s Claire McParland says: “We are urging the UK Government to act on this strength of feeling, which would support owners to help their animals cope at this time of year.”

Most humans enjoy fireworks, but it isn’t just cats, dogs and other pets who are upset by them. Horses and farm animals are also startled by the bangs and flashes, which can cause them to get injured on fencing.

Should fireworks only be allowed four times a year to help scared animals?


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catheaven · 1 year ago

I can’t believe I am in the newspaper! They put my comment in! It is definitely a great idea to have fireworks 4 times a year! It won’t scare pets and AND it is better for the environment!

catheaven · 1 year ago

First to comment again

kingdino1 · 1 year ago

Me get my news paper on Friday

emily4dogs · 1 year ago

I think they should only be allowed 4 times a year not just for the sake of animals but also because they harm the environment! The RSPCA should take action to prevent our poor pets from being scared all year round from unexpected fireworks!

dynamaniac · 1 year ago

I think fireworks should only be allowed 4 times a year because not only does it startle farm animals and pets it also startles wildlife. Fireworks are also a of cause noise pollution.

herbology · 1 year ago

Only having fireworks 4 times a year is a great idea because it will really help animals and the environment. It's great fun to celebrate historical events such as Guy Fawkes night but do we really have to let it impact the environment and our pets?

opsm909 · 1 year ago

we need to help animals

catfan123 · 1 year ago

I pressed on the wrong one, I think they should only be allowed four times a year, because it doesn’t just affect animals, young kids, and people who are afraid!

squish123 · 1 year ago

I think that there should only be fireworks only four times a year because it firstly helps the world, then it would help pets by not frightening them so much and finally we don't even need fireworks that often.

spacegirlg · 1 year ago

Yes because people with autism often don’t like it as well. And it’s worse for pets because they don’t have headphones to block out the sound or are able to speak to their owners to comfort them, to tell them how they feel. It is also better for the environment.

llama77 · 1 year ago

I think that fireworks should only be allowed four times a year because i have a dog of my own and I know that she is terrified of fireworks, so in November it is hard to go out in the evenings incase fireworks go off.

15rcarterr · 1 year ago

My family have recently got a puppy and there have been fireworks going off the last few nights and it is really scaring him. I think it would be a great idea to allow them just four times a year. :)

15rcarterr · 1 year ago

Second to comment.

miaowsooty · 1 year ago

I think it is great to have it just 4 times a year. I have a cat and when a firework goes off she gets very jumpy.

linecony · 1 year ago

4 times a year would be more suitable. It's unfair on animals who suffer from the loud bangs and flashes. We may like it, but fireworks are extremely bad for the environment and shortening our use of them will help reduce air pollution.

pinkmonkey · 1 year ago

Pets are SOOOO scared about fireworks. They should only be used four times a year.

unifluff · 1 year ago


thehkh · 1 year ago

I was in the newspaper a few weeks ago too! Thankyou First News!

shmoop · 1 year ago

I think that it would be an excellent idea. I own a dog, and she shakes a lot and gets really scared when fireworks are let off. Fireworks should definitely be quieter, and there should be more advice on how to help pets cope.

anju-fnews · 1 year ago

I completely agree. Fireworks come in plastic wrap which is bad for the environment and also poor animals get scared and injured! We, as humans, don't have any right to harm animals for unnecessary purposes!

mousesyd2 · 1 year ago

I think fireworks should only be available at organised events such as new years eve. To further help animals we could encourage the use of light displays instead e.g. using drones.

uniquepika · 1 year ago

I completely agree that fireworks should only be allowed on these 4 occasions- not only the animals are terrified of fireworks but people can be too. Some people live alone and if they hear fireworks often they could be scared a lot of the time and no one should have to be scared often.

gogogirl09 · 1 year ago

of course they should only be allowed 4 times a year!it is cruel on animals and some humans too.

ohmycool · 1 year ago

It should definitely only be allowed four times a year because people who don't like fireworks won't be scared and pets won't get frightened.

lilpenguin · 1 year ago

Catheaven, I 100 percent agree!

kittens23 · 1 year ago

Well done catheaven for getting your comment in the newspaper!

super5tar · 1 year ago

I think that fireworks should only be allowed 4 times a year. Many animal deaths are caused by fireworks because they die of fright, and it is unfair that they suffer all for human enjoyment.

kittens23 · 1 year ago

I think having NO fireworks won't be popular with the people, but having fireworks only 4 times is a great idea. People can celebrate the festivals and celebrations while also being kind to animals and helping reduce pollution if they do it on only the selected dates. It's an amazing idea!

tomcat68 · 1 year ago

It is a well-known fact that pets get scared by fireworks, so limiting there use would really make a great difference. :)

unicorn196 · 1 year ago

I think they should be allowed four times a year.I have a pet dog and she tends to bark at fireworks and I am really worried about her hearing.The RSPCA should be thanked for protecting my dog's hearing and other animals' hearing!.

codonnell · 1 year ago

I think that lots of animals, not only days and dogs are scared of fireworks and I don't think many people realize that while they're having fun, their pets are hiding under blankets because of the sounds.

5honypony · 1 year ago

I think yes, as not only does it scare pets, it also creates pollution

meindahuzz · 1 year ago

Most people in my area have pets so it would be good if they were restricted to 4 times a year. HAPPY DIWALI to all indians or hindus like me out there!

flodo · 1 year ago

My dog isn’t scared 😧 of fireworks but I feel sorry for the other dogs 🐶 🐕‍🦺🦮🎆🎇

Esiotrot2 · 1 year ago

My animals get very scared around fireworks

camerong · 1 year ago

The RSPCA has do e the right thing. Pets are so scared and they harm the environment. The government should be able to see the harm fireworks cause.

camerong · 1 year ago

I don't have pets but I feel sorry for the others😔🐀🐾🐇🐹🎆

aces10 · 1 year ago

I think it would be a good idea because not only does it scare pets, it also sometimes scares young children. The loud noises are quite a shock for animals so it should be banned all year round.

awhitebus · 1 year ago

they should only be aloud 4 times a year

redwolfx · 1 year ago

I have a dog who gets scared when fire works go off when we get home he’s always up stairs hiding so I think it is a good idea to have fireworks 🎇 4 times a year

sammyboy · 1 year ago

animals could be scared of it

noplanetb · 1 year ago

No, but also they can have the pet radio on which calms them down.

nyan_123 · 1 year ago

4 times a year. The poor animals will get scared!

toffeedogs · 1 year ago

I think they should be allowed all year round, I know it's important that pets get scared but people don't use fireworks that ofen and what if I was your birthday and you wunted to use some fireworks but you wert allowed. you should youse them less often I don't think there sold me a law.

But that's just what I think 😁

dontaskme · 1 year ago

My dog gets so scared and starts whimpering and stuff. It’s also really bad for the environment.

mollyboo8 · 1 year ago

(sorry it's a long one ; ) )Of course it should be only 4 times a year!!!!!! I feel immensely sorry for the pets brought to bonfire/firework night. Also, some unfortunate woodland creatures think the fireworks could be food, so they run down from wherever thy are hidden, and then, accidentally, the fireworks get set off, and those poor little things die. We should put nets around fireworks, so nothing can run into the area where they're being set off.

dechamp · 1 year ago

i think it is better all year round so we can celebrate different events even st patricks day and even other religion festivals/events such as eid

mob789 · 1 year ago

They're only satisfying for 5 seconds so there is no point by the time they are done.

bamboomilk · 12 months ago

I think it is good to let people have the freedom to do it all year round. If your pet is scared of it leave them at home or somewhere quiet where they won't hear it. Just because someone ELSES pet is scared of it doesn't mean you have the right to stop OTHERS from doing it.

latte06 · 12 months ago

Fireworks will lose their purpose and i don't like fireworks that much either

unicorn36 · 12 months ago

My dog gets really anxious because of fireworks and barks a lot. It would take a lot of stress off pets if the number of fireworks were cut down.

netball_09 · 10 months ago

There are so many reasons for decreasing the use of fireworks to just four times a year:
>it is better for the environment
>they can scare pets
>they can scare people
>elderly people can get shocked and have further problems
I love fireworks, but they would feel like more of a treat if the use was decreased.

To conclude, I think this reduction of use is a good idea and will be popular in the world of pets.
❤️❤️❤️🐶🐱🐹🐰🐭🐻love pets!

bourbons25 · 4 months ago

I think having fireworks only four times a year is an absolutely brilliant idea. Well done whoever came up with it!

badgehuff · 2 months ago

Fireworks cause pollution