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Should clapping be banned?


5th October 2018

Clapping has been banned at University of Manchester Students’ Union events, to avoid causing anxiety for some students. People are encouraged to use jazz hands instead.

Clapping has been banned at the union’s events, as some people with autism or anxiety can find the loud noises difficult to deal with.

They can feel isolated and overwhelmed – and may even face a sensory overload, which means they have take time out to calm down and adjust.

Should clapping be banned?

Should clapping be banned?


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alexanderp · 2 weeks ago

Clapping shows you are pleased.It should never be banned!

swace · 2 weeks ago

Although it sometimes hurts your hands if you clap too loudly, and it can be intimidating for people who are on stage, I think it is a good thing because it tells people that you like their performance and that you are pleased. Swace:)

uniquepika · 2 weeks ago

Clapping shows your appretiation and celebrates what people do. Clapping should not be banned!

munchie26 · 2 weeks ago

I agree with alexanderp It should NEVER be banned what is the point???????!!!

icecream2 · 2 weeks ago


natalija · 2 weeks ago

I do not think clapping should be banned as it shows the audience's appreciation and that the public is pleased.

cheezepuff · 2 weeks ago

Although it hurts your hands if you clap for too long,clapping is a wonderful way to express something your excited about or it is used to congratulate people or show your appreciation to someone so I thing it should reamain in schools and university’s .

book_girl · 2 weeks ago

Ban it because it can trigger anxiety and stress and might make special times unbearable for some people.

sunglasses · 2 weeks ago

I understand their point about autistic people, however, many places have special quiet areas. They could always get one of those. Clapping is a way people express themselves and it should not be banned.

sophia6 · 2 weeks ago

I don't know wether clapping should be banned or not because when you clap altogether it makes a loud noise Wich some people don't like but clapping also makes people proud of themselves so it boosts their confidence

batboy220 · 2 weeks ago

I don’t think it should be banned, I like clapping because it makes people happy.

billymilly · 2 weeks ago

Clapping is congratulating so we need it🙏🏻

cozmojjss@ · 2 weeks ago

No beacause if knowe claps the person may not think that you care for them

con-con · 2 weeks ago

No because if you are doing a assembly and you are really nervous you will feel happy if someone claps for you plus it shows you have tried hard and done a good job

hptigers · 2 weeks ago

When someone claps for you it makes you feel special and proud of what you have done, so clapping should not be banned. Sometimes it does hurt your hands so be careful!:)

88unicorn · 2 weeks ago

I think that shouldn’t be banned because for example it shows the person or people on stage that you like their performance and jazz hands just won’t be the same.

habbot07 · 2 weeks ago

It shouldn't be banned as even though it might build anxiety you should still clap even if you don't like what they did.That could make them feel good for what they did.

lulu28 · 2 weeks ago

Clapping shows you like what someone did or some thing like that.
In my opinion it shouldn’t be banned.

claudine · 2 weeks ago

When you are in the mood to clap and appreciate someone, you will not stop and think and start doing 'jazz hands' instead

chahou · 2 weeks ago

If someone who suffers from anxiety is in the room maybe not but otherwise clapping is amazing it shows someone you like something and whether you have a disability or not it is easy and is still as effective as giving someone a big bunch of flowers whilst being cheap. Also, if you are deaf you can see people doing it and be pleased and if you are blind you an hear it.

wondercat1 · 2 weeks ago

We don't need to quit clapping, it shows appreciation and there is no need to stop it

rosrio · 2 weeks ago

Although people can be intimidated by clapping, I think that clapping isn't really a problem.It is just a way to show that you appreciate what others are doing. No need for a fuss!

hc-524219 · 2 weeks ago

Clapping should never be banned. Why should it? It shows appreciation for those people who are performing in front of a group of people and it might have been a bit new for someone to perform for an audience. Plus, it shows that you are proud of their acts on stage and those people can be proud.

rivalgamer · 2 weeks ago

Clapping shouldn't be banned as you can use it as a sign of congratulations and appreciation. You should never be able to not allow this.

i_care · 2 weeks ago

Many of us use clapping as a way of showing appreciation to others and therefore find it ridiculous that it should be banned. However, clapping can really intimidating for some and this needs to be respected. There are many ways other than clapping which can be used to express appreciation.

oceanwaves · 2 weeks ago

I haven't voted because some people can be intimidated by clapping and have special conditions that make them react badly to loud noises (I have a friend...) but you can show your appreciation and enjoyment by clapping... perhaps people could compromise by using jazz hands as they do in the union's events now.

qwazzy · 1 week ago

I think clapping should be banned because if someone claps for one person they feel really happy but if another person comes and they don't clap for them they fell really depressed.

j.morrison · 1 week ago

It's to say well done! :) 😀

jabberjay · 1 week ago

Clapping is a way of making noise, you can make noise by speaking, so why should clapping (another way of making noise) be banned?

jabberjay · 1 week ago

I agree j.morrison!

dogsrock16 · 1 week ago

clapping is good because it shows that the other people did well and it makes people pleased and happy.

shpee · 1 week ago

No, clapping shouldn't be banned. Also, I can't help but feel that people would be more anxious if a bunch of people silently waved their hands around instead of clapping.

yellowhat · 1 week ago

Sign of happiness

epice4 · 1 week ago

I don't think so. If people start to not clap, the people on stage may be upset or think they're rude and did not like their performance. I think that the "clapping" noise creates a positive, buzzing atmosphere.

gwynfryn · 5 days ago

No way clapping is amazing

o2008 · 5 days ago

Clapping is good!! I mean jazz hands as a replacement?That would make me even MORE embarrassed!!

kcaj · 4 days ago

what a load of tosh

owly · 4 days ago

I think you should explain beforehand if you don't like clapping, but other people might find clapping rewarding so clap for them instead.

sisi · 4 days ago

I think that clapping is something literally everyone does, but maybe we should just be a bit more aware of other people and stuff

skyangel · 4 days ago

I agree with alexanderp. Clapping show u are pleased.

rocky7777 · 4 days ago

clapping is encouraging

bobalob · 4 days ago

No because even though it makes a loud noise and some people don't like it with other people it boosts their confidence.

agentlord · 3 days ago

are you crazy

scullyxf52 · 3 days ago

Jazz hands are cool! :) And if it stops people feeling really anxious that's a good thing

Umbrella4 · 2 days ago

I can see why it would be banned, but it shows your appreciation for that persons achievement!

mus1c · 2 days ago

I don’t think clapping should be banned as it is a way to show your support and praise someone

mus1c · 2 days ago

Clapping shouldn’t be banned as it is away to show support and praise people

love_life6 · 2 days ago

I don't think clapping should be banned. I think it shows people your apperception and it's a good way to show how pleased you are with they have done

flossingg · 2 days ago

It's Good that they did what was right for the students.