Should Cats be Allowed Outside?


26th September 2016

A debate has been going on in the USA since a 2013 study by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center said that cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion small mammals every year in the US. Some people think that cats shouldn’t be allowed outside to protect other animals. What do you think?

Should Cats be Allowed Outside?


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HBaggins · 8 years ago

no because they could get lost.

HBaggins · 8 years ago

they could get killed

HBaggins · 8 years ago

they will put up LOST signs

HBaggins · 8 years ago

they poo in other peoples gardens.

HBaggins · 8 years ago

you'll never see them

HBaggins · 8 years ago


HBaggins · 8 years ago


SuperAl · 8 years ago

They should just keep an eye on their cats. Otherwise it's not fair on the cats! It should be a basic cat right to be able to go outside.

hfrules · 8 years ago

I don't think they should be let to go out in public places as they scratch cars and sometimes leave mess around. But they can be let out in their gardens or their homes.

felixyates · 8 years ago


RockyTabbs · 8 years ago

I have cats in the UK, they're safe and also don't kill many birds, so the same in the USA can occur.
They also need to go outside to go walking and playing.

macawaca · 8 years ago


Lapa · 8 years ago

cats are living things just like you and me. Imagine if we couldnt go outside and were locked inside all day. How would you feel?

nickmoo · 8 years ago

keep carm and love cats

snoopy22 · 8 years ago

I think they should be allowed to play in the gardens of their owners but not in public without any owner.

antrabbit · 8 years ago

Cat owners should keep an eye on their cats, but the cats have to go outside!

painting · 8 years ago

Cats used to be on there own in the wild, why should they be kept inside all the time

Jo Salt · 8 years ago

they need exercise

TF11 · 8 years ago

When will they get fresh air?

charlieh · 8 years ago

Cats are really clever animals and know where their home is

Smile122 · 8 years ago

Absolutely YES they should be allowed outside. I, for one love cats and mine just lives for the outdoors and exploring. It would be so unfair on her and all others to ban them from doing what they love

flameemily · 8 years ago

Yes, dogs are and even though dogs do not go as far away from their house cats are basically the same. Just animals that need to go outside.

rafaruls · 8 years ago

just yes. its cat rights

Fluffycute · 8 years ago

because the need to have some fresh air.

chazfret · 8 years ago

They should, because imagine what it would be like if humans were not aloud outside, you would not like it would you and thats the same with cats

beardy · 8 years ago

If they didn't they would be couped up inside . Everybody knows that cats are curious creatures and its perfectly natural far a cat to kill an animal as thats what they would of done if they were in the wild

sasabanks · 8 years ago

Cats are independent and although sometimes they can die? cats are generally are outside

kanerikson · 8 years ago

The cats want to go outside and we aren't letting them. Imagine if a cat didn't let you leave the house!

rosie144 · 8 years ago

cats should definitly be allowed outside, however I believe that owners should keep an eye on their pets to make sure they don't come to harm or cause destruction.

nemo8cool · 8 years ago

They are very active and it would be harsh of us not to let cats go out.

oddiegigi · 8 years ago

cats have rights too they should be let outside
they also need exersize

millychops · 8 years ago

I think that cats should be allowed outside because they need space to run around and be themselves.

munchkinme · 8 years ago

They should because it's their nature and they have been on this planet for a long time.

enzo · 8 years ago

they are killing birds

maisie.05 · 8 years ago

They should be allowed outside because its their time to be free, if you have a good yard that is fenced off and they can't escape and nothing can get in then the cat is fine!

VEER · 8 years ago

Give CATS their freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1isme · 8 years ago

if we r allowed out-side why shouldn't cat?

GeeMee · 8 years ago

They are animals not just pets. It is like saying dogs aren't allowed walks outside.

catoes · 8 years ago

Yes because lots of cats need that fresh air my cat wouldn't live is she didn't go outside and what if they need the toilet your house will stink.

prongsii · 8 years ago

Yes but you must give them like a garden with super high walls · 8 years ago

they should because if cats aren't allowed outside then they will get really annoyed looking outside but not being allowed out, they shouldn't be allowed on roads or in other peoples gardens and if you don't think you could handle them bringing in animals or birds then get a dog

bluehair11 · 8 years ago

I think it is only fair that cats are allowed outside.

rocker26 · 8 years ago

Personally, I think cats should be allowed outside so that they can get fresh air and freedom.

Spellpunkt · 8 years ago

If a cat is allowed outside for most of its life, then, all of a sudden, a person comes along and says 'Hey, my dog doesn't like cats so let's think up an excuse to ban them from being allowed outside.' Then that isn't fair on the cat, because it can look out the window at what it used to roam, but it can't anymore because of one person's stupid idea.

elephant19 · 8 years ago

I think yes because otherwise they are trapped inside with nothing to do.

Milkyway11 · 8 years ago

Yes cat's should be allowed to go outside. It is in cat's nature to kill animals for food, just like humans kill animals for their food!

shea2005 · 8 years ago

I think that most cats should be aloud outside but if they are aggressive then the shouldn't

Etonmess54 · 8 years ago

Its not fair on cats. They should be allowed.

mjustice · 8 years ago

They are animals they derserve to be out side .

mjustice · 8 years ago

That's what makes nature beutifull

jennia · 8 years ago

Cats need fresh air too. They cannot live inside all the time!

racheli · 8 years ago

If the cat knows its way around, why not?

carlo · 8 years ago

I think cat's shouldn't be aloud outside because I live in the UK and someone lives in a house behind me and they have cat's and dogs and they let them out into the garden and there is a way for the animals to come into my garden and the owner is careless i live on the grand Drive and the cat in the house behind my garden keeps coming and once ate my best pair of yellow and black shoes a month back and a couple of weeks back the dog from the house behind once came and lay his bone my garden but the cat comes at LEAST three times a day to my garden so I vote no cat's shouldn't be aloud outside and just because I live in the UK doesn't mean the cat's won't have a chance of doing it in america so that's a full explanation on why I vote no saying I think cat's shouldn't be aloud out of their homes and someone else commented on how you would feel if you weren't aloud outside and have no fresh air all day well my answer to that question is I'd love not to go outside because I hate going outside for walks and strolls and runs and all those kind of things so that would be my reason to why I voted no cat's shouldn't be aloud outside their homes and also they can get lost and also the cat in the house behind me also goes into both of my neighbours houses and attracts squirrels to my house and both of my neighbours houses.

k.g · 8 years ago

Cats should have the right to wander around. Imagine it being one of us not being able to go outside, I personally think that they should have freedom

larkat · 8 years ago

How would we like it if we couldn't go outside and we kill more things than cats anyway.

pottercorn · 8 years ago

No, Because foxes could eat them. Or get run over by a car, i would put them on a lead and take them outside.

pinkangel · 8 years ago

I don't thinks so because they are not like dogs and could get lost.Also some people are scared and allergic to them.

twirl · 8 years ago

they should be let outside so they can have fresh air ,if you don't want them to get lost get a cat flap

JenniferAl · 8 years ago

If you don't let them be a cat that is cat-cruelty. (not a word) ;D

alex_ac · 8 years ago

cats in urban areas are crucial in keeping down the rodent population. This question is just as justifiable as asking should spiders be allowed to build webs because the spiders in turn kill billions of flies.

myrtle10 · 8 years ago

Cats were made for going outside. My cat doesn't go out and she is very fat! She is called Myrtle (like my username)

gracie777 · 8 years ago

there is no reason that cats cannot go outside. if they were collars that have bells on it is practically impossible for them to catch birds

opb10 · 8 years ago

While cats might kill other animals, they are part of our ecosystem and in a world where everything is artificial, a natural addition can't hurt.

kimk · 8 years ago

yes and no ... because cats get lost or killed by car with out any protection ,.
But they still have the rights to go out..

Mae-Bush · 8 years ago

i do have two cats and i know how much they love playing outside.

them being lost is a risk you have to take

Mae-Bush · 8 years ago

them being lost is a risk you have to take

Mog18 · 8 years ago

cats should be allowed outside because if they were not allowed outside they wouldn't understand the world around them.

Splerin · 8 years ago

its like saying humans aren't aloud outside cats are alive too

Perpetua · 8 years ago

it would be mistreating the cat if it wasn't allowed to go outside it would be like caging it up

bluehair11 · 8 years ago

as long as people keep an eye on them, cats should be allowed outside. :)

izzyawesom · 8 years ago

I think it's quite mean keeping little kitties inside allllll day. Well.. Super young kittens shouldn't go out beacause they could get injured. But keeping them inside all their lives is cruel. C'mon!

roar2006 · 8 years ago


sc0rp10ns · 8 years ago

Yes, because they do have freedom as much as we do.

musicer700 · 8 years ago

It's part of their [cats'] nature to go outside. What if we weren't allowed outside? That would be awful!!!

podoo · 8 years ago

They are wild animals! Why should they stay inside, poo on your carpet and shred up your furniture?

mabel11 · 8 years ago

Yes because cats like to roam free.

superdude9 · 8 years ago

They should be allowed outside because they shouldn't be restricted to where the go. On the other hand, if you live on a busy road you need to make sure they don't get hurt.

tinkle · 8 years ago

I believe cats are allowed to go outside because big cats are wild so the moggys have to follow their instincts. I have a cat and when she runs in the house sometimes she breaks something and the reason she is around the house is because she is a cat.

I know it is a risk you have to take.

I have lost my cat 3 times but the longest time I have lost her was 3 days and I had her for 6 years.
but let them in the garden not the street.

mjmd222 · 8 years ago

Give them their freedom!! :(

superllama · 8 years ago

It's natural for them to be outside

ktill123 · 8 years ago

HBggins it true they can get lost · 8 years ago

Yes because they need fresh air and time to play outside.
I have two cats and let them go outside every day, I think it's quite cruel to not let them outside ? · 8 years ago

Even if they do kill animals its there instinct to hunt, think of lions and tigers, there predators so you can't stop them from hunting. If they know there way around and can get back home then I don't see any proper reason why they shouldn't be aloud outside

carlo · 8 years ago

YAY! I voted the 200th no

penguinpal · 8 years ago

I believe cats should be allowed outside because it is vital that cats have exercise, and it is natural for cats to kill birds and rodents, as that is part of the food chain. · 8 years ago

I agree with lapa, macaw act and rockytabbs

giggles456 · 8 years ago

I think they should stay outside as long as they have a collar, so it reduces loss. Also, to protect the wild animals, you could put electric fencing around where the animals live, so the cats can't get in and the animals inside can't get out into danger

fear239 · 8 years ago

Cats are living things, and it's part of nature for them to kill small mammals/birds. So allow nature to do what it does!
Cats also have a right to do what they want. No-one likes being locked up for life! They'd lose an important Vitamin D, which comes from the sun.
So, vote YES!

pippolino · 8 years ago

They should be allowed outside because it is their freedom

LeoCOOL · 8 years ago

WHAT?!!! I can't believe there is even a poll for this tat is so sad ?. i❤️my cat he is sooooo cute?

jimvinegar · 8 years ago

Because they live a life of their own

jingru · 8 years ago

I think cats should be allowed to go outside because they need exercise and fresh air.

goldstar3 · 8 years ago

This is tough because cats cause a lot of havoc when they go outside but to keep them inside would be unfair on the cats.

Elizapoppy · 8 years ago

Ofcorse cats should be aloud outside they are wild animals and its part of the circle of life for birds to be killed and things because that's what they do. In the wild they wouldn't be kept indoors would they?? And they can get lost or killed but it's also cruel to keep non-house-cats indoors.

farlington · 8 years ago

They need to live at least SOME of their life outside

gscornmell · 8 years ago

Cats should be allowed outside!!! People might say no they shouldn't because the could get killed or lost but then that's like saying we're not allowed outside because we could get lost or killed. I have a kitten who has recently had his vacations and will soon be allowed outside. I am worried about his safety all the time but if they were stopped from going outside we have taken away their freedom, I think cats have the right to go outside. ??

gscornmell · 8 years ago

Why should cats have to stay indoors when we go outside, we don't say " Oh no! Birds shouldn't be allowed outside because they could get stuck, poo in someone else's garden or get killed!"
Deal with it! Cats don't stop us going outside just because we don't want them to poo on the carpet or scratch the sofa they just let us do what we want even if we don't always do what they want. Why should cats have to put up with being stuck in the house just for our satisfaction, cats should be allowed outside but their owners need to keep an eye on them to prevent them from causing damage and destruction.

If you agree put #FREEDOM FOR CATS in your comment
P.S I live in the UK but I send luck to all the cats and kittens in the U.S.

sangn08 · 8 years ago

Yes it's a cats right to be able to go outside maybe if the owners just looked after them more.then the birds would be fine

65horses · 8 years ago

It would be animal cruelty if we didn't let our cats outside. Imagine how you would feel you weren't allowed outside for you're whole life. I know that there is too many stray cats in the world but if everyone microchipped their cats, the problem would be solved.

CatLover01 · 8 years ago

Of course they should! It's in a cat's nature, to explore around! They would be UTTERLY bored if we didn't let them out.

greninja7 · 8 years ago

As much as I love stroking stray cats, I hate it when the poo in my garden.

espion23 · 8 years ago

i think greninja7 is right YUKK!

osiantowns · 8 years ago

The amount of small rodents and birds they kill now is actually less than they would in the wild. It's sad but that's the way life is.

beatbox137 · 8 years ago

Yes, but no because if you let them wander a round free, they could get caut in some rubbis people leve on the floor(and mabey eaven die)and yes because they nead to get fresh air.
Why cant they be treated like dogs?

CATz01 · 8 years ago

Yes. This should be a BASIC cat right. We are allowed outside. It is only right to let them too as they are living things.

Dylster888 · 8 years ago

Yes my gran doesn't let her cat out and when someone comes to the door she runs out and it takes 20 od minutes to get her back

evebuckley · 8 years ago

There should be a cats fight to be free and go outside. Imagine if there was cats rights.????

evebuckley · 8 years ago

I agree with 65horses

backrolkid · 8 years ago

i think they should because they need FREEDOM

backrolkid · 8 years ago


backrolkid · 8 years ago

``Because they live a life of their own``

tpalmer · 8 years ago

I think that cats should still be allowed outside because if they were to be banned forever from going outside then it would be very unfair. It looks like this is a complicated issue.

oliverj · 8 years ago

you have got to remember the food chain in this. cats eat birds and small mammals, and they eat living things as well.

gaggy116 · 8 years ago

not sure

kitten10 · 8 years ago

Yes because all cats need exercise but they should know where home is before you let them out

Hippo54 · 8 years ago

A cat needs to go outside because its their nature. Its not nice when they bring in mice and birds though. I should know Ive got 12 cats and only one doesn't hunt anymore.

Hippo54 · 8 years ago

keep calm and LET CATS BE CATS!!!

natella · 8 years ago

All animals should be free, not stuck in a house!!

Kids1 · 8 years ago

cats deserve freedom.

minijeff · 8 years ago

I think it is a cats right to go outside so I say yes!

TSHD789 · 8 years ago

Cats would much rather be outside than inside, and I don't see why you shouldn't let them out.

SunChip · 8 years ago

Letting cats out may be cruel to the birds, but keeping them in would be cruel to them! I think cats should definitely be allowed outside but owners should be responsible. Putting a bell on their collar means birds or mice are more likely to hear them coming.

Leeandari · 7 years ago

I think that it is cruel 2 trap cats inside because they need to get fresh air and exercise :)

Leeandari · 7 years ago


ponyclub · 7 years ago

Not sure

dh9 · 7 years ago

cats are nice they wouldn't like it

catonclan · 7 years ago

They might get lost. :-(

babytiger · 7 years ago

It is crazy to keep cats inside its like the world wanting Donald trump as president any way keep cats inside too long and you don't look after them they could die!

Just a Question Hbaggins why do you not like cats {etc you said they poo in other peoples garden yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coolguy · 7 years ago

They need freedom and by the way I like dogs way more???????

bluelion · 7 years ago

They should be allowed, everybody shares the world. The only thing is, they should only be allowed in their gardens. Once a cat climbed over my fence, peed in the plants and they all died from the stinking wee. Yuck!!!!!!!

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

I think cats should at least get a fairly large certain outside area if being forced to become house cats.

Sparkle09 · 7 years ago

Yes, they could wander off, but that is part of their natural instinct.

clothie · 7 years ago

They should be outside and staying outside!

happy4456 · 7 years ago

Yes, yiou'll be holding them in captivity if you don't. The owners will just have to keep a special eye on them just in case!

cordie · 7 years ago

i don't know

ZENCE40 · 7 years ago

what's wrong with cats a bit of fresh air? It wouldn't be fair to make them stay inside all the time!

yanisk · 7 years ago

think you should let cats go outside because that's were they spend half of their life, its natural.

yanisk · 7 years ago

OK, cats can kill animals, but humans kill many more animals with global warming, pollution and habitat destruction so we cannot blame cats for killing animals when we accidently kill more!

teamgorbo1 · 7 years ago

I think they should be allowed outside in the day but not at night.They are very destructive to wildlife and harm other animals.There should be a curfew!

arian · 7 years ago

They need to be free

orangebob9 · 7 years ago

Of course they should.They are living creatures like us and we are aloud out side aren't we?So why take away a cats freedom.It's like saying to another person"Oh you can't have cake because you've got green eyes."If you've got green eyes and you think that cats aren't aloud outside then think of my example because everyone likes cake.If you don't you are obviously mad.

scottdaw73 · 7 years ago

Of Course otherwise its animal cruelty! I would call the RSPCA if my parents didn't let my cat outside

scottdaw73 · 7 years ago


ms12345 · 7 years ago

no because they could have a fight with other cats and thats horrible

ms12345 · 7 years ago

no because they could have a fight with other cats and thats horrible

hannahpowe · 7 years ago

It's like banning humans from going outside because we might get lost!!!

IsabelH · 7 years ago

YES I am very serious about it because I love cats and I have two of my own. They are just like a human they need to go outside for exesize and be free. Also it is their nature to go and kill rats, mice and birds so don't get angry at them that is what they do. They are only a cople of months old and they brought in a extremely quite small bird I felt sorry for it.
It was quite a surprise because we just got home from my swimming lesson and there was feathers everywhere!!!!! My brother was like Ha Ha Ha because he thought it was of my teddy but actually it was a dead bird.

IsabelH · 7 years ago


ernie4545 · 7 years ago

I agree with HBaggins

inny · 7 years ago

I think that cats should be able to have fun outdoors and play to get exercise.

eleaaylwin · 7 years ago

yes or they won't get fresh air + they can be micro chipped incase they get lost

evadore · 7 years ago

It's difficult. I put 'yes' because I don't think it's very fair to keep an animal locked up inside for the rest of its life. But cats can be trouble - they attack birds, they can get run over, and they sneak into other people's gardens. Maybe making a high fence around your garden so your cat can't get out is a good idea?

greenlemon · 7 years ago

Yes. They are living animals

rosiemeat · 7 years ago

My cat gets all grumpy in the winter when it is too wet for him to go outside and play and that means he does things like scratching and biting us because he hasn't had enough exercise. Now he knows that the outside exists he would get VERY angry at anyone who says that he can't go outside.

girlywirly · 7 years ago

They do their business in other people's gardens and if you have a dog it is a nuisance!!!!

Sneaky · 7 years ago

They should be but not to often

sherbet010 · 7 years ago

Think of the little birds and other animals

sherbet010 · 7 years ago

Cats are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dreads · 7 years ago

yes because, they need their space in the open and no because, 2 days in a row my cat killed 1 rabbit and 1 mouse I cant decide but to be fair cats are KILLERS

ASA · 7 years ago

owners should take more care of them....!!!!!!!!!

ozoz · 7 years ago

They'll easily wonder off & never come back.Then they'll turn into stray cats & I don't want that to happen because there are billons of them in my area so for me seeing one is normal.Also there should be more cat charity shops.

humzie · 7 years ago


seadolphin · 7 years ago

I think that cats should be allowed to be in the majority of public places.

dustydom4 · 7 years ago

Cats are a danger to our public buildings, as they are highly likely to be animal vandals, because they might well to scratch old, antique woodwork.

unicornfan · 7 years ago

My cat is a hunter? but he would be sooooooo miserable if he was kept inside. I vote Yes!

unicornfan · 7 years ago

I love my cat ?

ggg · 7 years ago


elliefn123 · 7 years ago

They should because if I were a cat I wouldn't like to be cooped inside everyday!?

moggle12 · 7 years ago

They should be allowed outside because it's cruel to keep them inside all the time because they would get bored and animals aren't naturally kept inside.

oceangirl · 7 years ago

Cats should be allowed outside if they want to

oceangirl · 7 years ago

Cats should be allowed outside if they want to . We are not in control of cats or any other pets,well we sort of are but you know what I mean.

oceangirl · 7 years ago

We are not in control of cats or any other pets,well we sort of are but you know what I mean.

leahpanda4 · 7 years ago

In the U.K. Cats are allowed outside and generally they are fine. Maybe once every couple of months a cat gets lost but most cats (if they're kept inside until they're a certain age when they know how to fend for themselves) they are fine, all of my cats - I have 3 - don't cross roads and stay on our street, cats should have the right to go outside they're not dumb.

hptigers · 7 years ago

I think yes. My bf has one and she lets it go outside

bellecat96 · 7 years ago

It would be cruel not to let cats outside. They like to explore and by keeping them in the the house they will become unhappy. If you don't want to let a cat outside, don't get a cat: they are independent and they like to hunt and do what is natural to them.

flameemily · 7 years ago

They are cats! Animals! They need freedom! If you do not want cats in your garden then make your garden so they stop coming in. If you live near a busy road then do not get a cat or be careful where it goes. They can get lost and killed but it can be prevented with microchips and keeping them safe. The problem about them hunting can be fixed as well. Cats to most of their hunting at night so owners should just let them out during the day and play with them so they do not want to hunt as much.

wiseowl49 · 7 years ago

Of course, why not.
Cats love running around outside.

wiseowl49 · 7 years ago


jelibean · 7 years ago

They should have their own right.

oceangirl · 6 years ago

That would not be fair on the cats ? . I mean they need to be allowed outside

flameemily · 6 years ago

People can get lost, they fight with other people, they can be hit by cars, they can be killed, they can go into and damage other people’s property way more than cats, some people leave rubbish everywhere. People are allowed outside so cats should be allowed as well

sealover13 · 6 years ago

Yes because people have freedom so why not cats? And maybe dogs should have freedom too. They should be microchipped though so if they get lost their owners can find them again

sealover13 · 6 years ago

Also it’s a cats natural instincts to prowl around outside and hunt. It’s what their ancestors did-they lives in the wild and didn’t have owners.

ravens · 6 years ago

Yes but you should keep them in at night as they could kill more animals as they are more active and they could get hit by a car as drivers find visibility limited at night.

h@rry679 · 6 years ago

Cats are natural predators, they're going to kill something in their lifetime.

pawsomecat · 6 years ago

Yes they need fresh air

oceangirl · 6 years ago

OMG of course it would be cruel to not to let cats go outside

munchie26 · 6 years ago

What the frick is wrong with not letting cats outside because thats what they naturally do!!!!!!!!

ari_anitor · 5 years ago

To all the people who say that they will get lost, if you drove about 1-2 miles from your house the cat will be able to find it’s way back home

kizzwizz · 5 years ago

Can get outside????????can’t get outside?

sammyboy · 5 years ago

say cat caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

lotussk8er · 5 years ago

Cats roam around my back garden and it’s my family who has to tidy it up, not the owner

firekid5 · 5 years ago

It is a right of cat existence!

wireskid · 4 years ago

It is against cat rights to not be able to go outside. They should be able to go outside, my cat would hate to not be allowed outside. Outside means the garden so why shouldn't they be allowed into the garden?

wireskid · 4 years ago

What about wild cats? They live off things like mice and if you keep petted cats inside what about wild ones?

cakelover1 · 4 years ago

they should pooo out side

lunagrang · 4 years ago

sorry 4 being mad i just can’t take it that so many ppl think cats should be kept inside

epicflame · 3 years ago

I have a cat and comes back every day so i vote yes ani my has only nearly killed 1 bird cause I saved the bird

weirdcat · 3 years ago

YES! cats should definitely be allowed outside. There are collars that cat owners can buy that have a little bell attached and it scares away birds and mice before they can be eaten.

weirdcat · 3 years ago

Also, does anyone else hear those noise maker things that some people call mosquitoes? Most of them are these little boxes planted in the ground with motion sensors on them

bdl10 · 3 years ago

Yes because that is where they go to be free and to play. I have two cats and they both go out whenever they like. I think that people should have the option whether they want to or not.

max1234 · 2 years ago

I think it’s cruel to keep cats indoor. Although it isn’t the safest, but they deserve freedom.