Should Boris Johnson stay on as prime minister?


9th June 2022

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson got to keep his job after winning “a vote of confidence” in his leadership on Monday evening (6 June).

The vote was held because 15% of Mr Johnson’s own Conservative Party MPs wrote a letter saying they didn’t think he was the right person for the top job any more. This followed a series of problems for the prime minister, including a row about illegal gatherings at Downing Street during lockdown.

Mr Johnson needed 180 votes to win the vote of confidence in him – half of his 359 MPs plus one more. In the end, he got the support of 211 MPs.

But 148 MPs, around a third, didn’t vote for him, which might start to make his job more difficult.

Some people in the Conservative Party are against Boris Johnson because they are worried that the public’s view of him has gone down since rules were broken in Government buildings during lockdown. Mr Johnson was fined for attending a birthday party held for him in Downing Street.

After the vote, Mr Johnson said he thought “it was a good result for politics and for the country. I think it’s a decisive result and what it means is that, as a government, we can move on and focus on the stuff that really matters… such as helping people with the cost of living crisis.”

But Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said Conservative MPs weren’t listening to the people of Britain and that Boris Johnson is “unfit to be prime minister”.

The last prime minister before Boris Johnson, Theresa May, won a confidence vote by 200-117 votes in December 2018. She carried on but quit the job six months later as more MPs turned against her.

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Do you think Boris Johnson should stay as prime minister?


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0039.kapsc · 3 weeks ago

I do not think that Boris Johnson should be the prime minister because he has not been following his rules and we can not meet relatives

anonymous8 · 3 weeks ago

I said no because the public said he is a lawmaker and a lawbreaker. If he continues to break laws that he has made, UK will lose its credibility.

candyapple · 2 weeks ago

No, he shouldn't. He has completely lost the trust of me, and most of Great Britain. We need sensible people running the country, such as Sue Gray. Mr Johnson knew that the whole country was in lockdown, yet, he still went to the pub and had a party when everyone else couldn't leave their houses unless they had to.

squeezjoos · 2 weeks ago

I dont think so because if his own party disagrees with him then that cannot be a good sign . I also disagree with alot of his decisions on various topics. However he has done well on getting votes and that may help him if there is a reelection.

oceangirl · 2 weeks ago

He has lied to the British public time after time and yet refuses to resign. How can the British public have confidence in him? The ministerial code was created assuming the PM would uphold it. However our PM is not. He held parties when we weren’t allowed to. The least he could do would be to tell the truth. Therefore, he should resign as PM.

vishy_11 · 2 weeks ago

why should he?

ea-134328 · 2 weeks ago

I think he should stay on as he has helped us a lot over the past few years and why should the prime minister change?

pumpkin135 · 2 weeks ago

I don’t think Boris Johnson should continue to have the role as prime minister. He was the one who set the rules and others followed these and it was a tough time for everyone. He then went and broke the rules he set himself with punishments for the crimes he had broken himself, I think people will then not trust him to be the prime minister and set the rules we all have to follow.

ivansp2011 · 2 weeks ago

He should. Even though he had a bit of a party in a pub, it doesn't mean he has to resign just because of it (even though it was unfair). However the UK is coping somehow, and nothing happened which made the public too upset. It would be unlikely he will win next elections though.

chaem17 · 2 weeks ago

He will be NEVER ENOUGHH, NEVER , NEVER, NEVER ENOUGHHH. As you can see from my song, he will never be good enough to be Prime Minister, for even the least trustworthy people don't throw parties the day before a funeral, as well as that being an illegal thing to do. I personally think Keir Starmer should be voted for, as we should try him out instead of staying with old Boris the Bearded Collie.

lig · 2 weeks ago

I think that Boris Johnson should quit being the Prime minister because everyone is turning against him and so eventually no one will vote for him. Also, he is breaking laws that he himself has made.

marthajja · 1 week ago

He has broken the rules he made so he shouldn't stay

sunnysmilz · 1 week ago

He made rules to keep us safe and told us we had to keep them. The police fined people for breaking these rules. Now it turns out that Boris Johnson broke his own rules and he wasn’t even the one who admitted to it at first. How can we let our country be ruled by a man who can’t even keep his own rules?He has betrayed our trust yet is still allowed to stay prime minister. Is this really fair?

mangogirl1 · 1 week ago

I don’t think he should. No one wants a prime minister who you are unable to trust fully.

max1234 · 1 week ago

I don’t think he should because of having a party in lockdown is against the law. He isn’t the Queen who is above the law. It’s just not right.

foxygirl · 1 week ago

He forgot vulnerable children who have poor health and making sure their mums or dads could keep them home safe.

mistywater · 1 week ago

No because he wasn't following covid-19 rules and he was telling us to.

mrbabyyoda · 6 days ago

He’s had parties when we were told not to. How can you be a responsible prime minister when your breaking your own laws? · 6 days ago

Boris Johnson should definitely not stay as prime minister. He makes bad decisions and lies to us.