Should balloons be banned from UK beaches?


1st March 2023

A BEACH in California is banning the use of balloons, to help tackle wildfires and pollution.

From 2024, people visiting Laguna Beach won’t be able to take balloons on public property or to city events.

That includes normal or helium balloons bought for parties, birthdays and graduation ceremonies, but people can still use balloons at home. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be fined.

Campaigners have welcomed the news, saying it will be a big help to wildlife and the environment.

Foil balloons often get tangled in power lines, causing power cuts and fire risks. They’re also dangerous to animals, who mistake them for food, and they create litter and pollution.

Do you think that balloons should be banned from UK beaches too? Let us know in the comments?

Should balloons be banned from UK beaches?


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splashy10 · 12 months ago

It’s a danger to wildlife so they should ban them. It’s important to protect wildlife.

eleran · 12 months ago

As we are in the middle of a climate crisis. So we should be doing everything in our power to stop plastic going in our see. So by allowing ballons to be in our beaches then people may litter and pollute our oceans

randomico · 12 months ago

I think we’ll survive without balloons outside

first@news · 12 months ago

Yes, of course they should be banned from 🇬🇧 beaches

rabbit789 · 12 months ago

yes because whats the point you don't need a balloon at a beach

fidgetgirl · 12 months ago

No because as long as you are responsible for it then it doesn't harm wildlife or anyone.

potterwolf · 12 months ago

No! I don’t think they should because if someone loves the beach and wants to have their birthday party there then they can’t have any balloons! Maybe they could make a ‘balloon lisence’ so there could still be balloons

axolotl- · 12 months ago

I'm not actually sure, it's a good wildlife saving cincept but it is how people do make money, I am currently on team wildlife at the moment though.

dolphin26 · 12 months ago

I think balloons should be banned from beaches for two reasons:
1. If someone careless brought a balloon to the beach and let it go, it floats out to sea and wildlife can die really quickly with only one balloon.
2. If some child (or anyone) leaves it on the beach, then the seagulls think it's some kind of jellyfish, and they eat it and choke on it.

aces10 · 12 months ago

The issue isn’t with balloons, it’s with them being released and flying into nature. If, for example, they were put onto wristbands to avoid them accidentally being let go, it would make a huge difference, without taking away the fun of balloons.

pridas.20 · 12 months ago

I am in the middle for it is all right of you take care,but it is better to be on the safe side.

uniquestar · 12 months ago

Definitely! We must take action and do all that we can to keep our environment healthy. From the smallest balloon to the largest solar field, everything counts!

duolingo · 12 months ago

I've never seen a balloon on a beach, so I don't think its a big problem. And if you did take a balloon on a beach, you could put a weight on it.

toodles · 11 months ago

Balloons can really hurt the environment and if we can try and keep them away from the outside space everywhere, we might be able to change the world

lavu · 11 months ago

yes, the sea wildlife depend on it.

0039.kapsc · 11 months ago

Ballons are made from plastic and plastic is harmful to the environment.

raincloud0 · 11 months ago

There is literally sea and sand it is not needed to have balloons too

iloveelly · 10 months ago

I think that 🎈 should be banned from UK beaches because it harms wildlife.

mimi365 · 10 months ago

We are in the middle of a giant climate crisis. We should be doing everything we can to reduce plastic📉