Should all animals be treated as well as humans?


14th April 2022

NEW research has found that children are less likely than adults to think of animals as food.

A study carried out by researchers from both the University of Exeter and Oxford University found that the majority of children think farm animals should be treated as well as humans. However, this opinion begins to somewhat lessen by the time they reach their teenage years.

The researchers quizzed 479 people from three different groups in England: kids aged nine to 11, a group of young adults aged 18 to 21, and a group of older adults between the ages of 29 and 59. All participants were shown pictures of various animals, foods and other items and asked to class them as ‘food’, ‘pet’ or ‘object’.

The majority of the children believed humans and farm animals should be treated the same, with many dismissing the idea of eating an animal, at least compared to the adults interviewed.

Researchers say the survey tells us more about the development of ‘speciesism’, which is the belief that one species is superior to another. They say the responses suggest that speciesism is likely to be mostly learned during adolescence (the time between being a child and an adult). However, the children did think that “chimps ought to be treated better than pigs, and pigs better than rats”, so they had already decided that some species were on different levels in some ways.

The report says: “Humans’ relationship with animals is full of ethical [what’s right and wrong] double standards. Some animals are beloved household companions, while others are kept in factory farms for economic benefit. Judgments seem to largely depend on the species of the animal in question: dogs are our friends, pigs are food.”

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Should all animals be treated as well as humans?


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snoopy15 · 1 month ago

Definitely! There living creatures like us!

ginny09876 · 1 month ago

Animals may not be as intelligent as humans but they deserve rights. They shouldn’t be used for food.

trainboi · 1 month ago

Of course! They’d just like us but they can’t speak and they look different - that’s no reason to treat them differently!

[email protected] · 1 month ago

Yes because animals are us

coolcats · 1 month ago

YES. Of course they should because they are living creatures. There are exceptions though because a person might get a serious illness and I think the medicine should be tested on animals but overall, animals should be treated fairly.

blackmamba · 1 month ago

Animals help humans so we can return the favour by helping them.

candyapple · 1 month ago

YES! they are living creatures. If we can live, they should live too.

ivansp2011 · 1 month ago

I believe so as we are animals, and we all evolved from the same thing.Animal cruelty and abuse should stop as it would be harmful for their species, leading to endangered, and soon extinct creatures. We, of course, do need to test medicine and eat animals, but most factories produce extra food, which is discarded. However, no animal shoud be treated as a human slave.

mothstar · 1 month ago

we're all animals!!!!! so you bet

emi1234567 · 4 weeks ago

Most animals came before humans so they should be treated the same as we do

marthajja · 3 weeks ago

I'm vegetarian and animals are just as important as humans.

fluffymole · 3 weeks ago

Within reason.i mean you shouldn't be putting clothes on dogs but all animals should be treated with respect.

max1234 · 2 weeks ago


kawh3 · 2 weeks ago

Yes because humans evolved from animals and animals are a bit like humans