Should schools ban mobile phones?


8th February 2019

ENGLAND’S Minister of State for School Standards, Nick Gibb, has said that kids shouldn’t be allowed to take their phones into school.

There is no nationwide rule about phones in schools, as it’s up to individual head teachers. They can ban phones if they want, but many say that phones and apps can be useful tools for learning in the classroom.

“While this is clearly a matter for the head teacher, my own view is that schools should ban their pupils from bringing smartphones into school or the classroom,” Mr Gibb said.

Others have said that kids should at least be allowed them on the journey to and from school.

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What do you think?

Should schools ban mobile phones?


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stefano · 5 years ago

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daisy101 · 5 years ago

They shouldn't because if any thing happens on the journey to school the child cannot contact the police if it was serious

radishes10 · 5 years ago

I think you should be allowed a LITTLE bit of time on your phones ??, as well as essential phone calls, but apart from that, you don't really need them ?, and they are right, we do spend too much time on our phones, it would be good to have some time without them ? ❌?

banjoblaze · 5 years ago

I think students should leave them somewhere in the morning and fetch them at the end of the day.

schwab1 · 5 years ago


gavriella · 5 years ago

I think that college should ban mobile phone's in studying time,so that the students do not become to obsessed with them.

shpee · 5 years ago

No, if your bus is late, or it's just raining heavily or something like that then you ou wouldn't be able to contact your parents.

hempleton1 · 5 years ago

Kids can have fun and go on their phones at breaks, but no phones is like saying no breaks.

oliverj · 5 years ago

Yes because you don't concentrate on the lesson, and no because if anything happens on the way to and from school,they might need a phone to call their parents for help. so I think that they are allowed to bring them to school, but I think they need to put their phones in the 'phone box' and that they are given out at the end of the day.

happy4456 · 5 years ago

I really disagree!!! you need to have a bit of time on your phone - and that is coming from a person who would rather have all the books in the world than all of the phones in the world!? In my secondary school, we are only allowed phones outside of the school buildings. If you are caught with a phone, you automatically get a consequence!!! I'm fine with the rule because it means we are more focused on learning than our modern technology.

oceangirl · 5 years ago

I don't think ? so

emperor · 5 years ago

Messing around on phones at break is not good. Anyway, if phones were allowed, people wouldn't concentrate in lesson and the people who don't have phones or can't get games on them will be bored all break because everyone else is glued to their screen like zombies. However if something happens, you will need a mobile phone. So I say mobile phones should just stay in your bag then when you NEED them you can contact parents.

Dohvinci · 5 years ago

They should not because say if something happens to them or they get lost they will need to call their parents or the police

LeoCOOL · 5 years ago


Sashgirl06 · 5 years ago

The only reason I voted 'No' was because sometimes they might need to contact home. But I do think schools should encourage people to use their phones less, and they definitely shouldn't be allowed during lessons.

lightning · 5 years ago


mrspanda12 · 5 years ago

I mean... These are the reasons for both
Yes= If Someone Was hert or injured before school or on the way to school then you wouldn't be able to phone someone for help
No= They are mushing people brains up to slime

angelcrown · 5 years ago

No, Students should be able to go on there phones during break but probably in a lesson no phones!

radishes10 · 5 years ago

in our school you hand your phone into the office in the morning , and only use it for emergency in the day, and then you get it back at the end of the day so you can phone people after school if you need to, and I think this is quite a good idea actually

PinaEgg123 · 5 years ago

No, because if anything happened to the child and they needed to contact someone like their parents then nobody would know if they weren't allowed to have a phone on them. I agree that phones shouldn't be used in class because it just distracts people from getting a good education.
At my school we have a rule that phones can be there at school, but just not used in lesson in case of an extreme emergency. I think its a good idea

prongsii · 5 years ago


mjh55 · 5 years ago

Mobile phones should be banned at primary school but at secondary school they shouldn't. The school should have rules about using them and make sure the children know how to use them safely and sensibly.

gaggy116 · 5 years ago

my school doesn't let years 7 +8 use phones unless you have permission to use it for an emergency, and it's always been like that. it's not a big deal.

sunglasses · 5 years ago

It's important to have a phone in case of emergency but I think that we do rely to much on phones.

ZENCE40 · 5 years ago

Young people are getting addicted to social medias and games on their phones - it would make them concentrate better in class.

fox64 · 5 years ago

stefano- good for you. :)

fox64 · 5 years ago

oliver j, i totally agree.

reader985 · 5 years ago

Why on Earth would you need a phone IN school.

shysurf10 · 5 years ago

If some people don't have the latest phone model it can make them feel divided from everyone else.

stigofthe · 5 years ago


17joefspe · 5 years ago

You need a phone if someone fogets to pick you up otherise you will be stranded

xoxemmadb · 5 years ago

you should be allowed to call in emergancies but nothing else

musica100 · 5 years ago

The school I go to let’s us take our phones around with us, but in lessons we are made to put them in a little box so we don’t get distracted.

eeveepika · 5 years ago

the rule about banning phones in school is POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!

lollypop · 5 years ago

I totally get why this college did this but I think mobile phones shouldn't be a thing that people are baning! Mobile phones are mobile phones they are a little gadget that people use for communticating and playing on I think we should not spend too much time on it but a little is ok!

zeushades8 · 5 years ago


ki3ran · 5 years ago

Yes and no, maybe when in lessons, have them taken away or somehow work something out, but we may need them when walking to and from school, and my school lets us use them in class sometimes to research or play live quizzes...
(I don't mind my opinion being posted in your magazine first news.)

amo · 5 years ago

I don't think they should because most parents like to know where you are after school if you walking home yourself.

woof04 · 5 years ago

As long as schoolkids aren't on their phones during lessons, there is no reason to ban them. Phones are for contacting people, and are very handy if there's an emergency - they're not just some fancy gadget for kids to play on.

unicornzz · 5 years ago

Phones should not be banned at school because when children leave school they might not see their friend again.

izzy_xxxxx · 5 years ago

It just doesn't work! My school band phones but I and everyone else takes them into sxhool and uses them anyway

artcrazy · 5 years ago

My school has a strict phone policy anyway.

bhedgehog · 5 years ago

No,because you should talk to people instead of texting or phoning them

oceangirl · 5 years ago

if they r using their phones for a good reason , there is no reason why they should not be allowed to have their phones in school

anna123 · 5 years ago

Our school already had but I don’t agree with it

10d · 5 years ago

I don't think that they should . There could be particular days, moments etc that phones are banned but not completely

kitten6262 · 5 years ago

Kids nee is there phones in school because if they had an accident they could call there parents and ask them to come and get them. I voted NO !!!!!

nzakharyan · 5 years ago

Children in schools/colleges should only use mobile phones to call their parents if there is an emergency and the teachers can not get to your parents but other wise you shouldn't have mobile phones in school/college (to play games or those sorts of things).

fnwells · 5 years ago

Yes !!! They can cause cyber bullying.

boffjr2008 · 5 years ago

No, because if something was worrying them or someone was offering drugs (or peer pressure) they would probably want to contact their parents.

holholster · 4 years ago

Schools should put a ban to mobile phones, because of the following:
- They could be used to cheat in tests
- Anyone could sneak the usage of their phone during lessons or assemblies
- Children should be spending time with friends during break and lunch hours at school, not constantly checking the latest posts on
social media, and playing virtual games

kitten26 · 4 years ago

?????? Phones are a great meaning of contact! Why on earth would schools ban phones? OKAY. They may be a distraction, but pupils go on their phones out of school and talk about it during school? WHAT IS THE POINT OF BANNING THEM???????????????????

gwynfryn · 4 years ago

We should have phones in school but not in class???

thefatcont · 4 years ago

I think that mobile phones ? should be banned from lesson times and lunch but not before or after school or at break time. ?

teamgorbo1 · 4 years ago

I think children should have phones in school as some pupils use them to make sure they are safe walking to and from school. As a compromise, I believe students should be allowed to bring their phones into school but they must have them turned off or on silent during school time.

natalija · 4 years ago

I think schools should ban mobile phones but only in school time because they are very distractive and people lose focus especially if there is a test on that day. My secondary school has already banned phones in school time.

12ah · 4 years ago

I think phones should be allowed in school but not in classes because if phones were allowed in class no one would concentrate on the work and so no one would learn anything,and that’s the point of school

wolfymac08 · 4 years ago

I think no, because some kids struggle with school and they need to contact their parent sometimes. Just they can't use them for games or anything distracting.

lukey6 · 4 years ago

I think that phones should not be banned from school as they are a good method for contacting your family if you need to notify them on something. However they should not be allowed in class unless you are using a calculator in maths or a dictionary in English. If puipuls were found with their phones playing games in class they should be confiscated.

spacegirlg · 4 years ago

It could harm learning if you let the kids bring in phones. If you didn’t have a phone in school you might pay more attention but if you had a phone you would probably be lost in another world, filled with blue light. Blue light can also affect sleep, so if you were on your phone you could get more sleep problems. My opinion is that it is up to the head teacher, but the head teacher should make a rule about no phones in school.

jaelp · 4 years ago

Yes,because children can be cheeky and use their phones to calculate sums.

smiley · 4 years ago

I think we don't need then at school because we can concentrate and socialise with our friends more!

littlepup · 4 years ago

No need for a phone except in an emergency

imaggie32 · 4 years ago

You should use them if you walk to school but not in school

chacha208 · 4 years ago

No because some children if they live in a flat or don’t have a key they need to call their parents to let them in.

viking · 4 years ago

I don’t think mobile phones should be banned because if you speak a different language and you have to learn a new language-for whatever reason-then you can use a mobile app to help you!

viking · 4 years ago

If we didn't Have mobile phones! Then this website WOULDNT exist!!!

pixiedog · 4 years ago

i don’t think that children should bring them into the classroom because that would distract them from lessons but I go on a bus to school and my mum feels that it is safer if I have a way to contact her

pizza1 · 4 years ago

No, because if you have walk far to school, then you could need a phone, but you should not be allowed to use it in lessons.

poppypapa · 4 years ago

No, they should not be distracted from their lessons

katiepate5 · 4 years ago

I don’t think phones should be banned mainly because on the journey to school, if something happens the child might need to contact with either the Emergency services or parents. Also, at my school, before we went to the school, we were told on numerous occasions that we’d be treated as adults and by taking our phones off us, we are not being treated like adults in a working environment. Honestly, I do think that phones maybe affecting people’s education if they go on them in lessons but if they are found out, the teacher can remove the phone for the rest of the day and give it back at the end of the day! I do think phones shouldn’t be banned though because there are ways of getting around these issues.

ttboyz · 4 years ago

I don't think phones should banned because if there is an emergency we can contact our parents if something has happened at the school. Also instead of banning them the teachers should regulate the time time of using them at school.

THMR · 4 years ago

We should do what France did and ban usage of phones in school but let people bring them in so they can contact parents on the way to/from school. Maybe schools should have lockers that pupils put their phones in at the start of school so they can get them out at the end of the day - maybe with chargers, many pupils have old iPhones with small batteries that might run out during the day. However unlike France I think we should not allow phones and tablets for learning purposes, unless the teacher has remote access and can see/control what apps they are using and what websites they are on. My school introduced an 'iPad Scheme' where students can buy an iPad from the school that they can use in lessons but with restrictions (eg you can only install approved apps). The restrictions were cracked and everyone now plays games in class. Also, you can't just expect everybody to have a smartphone for learning. It's actually against the law as pupils that don't have smartphones would miss out on learning. So in a nutshell, phones SHOULD be allowed in schools but you should not be allowed to USE them while on school premises - they should be off or on silent.

DISCLAIMER: By mentioning Apple products I am in no way endorsing or recommending Apple. Personally I'm an Android and Linux fan :)

heh · 4 years ago

If there's an accident in a school, and phones were banned, kids wouldn't be able to tell their parents.
eg: Snowstorm
Sport thing

heh · 4 years ago

There's different reasons

avocadox · 4 years ago

I think we should take our phones to school because something might happen or you might want to go somewhere. But you should not use it in class and give it into your teacher or form tutor.

11plusgirl · 4 years ago

We need to use our phones especially in secondary schools to do research. We would have to use laptops if we weren't allowed to use our phones. Then if people don't have a mobile device the school would need to buy more laptops costing them money. If someone doesn't have a phone then they could bring and tablet/iPad or any mobile device to do research etc on.

hagrid · 4 years ago

I think that students should at least be able to have them for the journey home from school as theymay encounter danger that requires them to have a phone, also I don't see the problem with students using them at break and lunch as long as they don't use them in lessons.

zsanaz3 · 4 years ago

Kids don't need phones at school and home because they just distract you and you become addicted so you can't study hard

pudsey · 4 years ago

I think schools should ban mobile phones in school but when they are out of school walking home they will be able to use their phones

aces10 · 4 years ago

Yes because otherwise anyone could play on their phones in lessons and could ignore their work. Also, they might get distracted. On the other hand, if they're lonely at break, they might need something to take their mind off being alone.

rollersk8t · 4 years ago

I don’t think they should ban phones because at secondary school, children will have come of age to walk to school by themselves. If they do this, mother’s and father’s may be unsure of their whereabouts and want to be able to contact them. If they do not have their phone, then they will not be able to do so.

superman77 · 4 years ago

It depends because they could have it in break time but in lessons the might miss vital info for tests

fishgirl2 · 4 years ago

No. They should be allowed them at break time and lunch but not during lessons.

gabster12 · 3 years ago

I voted yes because us children are the future. Now this is cool but also scary because if we carry on with mobile phones in school people lose their imaginations, social ability and it can cause anxiety problems. So this should be stopped, taken under control or at least limited.
Thank you.

gabster12 · 3 years ago

However saying that I would also like to agree with daisy101 because if anything happens on the journey to or from school they will need to contact someone. However on my first point one might consider having a mobile phone box at the office at school where pupils can drop off their phones and collect them at the end of the day!

winniepooh · 3 years ago

No because ideally you should be able to get everything you need with books or the schools resources. And if you need to contact your parents because your are walking from a long way, there are solutions and if you live that far away just get a bus or your parents/carers to drive you. Also school children sometimes sneak them into lessons to text their friend, social media, games and other activities and they can do that screen time at home not in their important educational lessons.

agossus · 3 years ago


carlton124 · 3 years ago

YES you should take your phone to school only because is there was something wrong then you could call some one if not then what would you do
i get on a bus and i always go on my phone on the bus its way less boring and if you dont want to talk to some one stick in those earphones and tell them to shut the hell up!!!

swace · 3 years ago

Yes! I definitely think that schools should ban mobile phones! It just causes disruption during learning hours and reflects bad on the teacher not teaching as well as they could do. It also makes students become sidetracked from their work - for instance if they are using it for a calculator in maths, they could go onto other apps instead of calculator and this becomes a problem.

lollipop33 · 3 years ago

No because somethig could happen to them on the way to and from school. But they should be given to teachers each morning and handed out at the end of the day to prevent children being distracted while having their education.

lollipop33 · 3 years ago

And prongsii, the argument is not dumb, everyone has their own opinions!

toffeeguy · 3 years ago


toffeeguy · 3 years ago


toffeeguy · 3 years ago


agossus · 3 years ago


yr4woodpek · 3 years ago

I think that we shouldn't ban smartphones, because if you are on the way to school you won't be able to contact the police for help if you are in serious danger. e.g you are harmed. So my answer is no they should not be banned.

sloth2008 · 3 years ago

I think mobile phones should be banned in classes as it could be a distraction to learning. If you need it for research, you could use a computer or laptop at school, not a phone.

boyhornet · 3 years ago

I think that teachers should take phones for emergencies, but otherwise not let students use them.

oceangirl · 3 years ago

I think children shouldn’t be able to have them at break or lunch but they should be able to bring it. Also, they shouldn’t be allowed to be on them in class and they can’t be seen in the school property at all!!!

oceangirl · 3 years ago

Radashes10 that is what we do

j.brains · 3 years ago

They shouldn't be allowed to be used in school. Causes bullying because some can't afford good ones, they are also a huge distraction. Some students pretend to want the toilet just so they can phone/text their friends in another class! Also some students take advantage and take photos/videos of other people without permission.

piratej · 3 years ago

Teenagers spend too much time on their phones

super5tar · 3 years ago

Maybe because I know that phones really distract people and can cause children to ignore adults or become argumentative but some may need to contact their parents so they know they arrived safely, as the growing terroism causes them to worry.

elephant_m · 3 years ago

I say no, because I don't have a phone and I get bullied for it. It can cause jealousy and teasing. Also, you aren't allowed your phone in school anyways so why should you bring it? My parent's time hadn't got phones, but they still lived. Phones are bad, in my opinion.

aylarc22 · 3 years ago

If they are on there way back from school by bus for example, and it bus broke down then how would they contact there parents or police. The bus driver can’t contact everyone!

aylarc22 · 3 years ago

You should hand your phone at the start of the school day and collect it afterwards.

aylarc22 · 3 years ago

I am talking about prep/primary schools

dcb10 · 3 years ago

I think mobile phones shouldn't be banned because if you want to check if your family are OK and if they are in trouble, so say if somebody is in hospital and they can't tell you because you are not allowed phones in school that would be bad.

butt3rcup · 3 years ago

Phones should be banned in classrooms unless being used for educational purposes. Phones should still be allowed out of the classroom as you may need to contact your parent/carer which may be needed to arrange after school activities. They should be fully banned in primary school as students are less likely to have a need for them. : )

Traindrive · 3 years ago

They could be allowed but only during breaks and lunch because it would bring them away from the concentration of school.

edmonds123 · 3 years ago

no because you might want to phone family or you might need to dial 999

mktc07 · 3 years ago

It just depends on how they use them.

crystalx27 · 3 years ago

No because I sometimes need to use my phone to arrange a pick up time if I've finished a club early or something like that.

megzz123 · 3 years ago

I think you should be allowed a LITTLE bit of time on your phones ??, as well as essential phone calls, but apart from that, you don't really need them ?x

mob789 · 3 years ago

I think in classes don't use them but any other time would be fine.

teampug · 3 years ago

i cant live without my phone

minilily · 3 years ago

I don't think it should be banned because if there was an emergency for a child and then their mum was in hospital and then the school didn't know their dad's number then they would need to use the child's phone.

Nam123 · 3 years ago

Kids need to be able to contact others if in need. Banning phones can become a security issue.

birthdayca · 3 years ago

Yes because phones are distracting, and they mean you can cheat on tests

ijm · 3 years ago

If teachers ban phones it would not be good because if you walk to school and somehow injure yourself, you wouldn't be able to text your parents and some people have disabilities and might need a phone to help them study

queenb_111 · 3 years ago

They shouldn't ban phones at school because they can be very useful if the student/pupil is walking to and from school by them self. If someone is in trouble on the way home from school it is also easier to call someone from your own phone rather than feeling uncomfortable about knocking on someones door to ask for one.

joe20 · 3 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Schools should not ban students from phones!!! What if they were in trouble at school, and the teachers did not help them! Then, they would call their Mum or Dad!

supergirlx · 3 years ago

They should ban ? in school but allow the children to use them when their off the school grounds so they can contact someone they trust.

123kittens · 3 years ago

My school has banned phones and the teachers are always saying how they don't regret it as it has made school an extremely different atmosphere. Although from the students point of view it can be difficult if you need to contact someone and don't want to go to a teacher about it, or just want to know what is for dinner!

Aishah22 · 3 years ago

Come on it’s the 21ST CENTURY people, we aren’t living in the dark ages anymore
Those of you who said yes shame on you

orangeplum · 3 years ago

I can't live without my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orangeplum · 3 years ago

I hope we get INVISIBLE PHONES in the future
I agree with you, Aishah22

etornam · 3 years ago


dog_lover2 · 3 years ago

They shouldn't ban them but only have the kids use them in emergencies like a fire so they could contact their parents or at the end of the school day but not during learning hours because that is when you are meant to learn

lfcrules · 3 years ago

No they should be allowed but just not seen during class

noahbower · 3 years ago

I think they should ban them but they can have it with them in case of emergency

ecool · 2 years ago