Are school uniform rules too strict?


28th April 2017

A TEENAGER has found himself in trouble at school for shaving all his hair off for charity.

Fifteen-year-old Taylor Jones from Cornwall decided to shave off his hair at the end of the Easter school holidays, to raise money for Cancer Research UK, after his friend was diagnosed with cancer.

When Taylor returned to school after the Easter holidays, he was removed from his lessons at Launceston College for having what the school described as an “extreme hairstyle”. The school thought the haircut was too short.

Instead of attending his regular lessons, Taylor was given “individual specialist tuition” for four days, to give his hair time to grow back a little.

The story started making headlines after Taylor’s mum, Lesley, complained, saying that her son shouldn’t have been punished for wanting to show support for a cause and helping others.

According to the school, Taylor was told to shave his hair to a “very short, but acceptable length” for the charity stunt. The school claim that Taylor was removed from lessons for going against their advice and shaving off all his hair just before he returned to school.

Lots of people are angry that Taylor was punished by the school, sparking huge debate across the country. The school insists that the rules were explained to Taylor but he decided to break them.

What do you think? Did Taylor do anything wrong?

Are school uniform rules too strict?


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evadore · 4 years ago

That is so stupid! It should be up to the boy how he wants his hair. And I've heard that in some schools you even have to wear special SOCKS!!!!

owly · 4 years ago

Yeah, uniforms are pretty strict (no coloured hair bands for me, only green,black & brown)

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

This will probably be an unpopular belief, but I say no. School uniform makes us look smart and without it we could be bullied for our clothes. As for certain hairstyles being banned, I don't see why people are bothered. It's controversial to say it's unfair because they say looks don't matter. And evadore, I have to wear black socks and blue and navy striped ones for PE.

norensanz · 4 years ago

well you never know if the child knew the school rules or not ,he could have done a marathon for charity.

Sashgirl06 · 4 years ago

I don't see how the boy did anything wrong, it was for charity! I think some school uniform rules are ok, but some are just stupid! The school doesn't control his life - he can have his hair how he wants it, why should the school care if it's really short?

sophette · 4 years ago

Definitely way too strict!!!!!! ??

shpee · 4 years ago

My primary school was rather lenient with school uniforms. The school I'm in now is more strict but for some reason moans at people who don't wear the school jumpers but not those that wear hoodies at school. Launceston College seems rather extreme, though. They should've at least asked him why he did it. I thought most colleges didn't even have uniforms.

kawaii101 · 4 years ago

Yes! The school is very unfair! I f the boy wants to do something with his hair then he should be allowed to do it! It's even MORE unfair because it was for charity! The boy cut his hair off for a good reason and he was punished! UNFAIR!!!! :(

tdh123 · 4 years ago

He was donating his hair to charity!!! and the hairstyle was not even that bad. its just a shave. my schools quite strict about uniform...BUT NOT THAT STRICT!!!

scruff2007 · 4 years ago

It is hair come on!!!! I think hair is going to far.

radishes10 · 4 years ago

He was doing a good thing for charity, and the teachers punished him for something that didn't even matter! How on earth is that fair??!!

tillster · 4 years ago

If I wanted to help with a charity and had to shave all my hair off, I wouldn't care what the teachers said. Some school uniform is very expensive and for someone to get all of the right clothes, that's a lot of money.

houss · 4 years ago

In my school if they see you without your shirt tucked in they will give you an order mark if you get 3 order marks you will get detention

guoguo · 4 years ago

Private schools are usually more strict than public schools like I can't have coloured hair bands and I have to have my hair tied up

anjana · 4 years ago

Owly that is cruel

anjana · 4 years ago

i agree with you guys. the boy made a wise decision. he could have just not cared about his friend at all and sat home and done nothing at all but he went a whole step futher and i think that was very VERY wise of him. and anyway the boy can choose how he wants to style his hair however he wants to style it for charity or not. but i think that the school did give him a warning and he chose to break it.

which was not wise of him.

so i don't really know.

ajmarks · 4 years ago

Definitely! How you dress gives you freedom to express yourself and your personality.

unicorn21 · 4 years ago

People have their owe style and people should just let them be themselves. This is ridiculous as he was doing it for a VERY good cause to support his friend. There was nothing wrong with him shaving his head. The school was selfish to just automatically think he was breaking the rules instead of understanding what he was doing. I feel so sorry for the boy as he was only trying to do something good for his friend! A lot of school rules are too strict . Like, telling people they can only cut their hair a certain length. If they want long or short hair then let them have long or short hair!! ? just let people be themselves and don't control their personalities with silly rules!

masterkash · 4 years ago

School uniform makes us feel smart, gives us an identity. However this is unacceptable. The boy had his friend diagnosed with cancer, and all he wanted to do was raise some money. Unbelievable reaction. A definite YES

tincan · 4 years ago

oops i just voted no when i meant yes

tincan · 4 years ago

anyway i think that boy shouldnt of been punished because he shaved it for the right cause

PinaEgg123 · 4 years ago

ajmarks and unicorn21, I totally agree with you! But also banjoblaze as u could get bullied for your choice of clothes coz u choose them, you can't get bullied for uniform coz everyone wears the same thing.

foodiegirl · 4 years ago

I think no because if say you were on a trip with school you would need to be identified?

1234 · 4 years ago

I hate school uniform!

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago

Our school isn't so strict, but I think that is really unfair:(! He was only trying to help.

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago

Our school isn't so strict, but I think that is really unfair:(! He was only trying to help.+


hfrules · 4 years ago

It is so bad!!

moco2 · 4 years ago

I go to a very strict school and the rules are so pointless, you get sent home for wearing nail varnish ! That boy was just trying to do something good ?

ozoz · 4 years ago

It's pretty unfair that teachers ?‍? wear their own clothes to school and children can't.My teacher doesn't tie her hair back even though it's in the school rules.?????????????☹️???????????

oolaboola · 4 years ago

I'm not really this case I'd say yes but in others,for example if someone was wearing loads of jewllry , I'd say know.But this time it's a big yes.they would have to have very harsh school rules if someone was doing it for a good unfair! :( ???✰✰✰✰

ellosh · 4 years ago

school uniforms are so strict!!!
its son unfair that the school punished him for shaving his hair of for charity!

bean0811 · 4 years ago

Definitely, especially when you get to comp. In primary all you had to wear was a school jumper, then you could wear tracksuit bottoms and trainers. In comp you have to have a day in detention for wearing the wrong colour shoes. I do understand the scool needs to stay formal, but detention for wearing the wrong shoes? It's insane!

ZENCE40 · 4 years ago

It's not fair on people who can't afford school uniform to be old off.

3v0charl · 4 years ago

Uniform is too strict..
That boy should be proud of what he has done!!!!

hiya00 · 4 years ago

why should school stop you from being yourself?
xx #hiya00

NOKANEEN · 4 years ago

reference of banjoblaze : the boy was doing something good for charity , yes school uniform makes us look smart but schools punishing people for doing good things is just plain wrong

raz123 · 4 years ago

I think it's really dumb for that teenager to be told off for donating his hair for a good cause so yes, I think school uniform rules are too strict.

kiwikiddo · 4 years ago

Though I like school uniforms and think they make you look smart, I believe schools are too strict. It's not fair on people, they can do what they like with their appearance. Also, for some poorer people it is an obstacle as uniform is ridiculously expensive!

prongsii · 4 years ago

school is there to teach u and give u a good education- not tell u how u should look!!!!!

ezbez56 · 4 years ago

i went to a uniformed school but now i go to a non-uniform 1
its so much better

ponysunite · 4 years ago

I think the boy shouldn't of been in trouble because it was a good that he had done such an amazing thing for charity and he should bne supported by that

simmie09 · 4 years ago

very strict

Etonmess54 · 4 years ago

It's just stupid!! If a teenager is willing to shave his hair of, it's a good choice! It would help people who have cancer.

Etonmess54 · 4 years ago

School uniforms are way too strict☹️In my school teachers say you aren't meant to tie up your hair with any colours that aren't blue or red, but you don't actually get told off if you wear them?

isabelho · 4 years ago

He was doing it for charity people! That should be allowed! Now my school has said our hair has to be tied up.

VAHC · 4 years ago

They are so uncomfortable!!!!!!!!

jennia · 4 years ago

to strict uniforms!!!!!!

RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

Well not with uniform, but that teacher was crazy.

wren · 4 years ago

He did such a noble thing and deserved to recognised and praised for it. The school should have listened to his reasons before judging him.

twinies · 4 years ago

In my school they tell me off for wearing pink trainers (my favourite colours pink too) ☹️?

smoothlake · 4 years ago

The school doesn't have the authority to punish the boy. It's up to him if he wants to cut off his hair.

oshie1000 · 4 years ago

I say no beacause it is not strict atall at my school you can were a summer dress ,trousers .clots and black socks or white or grey it is a lot safer so if you got lost your paiernts could look out for your school uniform it is over all safer and not strict.

drummer1 · 4 years ago

Unfair he should have his hair how he wants.He shouldn't be told off for helping his friend and donating money to charity.

juicey1024 · 4 years ago

Does this school want their pupils to not think of others when they grow up. This boy has done a very kind and thoughtful thing and they punish him saying he broke rules but it wouldn't have raised as much money for charity if he had just had a haircut

mathsisfun · 4 years ago

He is only trying to help charity!

bunny2008 · 4 years ago

That's so unfair.He's just supporting his friend

bunny2008 · 4 years ago

Our school is ok about uniform it's so unfair he did it for charity

girlywirly · 4 years ago

We are not allowed FANCY SHAMCY hairties!!!!??? A girl got told of for wearing earrings you could barely even notice!

gracie777 · 4 years ago

I don't get why people are so strict. I mean I get that school uniform is good as some children have less expensive clothes and they are also so everyone looks the same. But they can't tell us what length to have our hair

ciaranl_07 · 4 years ago


ashpokemon · 4 years ago

It is fine to shave hair for charity but it is not fair for school to put you in detention for charity

Perpetua · 4 years ago

Seriously how short you have your hair is completely up to you not the school

amynatalie · 4 years ago

Most school uniforms are not too strict but if the boy was giving his hair to charity then it was COMPLETELY WRONG to punish him for shaving his hair

pugslup123 · 4 years ago

Yes because he was just trying to help his friend.

Karen06 · 4 years ago

Ugh!!! Why does his school needs to be exceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedingly strict!!!‼️‼️❗️‼️??????

sunglasses · 4 years ago

It shouldn't really matter what school uniform is as long as you have the correct colour clothes!!! It's so stupid! That boy did it for a good cause!

huriyyah1 · 4 years ago

i think you should look smart but be allowed to shave your hair

ttdot26 · 4 years ago

There is nothing wrong with a someone cutting their hair for charity someone in my schol did it.

pugtastic · 4 years ago

Thats just weird.

pugtastic · 4 years ago

My school said we couldn't have a group of friends

akurapaty · 4 years ago

School uniforms are strict and bad anyway!!!

elephant10 · 4 years ago

Yes they are to strict

tangouk · 4 years ago

fun fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its been proven that wearing school uniform actually helps you concentrate. if you wear homeclothes at school you don't actually concentrate as much!!!!!

girlywirly · 4 years ago

School uniforms are fine!

ZENCE40 · 4 years ago

It's not fair how the teachers can wear and do what they like, but children/young people are under these really strict rules!

lily_ash · 4 years ago

I think that uniform is a good idea, but sometimes it can go way too far, like how it has turned out here.

march2010 · 4 years ago

the school shouldn't be bossed maybe he got punished because the school didn't know he did it for charity or they just don't allow short hair but that is still not fair!!!!

stefano · 4 years ago


leahpanda4 · 4 years ago

My friend goes to a school where they have to wear these really thick blazers everywhere around the schools and outside unless it's in PE or you ask a teacher. Often when she asks the teacher they say no anyway!

Magic10 · 4 years ago

Yes! The boy did nothing wrong and it's not like he was sporting an unnatural hair colour. I mean, what if having no hair is part of a religion? Uniform is smart and I understand we should have it, but he was cutting his hair for charity! Come on!

Magic10 · 4 years ago

I agree with masterkash.

ninjahari · 4 years ago

Taylor is great

10d · 4 years ago

I think it is unfair that he got punished because it is for charity so he should be allowed to wear what he wants so YES

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago

i dont personally have uniform, but i don't think Taylor did any thing wrong.

musica100 · 4 years ago

I think that the school was wrong for removing him from class because of his hair length. He did it for Charity, for heavens sake!

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

YeS oBvIoSly

tigercity · 4 years ago

I think that at school you should where the same uniform but getting told off for hair is just stupid

redindian9 · 4 years ago

That school is just mean! I would say otherwise if he wasn't donating to people with cancer, but if they're punishing him for helping someone with a sickness, that's just WRONG!!!

redindian9 · 4 years ago

THIS is what I say to that school. :p

prodandy · 4 years ago

I feel that it was silly to give the boy that much punishment for helping a charity, although he might not have been scolded that much if he had been given permission. I feel pity for him, and his friend, whom probably feels guilty.

amberspell · 4 years ago

Yes! That poor boy did what he wanted to do and fora good cause. School rules shouldn't apply to trivial things like hairstyles. It's stupid. My school has a rule that says no hair accessories which aren't black, white, red or green. (school colours).

drummercmd · 3 years ago

I think it's okay to be a bit strict, but if they're saying the uniform's bad if you're doing something good then that's stupid so yes

bmbrainiac · 3 years ago

I Think it is OUTRAGOUS

dcfan · 2 years ago

Exactly,Prongsii. At my secondary school, you have to wear plain black hairbands and clips,which I think is unfair. There's no point in wearing uniform, schools shouldn't tell you how you should look.

teddyfer · 2 years ago

So unfair ?

hcew · 2 years ago

In my school they are particularly strict. For example we HAVE to buy specially made jumpers from a specific shop. We also HAVE to buy special PE hoodies AND football boots. My mum bought me a pair of football boots that were probably £30-£40 pounds and I have NEVER used them, so they probably don't fit. Completely useless.

wireskid · 2 years ago

It is for charity so come on don't be that silly! Teachers want us to raise money and that is stopping raising money!

wireskid · 2 years ago

Taylor didn't do anything wrong!?

wireskid · 2 years ago

Does hair affect the brain? No! He should NOT be punished!

footym · 1 year ago

I don’t have a school uniform so we can wear what ever we want to school

mothstar · 6 months ago

hair is someones property so no one should tell them what to do with it

humbugs · 4 weeks ago

He did it for a good cause! Why should he be punished for a good cause?!

humbugs · 4 weeks ago

He did nothing wrong!