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Should this school save its pigs?


3rd May 2019

A DEBATE has been raging over whether a school’s pigs should be slaughtered for their meat, or whether someone should step in to save their bacon.

Some people are upset that Farsley Farfield Primary School’s Gloucester old spot pigs are due to be killed so that their meat can be sold. One former pupil, Ix Willow (who is vegan), has started an online petition against the slaughter, saying it would be teaching kids that “it is okay to exploit and kill animals”.

In October, the school said that “the pigs will not be pets and will only be with us for nine months”. The headmaster is a vegetarian, and he says the pigs will teach kids about animal welfare and where their food comes from.

Many pupils and parents don’t agree with the petition. “We’re not seeing the slaughter and we don’t have anything to do with it,” 11-year-old Charlotte Heap said. “Most of us are fine with the idea.”

Should the school save the pigs?


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firstspin · 5 months ago

The school should save the pigs because a life is a life. Even if lots of pigs are slaughtered every day, it doesn't mean that another life should be taken.

firstspin · 5 months ago

First comment!

teamgorbo1 · 5 months ago

I think the pigs should be slaughtered because an agreement was made. What is the point in teaching children about where food comes from if you are not going to carry out the process? We have got so disconnected from where are food comes from. Although it would be very upsetting having the pigs slaughtered, it would have a great impact on the children because they would know that their meat doesn't magically appear on a shelf.

swace · 5 months ago

Yes....I think the pig should be saved! It is basically teaching children that it is the right and only idea to kill it, which in the future will influence children to carry on killing animals and the next thing is that they will be extinct.

unicorn248 · 5 months ago

the school should not slaughter this pig as it is an amazing creature that has a life just like us. even if pigs are animals, they should still have human rights. i believe we should save this pig's life as one day the species may be extinct.

chahou · 5 months ago

The school has said they are going to kill them but a life is a life. Also, they can use them to teach pupils for longer than if they are killed.

newsfreak1 · 5 months ago

But we need food to live;)

piggy0101 · 5 months ago

I think that the school's pigs should not be killed because if the pigs die, the schoolchildren would feel extremely sad.

zebra10 · 5 months ago

They should save them because they are pets??????

realcool19 · 5 months ago

The school should save the pigs because it may be upsetting to some students, especially vegetarians. If the school doesn’t want the pigs, they could give them to an animal centre where they will not be harmed.

cacti06 · 5 months ago

These pigs are bred to be killed and if they were not, pigs would only be zoo's.

finbob207 · 5 months ago


emeve · 5 months ago

No because pigs die every day also the kids will already know pigs are killed for sausages. It's not like there watching it or taking part in it so it's not that bad.

emeve · 5 months ago

Also, If you're not happy with it, fine. But some of are. And if you're not happy because you're vegetarian,vegan,Jewish or you just think it's wrong,fine. But most kids are fine with it and the killing of pigs has been going for about 8 centuries.

budgerigar · 5 months ago

Yes, because even though a pig isn't the most appealing creature, they are living things and deserve a chance to live life as long as they can.

cacti06 · 5 months ago

Our school had a pig who we looked after for a term and then we ate her at the end of the year but she was treated better than most supermarkets treat their stock.
She lived a happy life while at school.

tarzan131 · 5 months ago

I am a vegetarian and I think that every animal’s life is equal. The school should save the pigs because the decision to slaughter them would give a biased view towards meat.

tinyruby · 5 months ago

Every living thing should be able to live a life no matter if its plants or even deadly, pigs should be saved like everything else!

noooodles · 5 months ago

I think that it is important to know about where your food comes from however knowing an animal you have got to know might upset some people.

oliver2008 · 5 months ago

i think people should explore animals, not kill them.

fluffy14 · 5 months ago

they shouldn't be slaughtered because it gives the young children a chance to look after the animals and care for them which will be something new for them which they will learn.

sao · 5 months ago

This school is yet another example of animal cruelty. Even though many pigs are being slaughtered around the world, a school is supposed to be a peaceful environment, not for killing animals.

avion14 · 5 months ago

The school should save the pigs and keep them as pets because they are animals just like we are.

Mog18 · 5 months ago

No, many farmers enjoy farming, many children probably also enjoy farming and live stock. Pigs are not an endangered species either, pigs are also a great source of iron, (a nutrients needed for the blood stream to keep your body healthy) ((This is only my opinion)) - Mog18

super5tar · 5 months ago

Yes, because killing animals, even for food, isn't a nice thing to think about. Children can learn how food is made through a video, book or simply a lesson, they don't have to learn by actually seeing it happen. Also, it could upset people to know that the pigs that they saw a few days ago are dead.

Claire · 5 months ago

What are they going to do with the pigs if they save them? The headmaster was using this to teach the children about animal welfare and where their food comes from, not a 'save the pig' campaign.

sammyboy · 5 months ago

save the pigs

sammyboy · 5 months ago

26nd to comment

lucky810 · 5 months ago

i don't think it is fair for the pigs and they dont do harm !!! THEY ARE INNOCENT . more people should say yes.and esspecially the people who goes to that school!!!

lucky810 · 5 months ago

they might get inxint after mabye 500 years so we should save them but if you want to eat some, eat less amount...if you dont like them just leave them alone!!!

lucky810 · 5 months ago

if you want to save them, do Y E S = YES yes! put your vote into yes!!!

lucky810 · 5 months ago

if you want to save them, do Y E S = YES yes! put your vote into yes!!!

llamatoast · 5 months ago

I love animals!!!

hawthorn13 · 5 months ago

Personally I think that slaughtering and eating pigs and other animals is a kind of cannibalism as we humans are animals. I know that some people think that pigs doesn’t really matter but I do and though they might not be the most important animals in the ecosystem they’re still animals after all.

hawthorn13 · 5 months ago

Also pigs aren’t “bred to be killed “ they’d be absolutely fine without us

adajo · 5 months ago

I think the school should save the pigs as animals shouldn't be killed .

adajo · 5 months ago

Pigs are important and all the other animals SAVE THE PIGS

adajo · 5 months ago

A Pigs could get extinct if you kill all of them plus it is a beautiful creature

rubikspark · 5 months ago

Pigs ARE living things, you know!!!

pmgk13 · 5 months ago

Meat production damages the environment and reduces the population of pigs. The school should not be teaching this to children.

antidisest · 5 months ago

Just imagine I said teamgorbo1’s comment just less eloquently

unicorndog · 5 months ago

SAVE THE PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

safaripig · 5 months ago

YES! I love pigs. I AM SAFARIPIG!

dog_lover2 · 5 months ago

I am a vegetarian and don't like the thought of it. Also some of the children like the little kids might have become really attached to the pigs and really like them and definitely get upset if the pigs get killed.


dog_lover2 · 5 months ago

Also pigs have a life and have feelings too just like us!!!!

janetthepi · 5 months ago

I think that pigs are very good

robin12red · 5 months ago

Yes as it is cruel and they are saying it's ok to slaughter pets and, or shared animal. Also having the pig helps the school pupils feel as if they have some responsibility, and even though they may not mind at the moment it will still affect them if it happens.?

ninjapug · 5 months ago

The school should save the pigs. Killing them is cruel .Yes there is a food chain but still.

asbml · 5 months ago

I mean, yes. The whole world is going crazy about climate change, animal loss, unhealthiness and stuff and they might slaughter the pigs...

torm · 4 months ago

I think it depends on what they're going to use the meat for and how they are going to kill the pigs.

disneygeek · 4 months ago

Pigs are my absolute favourite animal and they are so cute. I am not a vegetarian but if it wasn't for the rest of my family I would definitely cut down on my meat intake.

ninjapug · 3 months ago

don't kill the pig vibe

lfcrules · 3 months ago

NEVER kill animals

flute123 · 2 months ago

SAVE THE PIGS #save the pigs

vvvv · 1 week ago

People say we need food to live... Have they forgotten that plants exist?

vvvv · 1 week ago

Any of you read the BFG- follow his example.