Is it right to refuse gig tickets that have been resold?


1st June 2018

SINGER Ed Sheeran is refusing to accept any tickets to his gigs that have been bought from touts (people who buy and sell tickets for a profit) or websites where tickets are resold, such as Viagogo.

Sheeran is taking a stand against resold tickets, which are often sold for much more than their original price. At his gigs in Manchester, the first dates in his UK tour, people with resold tickets were told that their tickets were not valid and offered the chance to buy new, valid tickets at their original price.

This left many fans angry and out of pocket. However, Sheeran has said that his “strong” approach on resold tickets would benefit fans in the long run as they won’t be paying more than they should for resold tickets. The star said: “We are just trying to make sure people don’t get ripped off.” More than 10,000 resold tickets for Ed Sheeran gigs will not be valid.

Sheeran said his team will help fans get a refund from Viagogo and other ticket websites.

Is it right to refuse gig tickets that have been resold?


Is it right to refuse gig tickets that have been resold?


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natalija · 3 years ago

It is wrong to resell tickets as you can make their price higher than the original cost.

darjap · 3 years ago

No, because even though the person who is reselling the tickets did buy them, they then may make a profit from buying tickets meaning that not all the money from the them is going towards the people who organised the gig.

oceanwaves · 3 years ago

It is right to refuse resold tickets because it is illegal unless you have a street trading licence. Besides, if you buy from a ticket tout, then those tickets have a chance of being fake. The touts will have raised the prices of the original ticket a lot so they can make money.

joseph_kel · 3 years ago

Well I don't think because they have bought that ticket and if they do not get to go than that is just a waste of money

joseph_kel · 3 years ago

I ment yes because people buy it just to put it for a higher price it is just ridiculous

ciarza123 · 3 years ago

It's wrong to resell tickets because you could save money buy saying it was one price when actually it was lower. Therefore, you shouldn't resell tickets.

unicorn248 · 3 years ago

Yes because some person has made a profit from selling products for higher prices than their original price and has really stolen from another human who was unaware of the rip-off. However, the person who has the more expensive tickets should at least get an offer on the ticket as they didn't know that they were getting tricked when they purchased them at first.

ninlewis · 3 years ago

It is not right to refuse someone’s access to a gig just because they bought a resold ticket. Re-sold tickets are mainly the same as normal ones, so it’s wrong for them to judge people who want to see their favourite artists just because of a ticket that was re-sold. I am so disappointed at people who do refuse the access of others because of this.

extremehat · 3 years ago

I think it is right to refuse tickets that have been resold as those people are sort of ripping off the buyers and probably don't have real authority to do so.

redpikachu · 3 years ago

I think yes because while it can give customers the choice of getting an official ticket if they would like or they could get a resale (It is possible for them to be cheaper than the official price)that's cheaper (or waste their money on a resold ticket if they've got money to burn). However it also cheats the pricing system of the gig and it's just a way for the original buyers (resellers) to make more money than the original distributor who should be getting more income than the resellers because they are staging the gig. So that concludes that it is right to refuse resold tickets.(Or you might have a different opinion.)

astro_girl · 3 years ago

I think yes and no

yes because it is wrong for people to pay more money than they should

no because they've already paid for the tickets and making them buy a new one makes them waste even more money

i think you should say in future i will ban resold tickets

smilebunny · 3 years ago

It is right to refuse resold tickets! Although it might seem unfair to be told the ticket isn’t valid, they are being ripped off, and technically shouldn’t be allowed in to any concert as they are not really official.

malimoo · 3 years ago

It is not fair on Ed Sheeran if other people are reselling tickets for a higher price

catonclan · 3 years ago

No because the person has bought a ticket and for that reason they do not deserve to be not aloud to watch Ed Sheeren or any other singer! However you should give them a bit of advise on where to by cheaper and less expensive ticket next time.

joep101 · 3 years ago

I do not think it is right to refuse to gig tickets if they have been resold because the person wanting to go to the concert may not know that they have been resold. Also, it is not the person who has bought the tickets fault: it is the person who sold it fault - he is the one who should be punished.

lcflogan · 3 years ago

It is wrong to resell tickets because they could be fake and they could put them as a higher price

retep · 3 years ago

ditto natallja!

rollersk8t · 3 years ago

Yes it is not right to buy resold tickets because other people shouldn't be re-selling tickets that THEY'VE bought! It will encourage them to stop if we don't buy them.

dork · 3 years ago

Its not right to sell resold gig tickets. you can get a better price for the original and people are just trying to get money its not fair on Ed. Would you like it?

p14spurs · 3 years ago

I think it is not right to say that if you brought your ticket that way then you can’t come but I think the people selling the tickets for a prophet should not do it at all.

p14spurs · 3 years ago

I think it is not right to say that if you brought your ticket that way then you can’t come but I think the people selling the tickets for a prophet should not do it at all.

pink2005 · 3 years ago

Why people ?£££££££

waterlucky · 3 years ago

I think Ed should accept resold tickets, because there's no harm in re-selling tickets. I don't think it's fair on poorer families who bought resold tickets to have to miss out on a concert.

jackspicha · 3 years ago

It’s wrong because the people cheat and sell it for a much larger price and it’s unfair to the buyer of the ticket because he pays more

jackspicha · 3 years ago

Everyone, say no

gingetoff · 3 years ago

It is wrong because it can be used for better uses if the original buyer of the tickets could give them to a close member of their family.

larabass123 · 3 years ago

It is right that gig tockets that have been resold are refused because it isnt fair as some people will have to pay more or less for the tickets

bonjour · 3 years ago

touts are horrible people, they always ask for so much money for one tiny piece of paper. Sometimes they ask for as much as up to £45.00, which when you can get some perfectly good ones for only like £20.00 it, to me is an absolute no-no and I think they are cruel and disgusting people so I am absolutely 100% backing up Ed Sheeran.

oceangirl5 · 3 years ago

No way! Maybe someone bought a ticket and found out they were unavailable on the date and resold it to a person who was unable to get a ticket! It would be unfair to just say no when they paid for it!

swace · 3 years ago

Its not fair on the customers having to pay over and above the original ticket price and its also not fair for the artist, for example Ed Sheeran. Thanks for reading:)

shpee · 3 years ago

Yes. Ticket reselling sites often advertise the tickets at similar price, but then add on tonnes of other charges from nowhere. Then, there are also 'scalpers' who either through bots or sheer manpower buy as many tickets as possible and then sell them for extortionate prices on places such as eBay. However, if other musicians ban second hand tickets or restrict the tickets to one per person (or IP address if online) they can stop these scummy people who make money off of people who really want to go to a concert.

scott123 · 3 years ago

If someone is called to an important bussiness meeting at the same time surely they should be allowed to sell their tickets and go to that !?

uni_savage · 3 years ago

I strongly believe that it is RIGHT to re-sell gig tickets because, lets say for example you are sick, you will lose your money! So, if you sell them, you can get your money back!

xmasfan · 3 years ago

Maybe. I think that if you resell the tickets at their original price, it should not matter as you are paying the same amount of money. However, if you are sold the tickets at a higher price, that is wrong.

oceanwaves · 3 years ago

^ To 'waterlucky': poor people won't buy resold ticket because ticket touts raise the prices.

xdcoconut · 3 years ago


bookcrazy1 · 3 years ago

Some people get totally ripped off because of it, so I voted yes. But still, it must be really bad for the people who got turned away because their tickets were invalid...
Actually I have no idea which idea is right now!

dolfincake · 3 years ago

You might've bought the ticket for a higher price than the original. The person who gave it to you, might earn some profit

sehcirf · 3 years ago

I said no as people have paid for those tickets

hjb74 · 3 years ago

Selling on a ticket at original price is acceptable but not if the ticket is being sold on for profit to a ticket organisation.

stigofthe · 3 years ago

yes because in the future they could be worth a lot of money

tabbycat29 · 3 years ago

I think that they should do that because it is illegal to re sell tickets and people shouldn’t be able to pay a low price while everyone else pays the right price.

tka10 · 3 years ago

it is wrong to resell them but you have to let these people go in or it is like throwing away money

5honypony · 3 years ago

Yes because its unfair to charge people more money than they could of charged but the resale websites should get punished.

jiffpom972 · 3 years ago

Yes because I don’t like Ed’s songs

platinumfa · 3 years ago

Reselling for a higher price is fraudery

sisi · 3 years ago

Yes because people may be paying more than they needed to to buy a ticket from someone else.

yoyeah27 · 3 years ago

Its so wrong to buy a ticket and sell it for more than it is worth!!!!!ED SHEERAN IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

prongsii · 3 years ago

Yh sure it may be wrong, but that doesnt matter. Somebody coulda spent all their saving on that resold ticket, cos they couldnt get it originally at the normal price, and the they cant get it. Whats the point?

xcurlysuex · 3 years ago

It isn't the person who bought the ticket's fault, so they shouldn't get punished for something that wasn't their fault!

nergit · 3 years ago

Definitely! The prices are higher than their original cost. It's basically a black market! ?

nannycelia · 3 years ago

No because it was not the persons fault who bought them off the seller

cleverclog · 3 years ago

If Ed Sheeran had accepted the tickets, people would lose all their money on them as the prices rose and touts would be encouraged to re-sell more and more. Also, the fans will get their money back so, they haven't lost anything.

apple92 · 3 years ago

I do not agree with tickets being re sold at an inflated price. They should be resold for face value or less.

oceangirl · 3 years ago

No. That is why people sell them and buy them. People will have wasted there money

oceangirl · 3 years ago

Exactly, Darjap

drsethlord · 3 years ago

I think they should accept them but give people a warning not to buy ones that are resold as the prices may be higher. I believe it is wrong to resell things though.

abinews · 3 years ago

I think that it's right to refuse a resold gig ticket if the price is any higher than the price it was bought at. However, I don't see any probleme if the price is the same and the resseller is trustworthy.

trudie · 2 years ago

No you can't i agree with natalija they could make the price higher than the original cost