Do you prefer to chat with your friends online or in person?


21st September 2018

TWO thirds of American teens would prefer to hang out with their friends online, shows new research.

A new survey of 1,000 teenagers living in the US has found that 61% of 13 to 17-year-olds prefer to talk to their friends on their smartphones or via social media, rather than chatting with them face-to-face. The research, carried out by Common Sense Media, also found that more than half of teens (54%) said that social media often distracted them when they should be paying attention to the people they’re spending time with.

Just 32% of the teenagers quizzed said that they preferred to talk to their friends in person.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to chat with your friends online or in real life?

Do you prefer to chat with your friends online or in person?


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darjap · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk to friends in person because talking to a friend in person is easier and you can talk however much you like and look at their reactions, it's just so much better to talk to them when they are right there instead of typing consantly on your phone as if the phone is your friend.

poppy08 · 4 years ago

you can't have a proper conversation online

natalija · 4 years ago

I prefer talking to my friends in person so you do not misunderstand them and see their expressions.

cavalo10 · 4 years ago

The question and answer do not make sense.

legoben200 · 4 years ago

I would not want to contact my friends online when i could just talk to them in person. It is fine if they live ages away, but it can seriously damage your eyes.

stefano · 4 years ago

In person definitely

fbc123 · 4 years ago

I think people are online more because of the media and they think that they can take advantage of the new tech by FaceTiming, phoning etc. and also it’s much easier to just tap a button than find the person etc.

cocopops5 · 4 years ago

No because people are spending too much time on their phones and should talk to friends and family face to face.

ep-22579 · 4 years ago

I prefer to have a chat where I'm able to see the person because it's important to pick up on their facial expressions.

lavender08 · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk to my friends in person, because it is easier to convey what you are saying.

plane · 4 years ago

I would meet in person because you might not have seen them in a long time.

dancemunch · 4 years ago

Social media and messaging is only an alternative to seeing your friends in person and you can't express anything other than the words on messages so you don't get the excitement of seeing them in person.

the_jith · 4 years ago

chatting with a person in real life is much better because you see them face to face not over a screen

pizzal1ama · 4 years ago

It is a bit rude to not talk to your friends in person and also the feeling is better

swace · 4 years ago

I prefer to chat to your friends in person because you can see them - in real life. Also on the Internet, your friends could mis-interpret if you said something, so if you were talking face to face, it would be a lot less awkward!

hc-524219 · 4 years ago

I would rather chat to my friends in person because chatting online is fun but meeting with your friends in real life would be better because if u receive an email from a related person/friend, it’s better to receive it in a written form not typing form because it feels more touching. Of course, if u are far away from the person u want to chat with, it’s more fair to see them online using (IDK) FaceTime but u can visit them by going to where they R. But I would rather meet my friends in person because it feels more touching to meet them face-to-face.
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fox64 · 4 years ago

What does YES and NO mean?

shreddeddo · 4 years ago

first to comment!

This doesn't make coz it says "which do you prefer?" then gives you a choice of yes or no!
I prefer talking in person

i_care · 4 years ago

Most people do chat online with their friends and sometimes if you live far apart or are always busy, it makes taking to them much easier. However, if possible, it is always better to speak to people in person.

scootz · 4 years ago

I would rather talk to my friends in person because it's better for my mind and my friends minds to actually socialise with each other, it feels much better than sitting in my room just texting them.

gingetoff · 4 years ago

I prefer to meet up with my friends rather than just talking to them online

oceangirl5 · 4 years ago

In person because in person you can show real expression and not 'emoji' expressions.

doomboomfp · 4 years ago

I prefer to chat with my friends in person. However, now that technology has become so efficient it is easier to use WhatsApp or other messaging services.

bubble33 · 4 years ago

Talking to my friends is so much easier than texting, and is more sociable and fun, and also, what's the point of spending hours on a screen chatting when you could be talking in person?

satsuma09 · 4 years ago

you can not hsavmvdmeksdjtrgkd.g

you cannot have a proper conversation online

cleverclog · 4 years ago

I've just started secondary school and I've realized that all the children there spend all their free time on their phones. How are we supposed to make friends?

family4 · 4 years ago

I think talking to someone in person is way better because the person your taking to can know how your saying it. Whereas when your talking to someone on the internet they might think you're being angry when you want to be nice to them. Also if you talk online it's really bad for your health; you can be doing some sport outside. So this is why you should talk in person.

rosrio · 4 years ago

When you talk to a friend it is nice to be able to laugh together and get more involved than when you are just typing a quick message

pawsomecat · 4 years ago

Online because you can use emojis ?

oceangirl · 4 years ago

I think it’s a bit rude to not talk to your friends in person

epice4 · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk to someone in person because it allows you to know their real expressions and thoughts rather than just a screen.

anika2111 · 4 years ago

It’s easier talking to someone face to face because it helps interact with others and give your eyes a break from the screen! ?

munchie26 · 4 years ago

I think its a(bit) rude to not talk to your friends in person

habbot07 · 4 years ago

It's better to talk in person because then you are face to face and you can show your feelings.

dogsrock16 · 4 years ago


frib18 · 4 years ago

If you speak to a person in front of them you can see there facial expressions and see if they agree with you

melon_cow7 · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk in person but seen as most of my friends live in a different village i don't get to talk much in person. Also i am not allowed to use my phone to text my friends because my mum doesnt like it....☹️

o2008 · 4 years ago

so in person

bobalob · 4 years ago

In person because we can go out somewhere fun rather than just sitting down.

poppypapa · 4 years ago

I much prefer speaking in person because you get a reply quicker than online

flossingg · 4 years ago

No, It could fuel phone addiction.

ronhamster · 4 years ago

I prefere to talk with friends in person because you can say way way way more and your hands don't casually ache. even know a phone is good you would rather be friends with a atual person than your phone

drummercmd · 4 years ago

i wanted to pick both but i coudn't so i picked in person

123kittens · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk to my friends in person because then you can really understand what they mean and vice versa.
I you were to say something online to your friend, they could easily takeout the wrong way and be particularly upset about it but when you talk to them in person you can definitely have a more realistic, in depth conversation.

bigfatcat · 4 years ago

I don’t know where to start....

Just why?

popcornpop · 4 years ago

i think it is better to talk to my friend in person

cmdavey · 4 years ago

I would rather do it in person because you can socialise with people and not be unsociable (which is a bad thing)

elephant_m · 4 years ago

First of all, this is really unfair. I think that we should ALL chat in person because what happens if someone hasn't got a phone? (Hint, hint) My friends always boast about their phones and I feel really down in the dumps because I'm the odd one out...

elephant_m · 4 years ago

Nowadays when people say 'online', they mean 'mobile phones'. :(

kat · 4 years ago

I prefer to talk to people online because even though they can't see your face you have practically endless emojis and gifs so you can send them something funny or cute.

alexrider6 · 4 years ago

I think it's better to talk in person, as you can see your friend's reactions and understand them better too.

jedigeorge · 4 years ago

I like talking to them in person because afterwards you can then do something with them

trudie · 3 years ago

Online you can express how you feel more with capitals and emojis

seadra567 · 2 years ago

in person means the other person's voice has no chance of glitching ( unless their voices get drained somehow! ) and you don't need to waste your chatting time trying to connect to the internet! ( no offence if it means any ).