• 1st November 2023

    Should music be taught more in schools?

    Music has many benefits, but it’s not always a priority in schools. Music has been… Vote Now

  • 26th October 2023

    Do you think non-contact T1 Rugby sounds better than the regular game?

  • 26th October 2023

    Would you want a drone to deliver your shopping?

    Online retailer Amazon will start using drones to deliver orders to customers in the UK… Vote Now

  • 20th October 2023

    Who’ll win the WSL this season?

    Interest in the women’s game has never been bigger, and the Women’s Super League has… Vote Now

  • 18th October 2023

    How many hours a day do you spend playing videogames?

    GAMERS around the world have been speaking about how their hobby helps them away from… Vote Now

  • 12th October 2023

    Can Spurs finish in the top four this season?

    “Tottenham, Tottenham, top of the league!” is a song we didn’t expect to be hearing,… Vote Now

  • 6th October 2023

    Do you think the Government’s plastic ban goes far enough?

    The plastic knives and forks you typically get with your takeaways are history. The same goes… Vote Now

  • 2nd October 2023

    Would you like the idea of studying lots of different subjects after the age of 16, rather than having to choose just three?

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is thinking about a big school shake-up that could mean the… Vote Now

  • 22nd September 2023

    Have you been taken in by a fake video or news report?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been spreading false information online through videos targeted at children. Vote Now

  • 20th September 2023

    Do you think American XL bully dogs should be banned?

    American XL bully dogs will be banned by the end of the year following a… Vote Now

  • 14th September 2023

    Are you more affected by what adults say to you, or other kids?

    Children were asked what words were the most hurtful and upsetting, and which made them… Vote Now