Have you ever been tricked online?


7th March 2024

More than 1,000 children and teenagers in the UK are scammed every month online, says research by Action Fraud.

That’s why a campaign was launched on Tuesday (5 March) to help stop young people being tricked by fake ads. Often these ads try to get money out of you.

Media Smart’s ‘Scam Flags Add Up To A Scam’ campaign aims to show you how you can spot, and report, scam adverts.

You might see the warning films in the places where you hang out online.

Adults are victims of scams all the time, but campaign organisers say it’s important that kids, who also spend a lot of time online, are aware they are at risk of being tricked, too.

Last year Ofcom found that nearly all schoolkids have their own phone by the age of 12, with the online world at their fingertips. Nearly nine out of ten (88%) 3 to 17-year-olds said they watched videos on YouTube, the most used site.

Have you ever been tricked online?


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33ajc · 1 month ago

Last time my friend tricked me

skelliotor · 1 month ago

I havent

kai103124 · 4 weeks ago

I got scam by guy on outlook

pro190 · 2 weeks ago

I can not believe only 36.24% of people has got scammed over 1000 people. WOW and sad :(. Everybody should start to help and be truthful.